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Fogo De Chao

Fogo De Chao:


Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse chain founded in 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. The restaurant was named after Brazilian regions and foods.


The founders of Fogo de Chão, Arri and Jair Coser, grew up on a traditional Southern Brazilian farm in the Serra Gaúcha. It is here that they learned to cook in the churrasco grilling tradition. The founding brothers left the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul to Rio and São Paulo for formal training, all while developing the Fogo concept. This first restaurant, built of a wood structure in the countryside of Porto Alegre, followed by a second restaurant in São Paulo. As Arri Coser told São Paulo-based writer, Rafael Tonon, tourists who came to the Sao Paulo restaurant encouraged him to open a churrascaria style restaurant abroad.

Founded in Brazil in 1979, Fogo de Chão (fogo-dee-shown) is a leading Brazilian steakhouse or churrascaria, specialising in the centuries-old Southern Brazilian cooking technique of churrasco. The authentic dining experience features premium cuts of meat that are fire-roasted and served tableside by gaucho chefs and the seasonal Market Table and Feijoada station which include seasonal salads, soup, fresh vegetables, imported charcuterie and more. Less (Source: www.theentertainerme.com)


Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Fogo de Chao didn't offer off-premise service. But when dining room closures took effect, the company set up delivery with third-party partners in just three days, CEO Barry McGowan told Restaurant Dive in an interview earlier this year. This rapid pivot helped the chain return to 96% of pre-pandemic revenue with 60% capacity across its locations just seven months later.

While working in Dubai we decided to try Fogo de Chao. And now we visit every week!!Prado and his team have looked after our every need. The food is of the highest standard and best quality. Marcio, Franky,Victor, Daisy, Coco, Monica, Prostavia, Nadi, Susan and the others take very good care of us all. Thank you guys. Look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes Kevin and Chevron team.More (Source: www.theentertainerme.com)


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