Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef is an essential item for your next dinner when you're in a rush. Knowing when it's best when to cook ground beef is necessary before you can start preparing for your next dinner. Luckily, "how to cook ground beef in the oven" is easy with these instructions.

This recipe has been in my family for years. It's easy to cook, but tastes like it took hours to make! I usually make enough extra sauce to pour over mashed potatoes. YUM! Homemade meatballs are a very easy to make, and since we skip the very messy step of pan-frying these before they hit the sauce, it becomes downright simple. Here I use a standard half-beef/half-pork mixture. You can substitute water or beef broth for the milk, if preferred.

This is my mom's special homemade lasagna recipe with made from scratch tomato sauce and delicious, cheesy filling. I have found none better anywhere. Serve with a leafy green salad and crusty garlic bread, if desired.

This recipe was given to me as part of a wedding gift recipe collection from a very dear friend. It is rich, aromatic, flavorful and makes A LOT. So please grab the biggest pot you can find. I mean REALLY BIG. Extra sauce freezes well for future pasta dishes.

Best Ground Beef Recipes

If you’ve got ground beef on hand, then a delicious meal is never out of reach. From classics like burgers and meatloaf to family-friendly favorites like pasta Bolognese and shepherd’s pie, these are the recipes you’ll find yourself making again and again.

This will become your new, go-to meat sauce recipe. Just season beef with dried herbs, and simmer it low and slow with tomatoes until the flavors meld to perfection. Easy and delicious. These shroom burgers are both double-deckers and double mushroom — they have a whole roasted portabello mushroom (in addition to a burger patty) and a creamy mushroom stroganoff sauce. (Source:

Best Ground Beef Recipe

Are you wondering what to make for dinner tonight using ground beef? Then you have come to the right place. There are so many ways to cook something delicious with ground beef! So let me inspire you with our round up of 25 of the best and most popular ground beef recipes that we have shared over the years including all the meatballs, delicious juicy hamburgers, meaty pastas and lasagnas, hearty soups, comforting meat pies, beefy Mexican dishes, better than takeout Asian dishes, and more! (Source: www.aheadofthyme.com)

Ground Beef and Potatoes {simple Skillet Meal!} – Wellplated.com

A lover of flavor, I never interpreted the phrase “meat and potatoes” as a compliment. WELL, for neither the first (nor I am sure, last) time, my assumptions have been proven dead wrong. This easy recipe for Ground Beef and Potatoes is all the things I never imagined something as seemingly simple as fried potatoes and hamburger could be.

What Temperature Should Ground Beef Be Cooked To?

The interior of a raw hamburger usually does contain bacteria, and is safest if cooked well done.The USDA sets the minimum safe temperature for ground beef at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. (Source: therecipecritic.com)

Easy Ground Beef Recipe

Our best ever, easy Ground Beef Recipes. Everything from Meatloaf with the Best Glaze to classic Beefy Lasagna. These are our most popular, best-reviewed recipes for ground beef.

What Can I Substitute for Ground Beef?

If you don’t have ground beef on hand, some recipes can be substituted with ground turkey or ground chicken and sometimes ground pork. If you are looking for a creative vegetarian substitute, try finely chopping mushrooms or eggplant in a food processor. P.S. The recipe pictured below is for our Juicy Meatballs.

Ground Beef Recipes Ideas in 2021

Got ground beef? Then we have a recipe for you! Some of our favorite easy ground beef recipes! Let us know which one you like the best! We love ground beef. It's tasty, versatile, and super easy to make. Plus, it's inexpensive, making it an ideal meat for something like a new recipe you tried for the first time.



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