How to make a milkshake

How to make a milkshake

Every summer season for nearly 15 years, I’ve ditched the cold San Francisco climate for some weeks on Cape Cod to go to my husband’s circle of relatives. There are lots of tasty traditions I look forward to like lobster dinners and fried clams, however, the pleasant one in all is a ride to Sunday faculty, the nearby old-fashioned ice cream place with ice cream so top the line can stretch out the door. Even as my own family goes immediately for his or her warm fudge sundaes, I steadfastly order the identical factor every unmarried time: a raspberry-Oreo frappe (New Englanders’ term for a milkshake). It’s so thick with raspberry ice cream that I always begin with a spoon because I’m impatient, then sip with the straw after it softens up.

full-filled cream glass on table

This sudden summertime of no travel additionally way no Sundae college, so the best manner to console me is by means of making milkshakes at domestic. My standards? a great milkshake is thick enough for a spoon to face in however nevertheless drinkable. Any mix-ins have to nevertheless be in little pieces, and there ought to be a in reality natural ice cream taste that’s no longer diluted with milk.


After lots of experimentation eagerly embraced by way of my 7-12 months-vintage daughter, I’ve come up with the way to make the absolutely nice milkshake at domestic. sure, it’s simply ice cream and milk, but a few tiny hints will assist you are making milkshakes that taste just as true as those you generally order — although it’s without the pleasure of going to the ice cream parlor.

Thick & Creamy Blender Milkshakes

Until you’re a milkshake enthusiast, you probably don’t have a classic milkshake or drink device (the small equipment with a wand that sticks down into a metal cup). these machines do an excellent job of gently churning ice cream and milk collectively without pulverizing any mix-ins like cookies or fruit, however not having one shouldn’t prevent you from making milkshakes. An everyday blender can paintings simply as nicely in case you hold some things in your thoughts.

clear glass cup with brown liquid

The blades of a blender are what cause them to brilliant for mixing smoothies and puréeing soups, however, they’ll chop strong bits in ice cream like cookie dough into too-small pieces. For self-made milkshakes, it’s quality first of all ice cream that doesn’t already have blend-ins. as an alternative, upload mix-ins separately at the cease so that they get chopped up small enough to suck up the straw, however now not so small that they flip the whole milkshake gritty.


Your Homemade Milkshake Formula

You most effective need two components to make an awesome milkshake: ice cream and milk. One pint of ice cream will make milkshakes. stick to undeniable flavors that don’t have mix-ins. You’ll want 2/3 cup milk, which is sufficient to get matters transferring but doesn’t crush the ice cream flavor. whole milk makes the creamiest milkshakes, but work with what you’ve got!

chocolate cookie frappe

From there, remember upgrading and customizing your milkshake with the following components:

  • 1 tablespoon flavor boosts: A spoonful of malted milk powder or powdered milk provides a further creaminess that takes milkshakes to the following stage. you could also add chocolate syrup or vanilla syrup, or maybe strawberry jam. If including an extract, like vanilla, handiest use 1 teaspoon.
  • Half of the cup blend-ins: This includes crunchy bits like cookies, sweets, or nuts.
  • Toppings: For a classic diner-style shake, crown the pinnacle of the milkshakes with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. Or, have a laugh with chocolate syrup by means of drizzling it down the edges of the glasses before you pour the milkshake in.


My Favorite Milkshake Combos

  1. Mocha Almond Fudge: coffee ice cream + chocolate sauce + almonds
  2. Strawberry Pie: Strawberry ice cream + strawberry jam + shortbread cookies
  3. Vanilla Oreo: Vanilla bean ice cream + vanilla extract + Oreo cookies
  4. Malted Chocolate Crunch: Chocolate ice cream + malted milk powder + malted milk balls

Once you’ve created your dream milkshake, pour it into chilled glasses and garnish in your heart’s content material. Serve with straws and an extended spoon if you’ve got chunky blend-ins. enjoy every and each sip, which I tremendously propose you do outside in the solar.

How to Make the Absolute Best Milkshake at Home


Serves 2, Makes 2 generous cups


5 minutes



  • 1-pint ice cream (about 2 cups)
  • 2/3 cup milk, preferably whole

Flavor boost options:

  • 1 tablespoon malted milk powder or powdered milk
  • 1 tablespoon strawberry jam
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla or chocolate syrup
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or espresso powder

Mix-in and topping options:

  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped candy, nuts, cookies, or fruit
  • Chocolate syrup or sauce
  • Caramel sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Maraschino cherries
  • Sprinkles
  • Finely chopped nuts


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pink ice cream with red and blue berries on top


  1. let the ice cream melt. permit 1-pint ice cream take a seat out at room temperature till beginning to soften, 10 to fifteen minutes (softened ice cream will combo without problems and require less milk to get matters transferring). give the container a squeeze — it shouldn’t be rock tough and must supply slightly when it’s ready. meanwhile, kick back the glasses and prepare any mix-ins.
  2. Relax your glasses and chop any blend-ins. when you have room on your freezer, stick 2 tall ingesting or milkshake glasses in there, otherwise, sit back the glasses inside the refrigerator. this could make sure the milkshake stays bloodless so long as possible. Coarsely chop until you've got half-cup mix-ins of your preference, you want the pieces to be about 1/2-inch.
  3. Layer the elements inside the blender. Layer the elements in a blender in this order: 2/3 cup milk, taste increase if the use of, and softened ice cream. don't install any blend-ins yet!
  4. combo the milkshake. starting on the lowest speed and running your way as much as medium pace, blend till the milkshake is easy and pourable approximately 1 minute. prevent the blender and scrape down the edges or stir as needed to keep matters moving. You want a very last consistency that pours like lava.
  5. Pulse in the mix-ins. If the use of blend-ins, add half of the cup to the blender and stir it in in order that it’s submerged. Pulse sometimes (6 to 8 pulses) to just integrate, do now not overmix or the combination-ins will pulverize and make the milkshake gritty.
  6. Serve the milkshake. If preferred, drizzle a few chocolate syrups or caramel sauces down the perimeters of the chilled glasses. Divide the milkshake among the glasses. Garnish with toppings as preferred and serve right now with straws.


vanilla ice cream

Step 1

Stir sugar, cream, and milk right into a saucepan over low warmness till sugar has dissolved. heat just till blend is warm and a small ring of froth seems around the threshold.

Step 2

Switch cream combination to a pourable container which includes a massive measuring cup. Stir in vanilla extract and kick back mix very well, for a minimum of 2 hours. (overnight is satisfactory.)

ice cream in clear drinking glass

Step 3

Pour bloodless ice cream blend into an ice cream maker, turn on the device, and churn according to producer's directions, 20 to twenty-five mins.

Step 4

While ice cream is softly frozen, serve immediately or vicinity a chunk of plastic wrap directly at the ice cream and location in the freezer to ripen, 2 to a few hours.


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