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Anthony's coal-fired pizza - Future Starr


Operation Success: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

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In 2002 Anthony's had launched from coal-fired pizza in Fort Lauderdale. The casual dining concept features a tasty menu of pizzas chicken wings and pork ribs. For pizza tradition with different types of pizza, such as Anthony's famous meatballs & cured crust that are baked in an 800-degree fire in a coal oven the crust comes out crispy yet tender. No freezer, fryer, or microwave is provided in Anthony's coal-fired facilities either. This passion applies to the flour used in making the dough which is made on the daily basis and stretched to order for Anthony's signature pie crusts. Every day they make the dough fresh on-premises.

Reviews for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

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Anthony's always great. Excellent product/service and prompt delivery. Ordered it next time! The food was okay even if the food weren't hot enough. The food just had to be hot. My pizza was fantastic. We drove 13 hours to Delray Beach to buy pizza. The restaurant is within the city of Delray Beach is located on the beach at Palm Beach Florida. Menus priced between $35 per person. It was a popular destination in the past and has a reputation as a great place to eat pizza.

The Coal-Fired Taste The Coal Fired Taste

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It's baked fresh daily and in his kitchen. Roma tomatoes imports. Chicken wings can never be freed. The best is a Grande mozzarella to a simple albacore tuna. So's how it goes. I don't mean only large things - it's everyone! That's the best pizza in the world and the best chicken wings in the country.

Order food

$0.99+ charge for delivery $0 min. Phone Number: 786-456-9200 Location Coral Gables 33134 located at 2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd... Delivery fee.

Get coal-fired flavor to go

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Anthony is available for pickup at each Anthony Restaurant or contactless delivery service. Simply choose a place to start an order.

12" pizzas

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Romaine cheese - grated Romano tomatoes, basil, and olive oil, hand crushed. Include grand mozzarella and grated Italian plums. The Classic Pizza comes loaded with Baby Mutton Balls and Ricotta cheese. Squares with thick-cut pepperoni, Italian sausage baby meatballs, and smoky bacon. Cauliflower on top with cauliflower cooked with garlic and olive oil, Romano Cheese, and Breadcrumbs. Pizza on top with sweet or hot peppers and sweet baby meatballs on top of Pizza with Cheese and meatballs on top of. Pizza with thick pepperoni and cheese with Italian sausage cheese topped with meatballs, cheese. Pizza with cheese and baby meatballs.

Starters & Salads

Great beef meatballs slowly cooked in our Italian plum tomatoes. Our new Garlic Knot was made with Fresh Breaded Doll, Garlic, Olive Oil, Parsley Romeo Cheese. It's made with new garlic knots. Bake. Bread. Garlic olives. Parsley and Romano cheese. Added meatball made from Italian prune.

Family Bundles

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(1) Large 16-inch pizza with topping and 10 chicken wings. Classic Italian Salad by Anthony. Pizza toppings will be added at the expense. (1 Pizzee 16 in 1 topping) and 10 origin Chicken Wings are offered for an extra cost.

Recommended reviews

Anthony's is returning and this spot at Ponce is my favorite pizza. Manager Carlos has the best position in Pinecrest to join Rob. He certainly knows how to run this place excellently. I have two bottles that I take home. Wings. Cosmos is incredible. And my granddaughter loved the temple of the Shirley Temple Paulis Pie Meatball - Meatball - Ricotta Meatball and Ricotta. Still a great meal.

Other pizza near

305 Pizza near Wynwood 5 miles from Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Lovely M wrote: From all Wynwood restaurants this was the only restaurant to bring us home and serve up the. 4.4 miles from the place of business and pizzas is in the Little River of Miami Beach, Miami, Daufrazza Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, and Miami Beach. The restaurant is at the corner of Little River Avenue in Miami.

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Graziano Mercado Coral Gables 0.3 miles from Anthony's vapor pizza said the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it. O.Olive Gardens always has higher standards I hope our review stays up next year. Yes... and yes always..." This review was published on 11 December 2013.

Location & Hours

Ponce Del Leon Blvd Coral Gables 2626 is in Coral Gable Florida 33134. Mon - 11h to 9.30 and every day 9 am till 30pm. Sunday 11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays.

Garlic Knots

Garlic knots in freshly baked pastry with garlic, olive oil parsley Roma cheese.

Create your own 16"

Italian grated romo mozzarella with fresh hand-made basil and oil.


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