How to Make Mochi

How to Make Mochi

How to Make Mochi

It's just a snack that involves something really simple and fun - cooking rice. But it's a tasty snack, one that is perfect for making this the best day of your life. Exactly what you want to do on a fine day like this.

What Is Mochi?

Mochi is a sweet rice cake that is found in many different sweet or savory varieties in Japanese cuisine. During the Japanese New Year, there is a tradition called Mochitsuki, which is the more laborious process of steaming the sweet glutinous rice and then pounding it to make mochi (small glutinous rice cakes). I loved this video showing the process of Mochitsuki.

Know Before You Go:

Mochi is very sticky! You will want to have cornstarch, potato starch, or tapioca flour on hand to help manage the stickiness. You’ll also want to have some water in a cup to dip your spatula in and be ready to soak everything in water when you are finished. This will help make easy cleanup.

How to Make Mochi:

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