Broccoli Recipes:

Broccoli Recipes:

Favorite Broccoli Recipes – a Couple Cooks

Are you a broccoli fan? This healthy veggie hasn’t always been the most popular. But today, just like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, it’s made a major comeback into fresh and healthy meals! Alex and I never hated this vegetable growing up, but we most certainly weren’t eating it in ways that lived up to its delicious potential.

That’s Why This Book Is so Funny. It’s Filled With All Kinds of Broccoli. Best Side Dish Recipe Ideas |And Now, Our Top Broccoli Recipes!

What’s more comforting than broccoli smothered in Parmesan and cheddar? This cheesy broccoli has just the right nuanced flavor from the Parmesan and cheddar cheese, the best tender texture, and the perfect warming vibe. Even better, it’s done in under 10 minutes! It's a total crowd-pleaser: and a healthier spin on the classic. Broccoli is one of those veggies that is pretty easy to find and usually available year long. However, like any product, it is extra delicious when it is at its peak in its growing season. Broccoli is in season from early October until early May. (Source: thenaturalnurturer.com)

Healthy Broccoli Recipes

Find healthy, delicious broccoli recipes including steamed broccoli, roasted broccoli and broccoli soufflé. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Seriously, the Best Broccoli of Your Life

A delicious side dish that's quick and easy to prepare and makes a great accompaniment to meat, poultry or fish.

This recipe is great. | See more ideas about Broccoli Recipes, Broccoli soup, and Broccoli soup recipes. The Best Bro Chili Recipes –


A fast and easy take on the classic stuffed twice-baked potato. Pairs well with a juicy, fruit-forward red wine blend. (Source: www.allrecipes.com)

The perfect pairing? Broccoli cheese sauce and a baked sweet potato! The creamy, savory sauce is a fantastic match for the lightly sweet potato. The sauce has a healthy spin, made creamy by a little bit of cheese and a few white beans whizzed together in a food processor. White beans bring lots of creaminess and plant-based protein to this tasty main course.

The key to this decadent gratin is all in the layering: Sprinkle sharp cheddar on top of crisp yet tender broccoli before pouring on a buttery sauce. A final layer of cheese and breadcrumbs is all it needs before baking. You'll know it's finished when the gratin is bubbly and the breadcrumbs turn light brown.

Want to make broccoli taste irresistible? Try this broccoli stir fry! This healthy green veggie is covered in a sauce that’s so flavorful, you’ll forget that it’s good for you. The broccoli is accessorized with bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic and ginger, and an incredibly savory sauce. There’s so much flavor going on, it’s one of the best ways to eat your colorful veggies. You can serve it two ways: as a side dish, or add a protein and serve with rice, and you’ve got dinner!

Golden biscuits cover this homespun dish laden with chicken, broccoli and cheese. It's then topped with a celery seed mixture. My family requests this all-in-one dinner once a month. —Karen Weirick, Bourbon, Indiana

A super easy, super delicious dinner that is truly perfect for those hectic weeknights. Whole30 Lemon Chicken & Broccoli will have your whole family swooning with its bright and hearty flavors. So simple to throw together, enjoy it in its own glory or with a side of rice, cauli rice, quinoa or your even favorite pasta! Gluten-free + dairy-free.

Brimming with colorful roasted vegetables, these plant-based meal-prep lunch bowls are high in fiber to keep you full through the afternoon. The easy roasted veggies are based on a popular recipe from our sister magazine (see Associated Recipes). Feel free to use your favorite store-bought hummus to cut down on prep time, or make a batch of your own (see Tip). You can also sub in an 8-ounce microwaveable quinoa pouch to minimize cooking. (Source: www.eatingwell.com)

This healthy side dish recipe couldn't be simpler--or more delicious. Broccoli is roasted until brown and crispy, then topped with Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar for a savory and sweet flavor combination that can't be beaten. Try this quick vegetable dish along with chicken, fish or really any main course. It's also great in salads or warm grain bowls. Tip: Preheating the pan helps the broccoli to brown and develop nutty flavors.

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