How to cut a pineapple (Step by step guide)

How to cut a pineapple (Step by step guide)

Pineapples are one of the favorites and healthiest fruit which is liked by most of the people. But cutting pineapple with its pointed crown and thick skin is challenging. There are many ways of cutting a pineapple. It also depends on one view of wastage and saving fruit. For example, some prefer cutting it removing all its skin and just the yellow part remains off.


Yet most of us hate cutting a pineapple, though love to eat. These days there is some special equipment to cut the pineapple easily, but not all own it. So, here we are, introducing you to an easy and breezy way of cutting a pineapple. Also, we have some hacks and tips to consider before and after cutting a pineapple for better results.

How to cut a pineapple:

Pineapples can be cut into different ways, based on one's choice and need. they are.

Different ways of cutting a pineapple; they can,

  1. Cut into rings
  2. Cut into slices
  3. Cut into spears
  4. Cut into chunks
  5. Cut in the form of boat
  6. Pull out pieces in the form of hexagons.

Before going to steps for cutting a pineapple. Let us see some hacks and tips.

Pineapples in a dish

Some hacks and tips for selecting and cutting a pineapple:

  • Fresh pineapple that is firm shelled but is slightly soft on squeezing are best.
  • The greenish-yellow pineapples get ripened on time. They are the sign of fresh pineapple.
  • The pineapples with prickly small crowns and smooth large green crowns are the sweetest.
  • Smell the bottom foe sweet aroma of pineapples, which indicates the sign of ripe ones.
  • The fresh pineapple will be heavier. They will be juicier.
  • While cutting, always use a sharp chef's knife to cut a pineapple.
  • To remove the fronds, you can just twist and pull.
  • After removal of the top, keep the pineapple upside down, to help the juices come back to the top as it is kept stem side up this helps to spread of juice uniformly.


Steps for cutting fresh pineapple; easy and no waste methods:

  • Frond removing - take a cutting board, place the fresh pineapple stand vertically, and with a chef's knife cut off the top or twist and pull the crown and cut nearly half-inch at the top. But be careful, as they are prickly. This how you cut off the top.
  • Removal of outer peel - lay the pineapple upside on the cutting board. Now, to the whole pineapple with the help of a sharp chef's knif3, cut outer peel slowly from top to bottom. Remove the outer peel as thin a layer as possible.
  • Cut the bottom - to cut 1/2 inch at the bottom use a sharp knife. this way both the top and bottom are cut.
  • Removal of eyes - now to remove the eyes with the help of a paring knife, you can carve out one by one. But that would take a lot of time. So, the easy and efficient way is to cut them out diagonally making a V-cut, and remove all the eyes together.
  • Time to slice the pineapple into desired shapes and chunks.

 Cutting pineapples

For round - just cut them nearly 3/4 inches round.

For rings - remove the center core and make the slices.

For chunks - just cut them into lengthwise quarters. Slice away the core and cut into lengthwise again and then cut it into chunks.

For slices - after cutting into quarters, just cut into lengthwise making thin slices.

Cut pineapples in a bowl
This is how to cut the pineapple in the best way so that you can save all the flesh with no wasting of flesh. There are many tasty recipes made with pineapples.


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