Arroz con leche.

Arroz con leche.

Arroz con leche

Classic Arroz Con Leche – a variation of rice pudding that is sweet and cooked with milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk and topped with cinnamon. If you’re not familiar with rice pudding, arroz con leche is a Spanish dish made from rice mixed with water or milk and other ingredients like cinnamon and raisins. The dish also has some sort of sweetener, whether it’s sugar or sweetened condensed milk.Spices: This classic Spanish arroz con leche recipe uses only cinnamon, but sometimes I add other spices like star anise, clove, and cardamom. Rice puddings are found throughout the world and many people think they may have originated in Asia. In Spain, the Moors brought rice and cinnamon to the Iberian Peninsula. Many Latin American countries also make versions of arroz con leche, often using sweet condensed milk instead of whole milk.Arroz Con Leche is the perfect crowd pleaser dessert. It’s simple, it’s delicious, and it’s so easy to make. This creamy Mexican Postre is rich and milky, with the most amazing texture.


Unlike many rice pudding recipes that use pre-cooked rice, I love my mom’s recipe for doing just the opposite. By cooking the rice in the sweet and lightly spiced milk mixture, the grains are completely permeated with the cozy flavor we all adore. It also makes for a better consistency – the grains of rice maintain their bite and the sauce becomes thick and creamy. Arroz con Leche is a type of rice pudding. It literally translates to “rice with milk,” which is fitting for this recipe! Rice is cooked with milk, sugar, and spices to a porridge-like consistency that is enjoyed for both breakfast and dessert in Mexico. Some versions call for egg, citrus or chocolate, but my mom’s recipe is extra special and uses only pantry staple ingredients. (Source: muybuenocookbook.com)

In order to get the texture just right, you’ll need to start with the right rice. Basmati is a great option because it is a fragrant long grain rice that, when cooked, releases less starch so the texture is separate but also absorbs the great flavors. You can also try this recipe with white rice. (Source:

If you have an Instant Pot at home, you can use your appliance to make a rich rice pudding. Once you stir in all the ingredients, press the “Porridge” function. Then let the pressure naturally release and enjoy. For an extra sweet touch, you can add some condensed milk to the cooked mixture or dulce de leche as a topping like in this Cajeta Rice Pudding. (Source:

I don’t understand the purpose of cooking the rice dry first. That requires special care with the water ratio, timing and a tight lid. But then you soak the rice in milk and make it fall apart into a smooth and creamy texture. So why cook as dry loose grains first? Is the milk better when cooked for only 12 min? (Source: mexicanfoodjournal.com)


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