Culichi Town

Culichi Town

Culichi Town in Sacrament

This restaurant is recommended to Mexican cuisine lovers. Take your colleagues with you and enjoy tasty monkfish, fried prawns and shrimp tacos. A lot of guests point out that waiters offer good cheesecakes here. Come to Culichi Town for delicious michelada, beer or tequila. A lot of visitors order great lemonade. (Source: restaurantguru.com)

Today was our first and most likely our last visit to this Restaurant. I read the previous reviews and was leery, but decided to be open minded and decide for myself. Went on a Tuesday at 1:00PM, figured that would be the optimum time. Loud music blaring non stop, to the point where we could not hear or understand the waitress. To be honest I don't think the waitress could hear or understand us either. The menu revealed $14 Margaritas and totally overpriced appetizers and food plates so we settled on Tacos and beer. Took 22 minutes to deliver our beer, again, mind you, this is a Tuesday afternoon, not a weekend night. Food took half an hour to be delivered, massive confusion regarding which order went to which person, a total shitshow, what I ordered was not what I got but by that time I didn't really care, just wanted to eat and leave. The steak taco, which my wife ordered but was given to me, was very tasty but food portions are very small, I mean VERY small. We ended up paying $40 for four microscopic tacos and a beer + tip, my wife just drank water, should have cost $25 at most. The only item of value.

I saw was a Thursday Happy Hour Deal, 10 Wings and a 32oz beer for $15, which would be a pretty good deal as long as they didn't take almost half an hour to deliver the beer. So, Dear Yelp Readers, I would not advise this place, it's too noisy, too expensive, too slow and too disorganized for my liking. I do understand a lot of places are just kicking back into gear due to the Covid and that might have factored into our visit, however; charging $14 for a run of the mill Margarita and $5 for a dinky street taco is just out of line, period. You've been warned..... (Source: restaurantguru.com)

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Culichi Town Sacramento, Ca 9582

Creative Mexican(Mexican sushi)plus more traditional food. Too loud. Loud music like in a night club kind of loud But it's lunch and you have to yell to hear each other. Food was fresh tasting. Had the pulpo tostada. Large serving and fun to try with all the different sauces they have available.

Love tacos as much as the rest of your city? You'll be happy to know they're offered at Culichi Town. Wish you could ask someone what's recommended here? The guamuchilito roll is one of the most ordered items on the menu and the culichi kids meal and the french fries are two of the items most commonly ordered together at this evening go-t... 


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