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Just as Ian measured the life of an average mushroom by taking 12 steps, this memoir reveals the story of growing a career and life from small beginnings to the limelight.


Fortunately, healthy meal delivery services are available nationwide. Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that pays special attention to food quality and nutrient density. It’s a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.

Starting a subscription with Green Chef is easy. The user-friendly website walks you through your options, including each of the three meal plans: Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered. I liked that the brand let me look through three weeks' worth of menus without having to give an email address, which is common among other meal delivery services. The Balanced Living plan has the most variety with 12 recipes to choose from each week (Keto + Paleo has 10 while Plant-Powered has nine). On the Green Chef website, each meal has a photo, list of ingredients, estimated cook time, nutritional facts, and a recipe card, which you can access even if you're not a subscriber. (Source: www.realsimple.com)


Note: Our ingredients are processed and packaged in the same facility, and cross-contact with major food allergens may occur. While we follow industry-leading best practices in safe food handling, trace amounts of allergens may exist in your meal. If you have a severe allergy, please use your discretion.

Yes! Were constantly innovating to provide the most eco-friendly packaging available. All of our packaging is made from recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable materials- except where wecan'tget around it for food safety reasons. For example, our tofu is sent in vacuum-sealed plastic wrapping to ensure you get the freshest experience possible with the outstanding flavor that our chefs intended. (Source:


We make it easy to treat your friends to Green Chef and earn rewards for yourself. Sign into your account and click Get $25 Off. Share your unique link through email or social media and your friends will receive 4 free meals off their first order (new customers only). Whenever a referral receives their second delivery, youll earn $25 toward your next delivery.

Reuse clean bags (but be sure to dispose of any bags that have come in direct contact with fish, meat, or animal products). Or recycle them wherever #4 plastic film is accepted. Make sure the bag is clean and dry before you drop it off to recycle. There are easy drop-off programs at most grocery and retail stores you may already visit! Learn more about recycling plastic film here. (Source: www.comparably.com)


One of my favorite things about Green Chef is that it encouraged me to experiment with new spices, like jerk seasoning, and side dishes, like cauliflower rice. Many of the recipes required roasting vegetables on a lightly oiled, foil-lined baking sheet at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. I usually don't cook at such high temperatures, but I'll try this method again because the vegetables cooked quickly and had a nice flavor and texture. Another new technique I learned was to start by searing on a frying pan before transferring the pan over to the oven to finish cooking.18

I’ve had the service for a couple of months and this is the only subscription/package I’m having delivery issues with. Even when the box is delivered on time, I never get a notification of any kind - no call, text or email. So at times the box just sits in the sun until noticed. One time we saw the delivery guy and asked if he could notify when he makes the delivery. His response was “it’s a different person every time.” This was after my request on the phone with support to get notified, which was never honored. One time, the box was delivered to the neighbors across the street and was spoiled by the time we figured this out. Another time it was damaged and discarded during delivery, while the app said it was delivered. Had I not called to find out what happened, I would never be reimbursed for it. So somehow their system knows it was damaged and discarded but doesn’t automatically notify me and refund me? On top of this, every time a box is not delivered, they are unable to send a new one, and try to give me credit instead of refunding me. They tried to pass off the refund for the non-delivery as “the next meal will be free.” Excuse me? This is basic arithmetic. Then I had to bargain for a discount on the next meal to make up for my inconvenience. Overall, I felt like I’m at a welfare office begging for handouts. (Source: apps.apple.com)



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