Agave and Rye.

Agave and Rye.

Agave and Rye

Agave and Rye

Without a doubt, the sweet taste of the agave-based premium tequila from Joven is a favorite in many households.

Agave & Rye Grows Regional Presenc

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“Our hope is that we change the way employees view working in a restaurant,” Sarber said. “It’s hard work and can require long hours. The addiction rate among restaurant employees is alarmingly high. We want to change that within our industry and make work something employees look forward to spending their time doing.”

www.fsrmagazine.com)The restaurant’s design is also evolving to fit customer needs. Delivery and takeout was a part of the business from day one. On a typical Saturday night at the Covington location, Agave can do about 300 orders, Sarber says. However, those orders have to go through the bar, which can be difficult for customers and is an operational nightmare for employees. (Source:

Agave & Rye’s Ambitious Plan to Open 100 Locations

Now residents of Cincinnati, the Sarbers previously lived in Columbus, Ohio, where they operated a collection of fine dining restaurants, including de NOVO Bistro & Bar, Oliver’s BSB (Burgers, Steaks, Bourbon), Manifesto Tuscan Grotto & Scotch Bar and upscale French eatery Chez du Bon. Each of those restaurants saw success over many years, Yvonne Sarber said, but the couple was ready to develop a more casual restaurant concept, which she said more closely aligns with what today’s diners are looking for— fresh and approachable, without the pretense or white tablecloths.

The Sarbers are actively scouting for new locations, saying that the goal is to locate restaurants no closer than 30 to 45 minutes from other locations. She hinted that another Agave & Rye will be well on its way by the third quarter of 2020, perhaps in the Hyde Park area on Cincinnati’s east side and maybe another in Nashville after that.With a menu centering on tacos, chips, salsa, queso, guacamole and margaritas, one might assume that Agave & Rye is strictly a Mexican restaurant. Sarber hopes to dispel that assumption with a new menu that reflects a broader palate and other adjustments. (Source:smileypete.com))



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