Cobbler recipe

Cobbler recipe

Cobbler recipe

1/2 cup vegetable oil


What could be a more perfect ending to a summertime meal than easy peach cobbler? Savor the flavors of summer with sliced fresh peaches cooking away with butter and spices. The topping can made from pantry ingredients you have on hand and peaches can easily be substituted with any fruit you have depending on the time of year. The tang of the lemon juice paired with the sweetness of the peaches is perfectly balanced with the crisp topping. Want to make dessert even better? A dollop of fresh whipped cream or cold vanilla ice cream truly makes it the perfect way to end a summer night.

This is a very good recipe in it's execution although I modify it quite a bit. I use a lot of peaches and like to use really sweet ripe peaches. First modification, cut the sugar back to 1/3 cup with the peaches and then add a half cup of Bourbon. The Peaches will have a wonderful boozy taste going in but the alcohol will evaporate out during baking. Trust me on this, I have been baking Peach pies for years with Bourbon. The Bourbon will be there when it is done, but it will be subtle and delicious. As I do use a lot of Peaches and tend to make a very big Cobbler when I do this, I also do the cake portion of this recipe X 1.5 with the following changes. I use only a half cup of Sugar for the cake, even with the other ingredients increased by 50%. Since I am using 1.5 cups of flour then, I use 1 cup all purpose and 1/2 cup whole wheat flour. I have found that the whole wheat flour gives a little sturdier cake against all the ripe Peaches and also yields a beautiful brown color on baking. I also substitute half n half for the milk in the recipe. I have found that one stick of butter (half cup) is fine even when making a large Cobbler. The Peaches seem to hold their color better if you leave some of the peels on. I don't recommend leaving the Peaches entirely unpeeled as I tried this once and the skins were just tough enough that you could not cleanly cut the Cobbler by jamming the edge of a metal spatula down into it which was kind of unappealing. The trick is just to leave your Peaches mottled if you will. (Source: www.myrecipes.com Bake at 375° for 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. Serve cobbler warm or cool. (Source:www.myrecipes.com))

I made this just now and it came out awesome! I've always wanted to make peach cobbler but was always to intimidated. Thank you for sharing this recipe. So simple and delicious😍 (Source: www.myrecipes.com

Peach season -YAY! Wife made a complicated shortbread cobbler that I found delish but didn’t impress her. Next basket of peaches were great so I went looking for an easy recipe. This one had me questioning the directions too, but I stuck to the instructions. Wow! Blew my wife’s socks off. This belongs in a fine pastry shop. Just follow the directions, period. (Source: www.myrecipes.com)I made the peach cobbler it's now baking in the oven, will let you how it turned out for sure (Source:www.myrecipes.com))

Anyone who could rate this as “1-star and bland” has no taste buds. It is a superb recipe, and my go-to for cobbler, having made it dozens of times with all types of fruit. To answer some questions:1/ Yes, one tbsp, NOT tsp baking powder. The batter has to rise through the fruit, and it will. 2/ When you add the sugar and fruit and put on HIGH heat, it makes it’s own liquid. Peaches only need a few minutes, apples 5 or more. 3/ Yes, you also add the liquid. Seems like it would be soupy, but 45 minutes at 375 cooks off the liquid, and leaves a crispy-edged, fruity, absolutely delicious desert. I am not a baker, and this has turned out perfectly every time. Sooo easy, so good. Everyone loves it!! (Source: www.myrecipes.com So bland, virtually no debth of flavor. Skip this one, there are far better versions of the peach cobbler elsewhere. (Source:www.myrecipes.com))


This is the best cobbler recipe I’ve ever used! Oh my gracious it is perfect in every way. I disagree with some reviews and left as is for the perfect dessert. I used fresh peaches and scooped vanilla ice cream on top for those who wanted it. It doesn’t need it and is perfect on its own. It was a true Father’s Day hit! I will use this forever. Huge huge thank you!!!

Made the cobbler and liked it. Altered the ingredients: doubled the flour but used self raising (so no need of baking powder); halved the sugar (1 cup instead of 2); one and half cups of milk instead of 1 cup; did not cook the peaches. (Source: www.myrecipes.com Thank you so much for one of the most simple yet delicious recipes ever! I have made this peach cobbler dozens of times. My kids love it, my husband loves it, EVERYONE loves it. It's so easy and simple and I have never messed it up. I always double and sometimes triple the recipe because there is never enough! Lol! I also use about half the sugar for both the "crust" and the "filling". It is perfect. And, I also usually use about double the fruit, because it's just so good. (Source:www.myrecipes.com))

Very similar to the Cobbler my grandma and mother made years ago and what I still make today. Butter is blended with the sugar and we don't cook the peaches prior to adding to top of the dough. Will try and see if I notice a difference. (Source: www.myrecipes.com I love the recipe. Never made Peach Cobbler before cause I'm not so good with making pie crust. After discovering this recipe I have been baking this more than once and my husband just loves it. I gave a friend to test whether this recipe will pass her discriminating southern taste. She just LOVED it 💕 Thank you for creating this easy, simple and famous Peach Cobbler recipe 😊 (Source:www.myrecipes.com))

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