Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu

The buffalo wild wings menu includes items such as buffalo wings, southern fried chicken, burgers and salads. The wings come in mild, hot, BBQ, teriyaki and Garlic Parmesan. There is also a wide range of dipping sauces available for the wings. The wings are served in a basket style with your choice of regular or celery styled fries.


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More Allergen Notes: Buffalo Wild Wings does not serve any items that contain peanuts or tree nuts (in our most recent review; a couple items do contain coconut). The wings listed here are also made without eggs and soy (check for highly refined soy oil, if needed), and they do have several allergy-friendly sauce and seasoning options. The traditional wings have a “may contain” for gluten, but the grilled naked tenders are listed as gluten-free. See the notes in this post for high cross-contamination concerns. ( Heads Up! Buffalo Wild Wings fries their wings in beef shortening. They do not use separate fryers, and they do have some fried “bar food” items that contain milk. They fry their wings without seasoning and then sauce or season them in “the same bowls.” This can cause an even higher cross-contamination concern. To mitigate, you can request a clean, dedicated sauce or seasoning bowl for your order. (




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