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Flower child originated as a synonym for hippie, especially among the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco and the surrounding area during the Summer of Love in 1967. It was the custom of "flower children" to wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize ideals of universal belonging, peace, and love. The mass media picked up on the term and used it to refer in a broad sense to any hippie. Flower children were also associated with the flower power political movement, which originated in ideas written by Allen Ginsberg in 1965. (Source:

After the January 14, 1967 Human Be-In organized by artist Michael Bowen (among other things, announcements told participants to bring flowers), as many as 100,000 young people from all over the world (that is, United States and a few countries in Western Europe) flocked to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, Berkeley, and other Bay Area cities during the Summer of Love in search of different value systems and experiences. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Shaheen Abbas launches her accessory label Flower Child with her latest collection called ‘Oro Crudo’ —an ode to the very woman it has been created for. Meaning ‘raw gold’ in Spanish, ‘Oro Crudo’ is an amalgamation of accessories crafted with crushed metal and raw unrefined textures, resulting in fierce structure. The flaws and imperfections of a woman that makes her real, that make her who she is, are the biggest sources of inspiration behind the collection. Crushed or textured, gold is still glorious and deeply coveted in all its forms. Similarly, a woman is still magnificent with all her flaws and in all her forms.

Although it’s set four decades in the past and works best as an allegory for how baby-boomer flower children grew up to be hypercapitalist yuppies, Physical also feels like a sign of our transitioning times. (Source: www.dictionary.com)


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