Fatburger, a fast-food restaurant chain, is the latest target for animal rights activists. Customers of this controversial eatery have noticed more protests due to their use of a cloned meat and lab-grown meat-stimulating growth hormone.


Fatburger serves award winning fresh, never frozen AAA Canadian Angus beef with no additives, binders or fillers topped with hand cut fresh produce that meets our demanding expectations. Our burgers are cooked-to-order and served hot off the grill, delivering a superior burger and sandwich experience. Customers build their own burgers to their own taste with a wide array of delicious custom toppings and add-ons. Fatburger offers a combination of quality food, operational excellence and value without compromise, all in an exciting, upbeat environment everyone enjoys.

Fatburger recently started advertising on billboards all across Karachi. The billboards, featuring a mouthwatering Triple Fatburger, are pretty hard to miss, and being the burger-junkie that I am, I dragged my wife and kids to Dolmen Mall, Clifton for a bite last Sunday. Unfortunately for me though, the burger joint had yet to open for public. Disappointed and disheartened, I went home and ordered some pizza instead. They say that when you want something really badly, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it. The very next day, I received an exclusive invite for a pre-inaugural bloggers’ meetup at Fatburger, courtesy Food Connection Pakistan. (Source: yousufbawany.com


The first person I met there was Wasif, the Director at BIL Foods Limited (local franchisee for the Fatburger chain). I started talking to him but mid-way through our chat, I was whisked away by Tarek (Director of Marketing for Fatburger, Middle East and North Africa – MENA) to meet Jake (Director of Operations for Fatburger, MENA). Turns out, Jake was holding an informal Q&A for all attendees and I was asked to join the circle. Asiya (General Manager HR, Marketing and Corporate Affairs) joined us at the table too. (Source:yousufbawany.com yLet me make one thing clear: we are NOT a fast-food restaurant. For most joints, the staff’s relationship with the customer ends once they take your money and hand you a receipt; for Fatburger, it’s where the relationship begins. There is a wait-time for processing each order and we like to utilize that to have conversations with our customers, making sure they are having the best time of their life. Customer service is our number one priority.




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