Breakfast Recipes:

Breakfast Recipes:

Chocolate-Hazelnut Babka French Toast With Caramelized Bananas

Start the day on a sweet note with Bobby’s decadent dish. He uses bakery-purchased chocolate-hazelnut babka for a twist on the traditional French toast, then caramelizes bananas for an extra-special topping.

Grilled Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches for a Crowd

Why stay stuck in the kitchen when you can grill breakfast for a crowd instead? Not only are these pull-apart sandwiches easier to make outdoors, but they are also deliciously gooey and satisfying. Trust us: When you flip one side of the sandwich over onto itself, there will be lots of oohs and ahhs. (Source: www.foodnetwork.com)

Looking for More Healthy Breakfast Ideas?

Check out this list of my favorite brunch recipes. Then, try my favorite strategies for prepping dinner and packing lunch, and check out this post for some great healthy lunch recipes and this one for my favorite vegan recipes!

Budget-Friendly Breakfast Recipe

Over 120 budget-friendly breakfast recipes to start your day off right! From easy weekday breakfast ideas to fancy weekend brunch recipes, we’ve got it. Pick from the menu below to find sweet or savory breakfast recipes, baked goods, cold or hot recipes, and breakfast meal prep ideas. It’s the most important meal of the day, so browse through the archives, and get inspired! (pictured: Southwest Tortilla Baked Eggs)

Sheepherder's Breakfast Recipe: How to Make It

My sister-in-law always made this delicious breakfast dish when we were camping and had to come up with good, easy breakfast ideas. Served with toast, juice, and milk or coffee, it's a sure hit with the breakfast crowd! One-dish casseroles like this were a big help while I was raising my nine children. Now I've passed this recipe on to them. —Pauletta Bushnell, Albany, Oregon.

Are There Any Variations I Can Make With This Recipe?

This top-rated breakfast recipe can easily be adjusted to suit your tastes. Feel free to use country pork sausage instead of bacon or make it vegetarian by eliminating the meat and replacing the ¼ cup reserved bacon drippings with oil or butter. (Source: www.tasteofhome.com)

Sweet Breakfast Ideas Including Pancakes, Looking for some breakfast ideas? Whether it is a busy school morning or a lazy summer one, you can never go wrong by starting the day with a good breakfast! (Source: Waffles, and French Toast

A big pancake or waffle breakfast is always a favorite with kids and likewise, adults! Weekends are a great time to pull out the waffle iron or griddle and makeup something special. Some hot maple syrup or flavored syrup, and sprinkled powdered sugar on top are just the ticket for a fun start to the day. Everyone will be asking for seconds when you make up one of these delicious recipes.

Breakfast & Brunch

There is nothing better than waking up to a freshly made breakfast. You will find so many different recipe ideas for breakfast and brunch here! Whether you prefer sweet, savory, or both, you’ll love these healthy and delicious recipes. Many of these meals can be made the night before and are ready to serve in the morning! It’s that simple. There are tons of breakfast and brunch ideas that accommodate special diets such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and many more! Find all of the dishes you need for your holiday brunch, and some that you’ll want to make every morning!

Any New Yorker will tell you good bacon, egg, and cheese (BEC) sandwich is the best way to start your day, and most likely you already have everything you need in your pantry to whip one up. The key elements to a great BEC are the melted cheese, a scrambled egg that nestles perfectly onto the bread without falling off, and salty crispy bacon. To make sure the cheese stays melted, we fold it into the center of the eggs just as they finish cooking so it stays warm. We found that by preparing eggs like an omelet ''package'' instead of scrambling them and topping them with cheese allowed us to adjust the size of our eggs to perfectly fit the size of our bread and hold our cheese in the ideal melted state. When you can't get to your corner deli or coffee cart, you can whip up this breakfast icon in the time it takes to walk out the door. Below, I share over 60 healthy breakfast recipes, divided into 11 (yes, 11!) categories: oats, eggs, smoothies, bowls, quick bread, pancakes & waffles, breakfast tacos, breakfast cookies, toast, muffins & scones, and bars & balls. Whether you’re someone who craves something savory or sweet first thing in the morning, or whether you like to enjoy breakfast at home or grab it & go, you’re sure to find some healthy breakfast ideas you love.

If you’re looking for tried & true easy breakfast ideas, toast is the thing for you! Pop a slice of whole-grain bread in the toaster, and load it up with your favorite seasonal toppings. I like to start with a creamy spread and then add a layer of roasted or raw veggies, fruit, and/or fresh herbs. I’m a diehard fan of avocado toast, but hummus, ricotta, and nut butter are good starting points for making delicious toast too. (Source: www.loveandlemons.com)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s easy to get stuck in a breakfast rut. Sometimes you just need a few ideas to get the wheels turning. Here are more than 35 tasty and filling breakfast recipes for you to browse. We are sharing easy breakfast recipes in 6 categories: Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas, Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg Breakfasts, Sweet Breakfasts, Breakfast Breads, and Grab-and-Go Breakfasts. Each recipe is a tried and true family favorite your family will love. In addition, we’ve included a recipe for our hearty Breakfast Quesadillas. (Source: www.favfamilyrecipes.com)

We included some quick breakfast ideas above with only 2-ingredients. These breakfasts are also quick but require a few more ingredients. Make one of these portable breakfasts and enjoy them on the car ride to school, on the commute to work, or as you watch the soccer game early Saturday morning. They also make great after-school snacks. (Source: www.favfamilyrecipes.com)

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