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Technology has been steadily evolving since the dawn of science and continues to progress, making it easier for businesses to succeed and grow rapidly. However, there is a major threat to the global economy that is sweeping the globe. Just when things seem to be picking up again, the world is on the brink of a new economic crisis.


It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I was starring in National Geographic’s The Great Human Race, a television series in which I was tasked with finding food and shelter using only the tools available during particular time periods of our evolution as humans. In Tanzania, I replicated a 2.5-million-year-old Oldowan toolkit to scavenge meat from a carcass on the savanna as fast as I could before the lions returned. In Mongolia, I used bone and stone tools to hunt rabbit, and in the Republic of Georgia, I replicated a 40,000-year-old spear point to take down a wild boar with an atlatl. I felt hunger; I felt fear; I felt fierce joy and relief when I successfully hunted or found wild food that sustained me.

Future Star Company for Lighting and Security Systems Established on (2007). Gained High Preference and Distinction Among Companies & Integrity of Dealing with Everyone with High Confidence of Our Customers, Testimonied by Jordanian Banks,Financial Companies. The Company has Also been Classified as One of the Best Companies in Government Projects and Tenders, and We Have Many of Projects been Performed for the Govermwnt Sector and the Private Sector. (Source: www.futurestarco.com)


The Future Stars Championships are divided into three age groups. The three age groups, the number of athletes who will be named to the National Development Team from the Future Stars National Championships and the number of athletes who will be invited to a special Development Team camp are below. Information about the current championships will be placed on the Men's Program Events page.

The Future Stars program is back at Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida! Starting in October, the program will be open to players who want to initiate their learning and development in the fundamentals of soccer in a recreational and fun learning environment. One free discovery session is available to trial the program before joining! The Future Stars program runs on a monthly basis with two training sessions per week and a monthly gameday. (Source: www.psgacademyflorida.com)



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