Captain Jays.

Captain Jays.

Captain Jays


Captain Jays is the captain of a spaceship that helps planets in the universe. He knows that his new job will not be easy because he has a long list of planets to visit and he can't do that all at once.

Captain Jay’s was founded in 2003 by a man with a vision. Captain Jay’s is not a fast-food chain, it is a one stop shop where you can swing by and buy dinner for your family and pick up a gallon of milk or carton of eggs. It’s perfect and convenient for you! Captain Jay’s is based on the American concepts of the pursuit of happiness, hard work and integrity. Bringing together the delicious southern Cajun recipes, the crisp west coast’s freshness and quality, the swift east coast’s speed and efficiency, and the pure mid-west’s heart and amicability is what distinguishes Captain Jay’s from any other establishment. Captain Jay’s began in Detroit, Michigan and has quickly gained recognition and popularity for its Cajun chicken recipe, zesty fries, fresh seafood and shrimp in addition to their home-styled sides like Mac & Cheese, and okra. Over the last decade, Captain Jay’s has expanded to include over twenty locations spread throughout Metro Detroit, and Grand Rapids. (Source:www.captainjays.net)


Captain J.ay.s is a fictional character created by Gregory Lay in his children's book, "The Adventures of Captain Jays, Frontier Youngster". Though originally intended as a children's book, the book was later translated into several languages, and as a result, Captain Jays has also become a character in real life.

Yes, Captain J.a.y's Fish & Chicken has 6 open jobs. Before applying to Captain J.a.y's Fish & Chicken, it’s a good idea to research the company, and read reviews from employees working there. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Captain J.a.y.s opened a bar in Arbon, Switzerland in the summer of 2016.

They asked me questions like What makes you a good leader? How long would you work here? Do you think you’d be a good fit for our restaurant? (Source: www.indeed.com)


Captain-J.a.ys is a seven day-a-week breakfast-for-lunch breakfast place in the city’s Midtown Meatpacking District. It’s no secret that beef is the meat of choice at Captain-J.a.y.s. The restaurants have a sign in the shape of a cow’s torso with an open mouth emblazoned with "ALL DAY EVERYDAY" in large, black letters.

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The Captain-J.a.y.s restaurant in Lynnwood, Washington was founded in 2007. The food spot is currently owned and operated by Jason Ma, a co-founder of the food spot . The food spot is named after the two friends, Jason Ma and Jason Jayson.

Is Captain-Jay's Fish & Chicken hiring now? (Source: www.indeed.com)





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