Cheesecake Factory: Jobs, Delivery, Menu, Prices & More

Cheesecake Factory: Jobs, Delivery, Menu, Prices & More


Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory Restaurant

If you've never been to a Cheesecake Factory, I'm going to tell you a little about this popular restaurant. For breakfast or dinner, enjoy unlimited soft drinks and desserts or, for lunch, stop by for a classic cheeseburger or grilled chicken Caesar salad.

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The Cheesecake Factory story begins in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940s. Evelyn Overton found a recipe in the local newspaper that would inspire her “Original” Cheesecake. Everyone loved her recipe so much that she decided to open a small Cheesecake shop. But she eventually gave up her dream of owning her own business to raise her two small children, David, and Renee. She moved her baking equipment to a kitchen in her basement. And continued to supply cakes to several of the best restaurants in town while raising her family. Read More... (Source: www.cakecareers.com)


The Cheesecake Factory is a casual family-style restaurant. Known for its extensive menu and wide variety, the Cheesecake Factory's signature dishes include lasagna, chicken Caesar wraps, cheesecake, and cheeseburger. With more than 420 locations worldwide, the Cheesecake Factory is renowned for its flavorful foods and outstanding service. Started in 1978 in Beverly Hills, California, by David Overton, the company later opened its first restaurant in New York City in 1986.

Cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory, which was founded in 1978, is a restaurant chain with over 700 stores worldwide. And its menu is the epitome of New York-style cheesecake. The colossal company has also had its fair share of controversy. Especially when owners of the company came out to support the restaurants. Continued right to refuse service to customers whose presence might trigger a panic attack.


For more than forty years we have strived to create a very special company with a rich culture. And this award is a wonderful recognition of what our staff and managers have helped us achieve. (Source: www.cakecareers.com)

Cheesecake Factory

Great Cheesecake

A cheesecake is a type of dessert baked with a topping of sweetened cream cheese. Usually combined with other ingredients, such as eggs, sugar, lemon, and vanilla. A typical cheesecake consists of a buttery layer, a crumbly layer, and a filling of sweetened cream cheese.


The Cheesecake Factory is an American-style cheesecake restaurant chain with 543 company-owned and franchised restaurants in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico. And China, Japan, Korea, Honduras, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Australia, Brunei, Qatar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and Portugal.

All Served with French Fries or Green Salad. We use premium Certified Angus Beef(r) for all of Our Burgers (Source: www.doordash.com)

Job Careers

We're known for our legendary cheesecakes and for being a great place to work. We're hiring Front of House, Kitchen, and Management positions. (Source: www.thecheesecakefactory.com)

Cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory has restaurants around the US. They specialize in cheesecakes that are made fresh daily. The restaurant has also received accolades for serving more than 6,000 different cheesecakes to their guests in just one year!

I visited a Cheesecake Factory location in Rochester, New York to see why it's so popular. (Source: www.businessinsider.com)


Cheesecake Factory has created the perfect dining haven for customers with a blend of good food, warm service, and style.

In honor of National Cheesecake Day 2021, The Cheesecake Factory is releasing a new specialty slice: Coconut Cream Pie Cheesecake. The flavor consists of vanilla custard and a layer of chocolate all on a coconut macaroon crust. (Source: www.feedingamerica.org)

Cheesecake Factory


With a name like "THE" and a tagline like "Cheesecake Factory," the chain restaurant. Has a reputation for being a chain of high-quality eating establishments. Locations range from New York City to Dallas, and from Illinois to Texas.

Chicken Breast Fried Crisp with Lettuce, Pickles, and Onions on a Toasted Bun. Served with a Green Salad (Source: www.doordash.com)


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