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The most popular doughnut to be found in Canada is the maple bacon twist. Buc-ee's, a Texas-based business found at most major airports, sells thousands of doughnuts each year. With sweet icing and salty bacon, it has become a food staple all over America. Other popular doughnuts, such as the glazed, Oreo, and sugar-coated, are equally as delicious. Plus, their discounts and deals are unbeatable.

Buc-ee’s—the Texas-based and Texas-sized gas station chain that has developed a cult following for its clean restrooms. Ample snacks, kitschy gifts, and adorable beaver mascot. Has been spreading east in recent years, opening locations in Alabama, Florida, and last fall, Warner Robins, Georgia. On August 23, a brand new Buc-ee’s opened in Calhoun, meaning that if you’re traveling north or south on I-75 in Georgia. You’re going to run into one of these spectacles. Here’s why it’s worth stopping when you do: (Source:www.atlantamagazine.com)



Americans consume roughly 3 billion ice cream sandwiches every year, . And now a new company is hoping to entice people to give the old classic a new flavor. A Texas-based company, Buc ee's, has launched a new variation of their popular ice cream sandwiches. That feature flan on one half and a buttery California toffee clench on the other half.

Buc-ee’s Calhoun officially opens to the public today, becoming the second Buc-ee's travel center in the state. And you can't miss the massive new building if you're heading up Interstate 75. (Source:www.fox5atlanta.com)


Buc ee's is another geographical restaurant. They are scattered across twelve states. One particular branch is in Dallas, Texas and they have grown to be a major competitor with their locations in Florida. A family-owned company, Buc ee's started with a small ice cream shop in the 1940s. And grew to be a major competitor in the world of fast-food restaurants.

Buc-ee's, which was recently named the gas station chain with the cleanest restrooms in the country. Will break ground on a 53,000-square-foot travel center in Warner Robins on Nov. 18, according to a news release. The gas and travel center will open in 2021 at the southeast corner of Interstate 75 and Russell Parkway. According to a Buc-ee's media release. (Source: www.ajc.com)


Buc-e-s, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. The company is headquartered in Hurst, Texas and has a production facility in Brea, California. Buc-e-s, Inc. is one of the largest themed retail frozen desserts companies in the world. And operates more than 100 retail locations and 46 wholesale and distribution centers.

Texans in Atlanta were lucky well before these two heavy hitters announced their arrival. Several other well-known Texan businesses arrived in Georgia in recent years. Chuy’s Tex-Mex, originally from Austin, has three locations in Dunwoody, Kennesaw, and Alpharetta. Velvet Taco, from Dallas, recently opened an Atlanta outpost in Buckhead, bringing a new-late night option to bar-goers. The Lone Star State’s offerings are legion, even going back to nationwide dinosaur-aged chains such as Chili’s and On the Border. Which started out in Texas in the 70s and 80s respectively. (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)




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