Del Taco Menu

Del Taco Menu

Del Taco Menu

If you like the good old Double-Taco, you can get that with just one of the many types of avocado they offer.


Our lunch and dinner menus include tacos, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, tostadas, Mexican pizzas, nachos, casadillas, salads, chili dogs, and spicy french fries! We also serve breakfast everyday. We pride ourselves in serving our community only the highest quality ground beef and chicken in our restaurants. Combine that guarantee with the freshest produce; tomatoes, onions, and lettuce served on crispy shells or warm tortillas, and we are certain your taste buds will thank you. We serve great food at a fantastic price...and there is no compromising. We know that we are creating satisfied customers when they keep coming back to us again and again! Our new breakfast menu is there for all those early risers who have to grab food on the go. Along with our made-to-order meals, Casa Del Taco also serves spicy french fries and hot dogs for the kids or adults who are young at heart! Finally, a tall serving of our freshly brewed iced sweet tea completes your meal! Whether you are thinking of stopping in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we are here to serve you. If you find yourself shopping in downtown Chillicothe or running errands on Bridge Street, Casa Del Taco is just a couple of minutes away! So stop by either of our two locations and treat yourself to our delicious authentic Mexican menu. You just gotta get your Casa! (Source:

First of all, these fries aren't salty enough. That may be a good thing if you're trying to watch your sodium intake, but if you actually want to enjoy your meal, it's not exactly ideal. Second of all, they don't have the crispiness you've come to expect from some fast food fries. Instead, they're kind of soggy and flimsy. They just feel like a blob of nothingness in your mouth. And while you probably could shovel them down if you were really hungry, what's the point of that when there are so many other delicious menu items available at Del Taco? (Source:



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