huddle house

huddle house

In 1985, the Huddleston family launched the first Huddle House restaurant with a humble menu of burgers and homestyle sides. Today the Huddle House is one of the largest family-owned and family-operated chains in the nation.



Huddle House was founded in 1964, in Decatur, Georgia, as a place for folks to gather — or "huddle up" — for great food and good times after Friday night football games. The founder, John Sparks, established the restaurant's core values of serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment. Those values remain intact, though the company continues to evolve with the times. The menu includes a variety, not only of great breakfast items, but of lunch and dinner entrees as well, all of which take their place beside favorite "House" classics. Rooted in the South, the company is now franchised — with over 400 locations either open or in development, and many of which are open 24-hours.

Looking ahead, Delaney envisions other ways Huddle House can use digital and search to help its physical locations. "The world is already 'mobile-first.' The smartphone is an appendage now, and people can't survive without it. We will use Yext to help us connect Huddle House to whatever it is people are searching for — in the future that might be online ordering, gift cards, pay ahead, or loyalty, as we bring those tools online. Today, it is simply using their phone to find the greatest breakfast, at the best gathering place around." (Source: www.yext.com)


“Our world has changed very quickly for all of us, both as members of our communities and as business owners, and we want to ease the impact of those changes for our customers in any way we can,” said Alison Glenn Delaney, CMO of Huddle House. “By offering needed staples like food and home products directly from our restaurants to customers, we’re doing what we can to support our communities, and the public will have a way to continue to show support for small businesses, as most of our restaurants are independently owned and operated. Meanwhile, our new Family Meals-To-Go will offer families a way to eat safely and easily at home, and get a break from having to cook, during this challenging time.”

Word of mouth and tradition keep the Huddle House brand strong, but the company is also exploring new opportunities to grow. "Continuing to expand our reach and engaging people who might not have found us in the past is core to our strategy," Glenn Delaney says. "It's a mobile-first world, and though we know not all of our guests are using smartphones, the vast majority are using applications like Facebook, Google search, or Apple Maps. They will use their phones as a GPS device to help them get around. And that's why we are working fast to incorporate a mobile-first strategy with improved search discoverability into our marketing." (Source: www.yext.com)



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