Georgian Bread OR

Georgian Bread OR

Georgian Bread


You know that soft, fluffy, perfect loaf of bread that you love every time you step into a bakery? Is it a pain to make that loaf at home? I bet n



)Amazing delicious food! Delicious khachapuri is cooked here. This is a puff pastry with Georgian cheese. Delicious spinach salad with nuts and red bean salad with nuts. I haven't tried any other food yet, but my order today is very fresh and delicious. This is the best Georgian restaurant in Philadelphia. Great service. The restaurant is very nice, clean and comfortable. I will try the rest of the food in this store and restaurant. (

While you might not yet be familiar with it, Georgian cuisine has been deemed the next big trend by some tastemakers in the food industry. Not Georgian from the Southern United States, but Georgian as in the country sandwiched between Russia and Turkey, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In 2019, a hospitality-trend forecaster named it the "Cuisine of the Year," and the cheese-filled bread khachapuri the "Dish of the Year." Of the various styles of khachapuri, one from the Adjara region is supposedly especially popular. (Source: interactive.wttw.com)


With a cheese-stuffed crust and an egg baked into the center, this boat-shaped Georgian bread is so fun and versatile, there's only a matter of time before it's delivered to every home for pizza night and ordered from every brunch menu the morning after. They take a little finesse but the payoff is well worth it; after all, what more could you want other than cheesy, soft-while-chewy bread dipped in its own bed of runny egg yolk and molten cheese?

This is a fun and tasty dish. I made it for breakfast (I'm an early riser). The recipe is straight-forward and easy to follow. I made only one change - my khachapuris turned out very rectangular (long, straight sides) unlike Chef John's, which were more oval and pointy (he described it as "canoe-like). So, I cracked two eggs in each - had the room and it looked "balanced" - the back of an ice cream scoop is just the implement to create the wells for the eggs. I also did make an egg wash - gave the dough a nice appearance and a little crunch. Next time, I'm going to reduce the feta (maybe by half) and increase the proportion of the other cheeses. As much as I like feta and all things salty; this was a little salty for me. Read More (Source: www.allrecipes.com)



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