Carls jr amrican fast foods

Carls jr amrican fast foods

Carls jr

Carls Jr.'s 'Flame Thrower' T-Shirt Backlash Shows Why Corporate Lawsuits Still Matter


Wide Open Eats notes that Carl's Jr. locations predominantly populate the West and Southwest of the United States, while Hardee's fills the gaps in most remaining parts of the country. And, until 2018, the two fast-food outlets sported similar branding and advertising, with matching star logos and even identical menu items like Thickburgers and biscuits. Eventually, a desire for greater distance between the brands led to a return to Hardee's "Southern roots," while Southwestern-themed and vegan-approved specialties populated the Carl's Jr. menu. (Source: www.mashed.com Though it was acquired in 2010 by Columbia Lake Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (an affiliate of Apollo Management VII, L.P.), CKE Restaurants is now based in Franklin, Tennessee, and runs both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, which together count more than 3,800 restaurants (both franchised and company-operated) in 44 states and 43 foreign countries and U.S. territories. But the merger may lead to a bit of confusion when diners cross state lines. (Source:www.mashed.com )



In 1980, the company hired its 10,000th employee, doubling its employee count in just three years. In 1981, with 300 restaurants in operation, Carl Karcher Enterprises became a publicly held company. In 1984, Carl's Jr. was franchised for the first time. Carl's Jr.'s menu expanded during the decade with the addition of the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, breakfast items, a charbroiled chicken sandwich line, and self-service soda fountains. By the end of the decade, sales topped $480 million at 534 restaurants. The company also opened its first international units in the Pacific Rim. In addition, Carl's Jr. was one of the first chains to introduce a debit card payment system, inviting customers to use their ATM cards in the restaurants.

). Within a few years, Carl and Margaret owned and operated four hot dog stands in Los Angeles. In 1945, the Karchers moved the short distance to Anaheim, California, and opened their first full-service restaurant, Carl's Drive-In Barbecue at 1108 N. Palm St. (now Harbor).




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