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canes near me OR

canes near me


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Chicken finger

Raising Cane’s Chicken — born in the bayou of Baton Rouge, Louisiana (actually, near the LSU campus) in 1996 — is hands down the best “fast food” chicken place I’ve ever eaten. And, look, I’m no snob when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m a pretty big Bojangles fan (I ranked their sweet tea as the best in the world). Zaxby’s is all well and good, and the fine people at PDQ are doing their part to make chicken fingers the awesome food that they are. (S

“The new restaurant is in a busy retail area conveniently located near BYU, and we are expecting to see a lot of locals and visitors alike stop in to get their chicken finger fix,” Vines continued. “With community involvement as a focus, we are planning on becoming closely involved with our local schools and businesses as well as participate in local events.” (

Now, paperwork has been filed with Loudoun County requesting approval of a site plan to raze the bank building and construct the 3,400 s.f. Raising Cane’s building. Still no official word from the folks at Cane’s headquarters — we’ve got messages in. But the new filings indicate plans are progressing and chicken fingers and crinkle cut fries are in our future. (S


Berkeley residents will soon discover what the hype is all about. A new location of the popular, Louisiana-based fast food chain is slated to open in the summer of 2022, per the Mercury News, and will be the first outpost in the Bay Area.

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