A Wayback Burgers.

A Wayback Burgers.

Wayback Burgers

Started on a bun, then turned into a burger, and now, the whole experience is a new kind of burger that's back. The joy of eating good food is in the experience. All it takes is the right ingredients, a fire grill, and an open mind. The joy of turning your everyday lunch into an adventure. Meet wayback burgers!


Wayback Burgers, America’s favorite hometown burger joint, and one of the nation’s fastest-growing burger franchises, today announced that it has agreed to a Master Franchise Agreement with WB Burgers Asia, Inc. (WBBA), the publicly traded holding company of WB Burgers Japan Co., Ltd. Wayback Burgers also announced that it has partnered with, Next Meats Co. (NXMH), a Tokyo-based venture dedicated to creating delicious alternatives to meat products. Both partners, led by Koichi Ishizuka, will play a critical role in the success of its highly anticipated market entry and development strategy across Asia. ()

Beginning as a single burger restaurant in 1991 in Newark, DE, Wayback Burgers has experienced rapid growth due to strong and growing demand for the brand domestically and around the world. Wayback Burgers currently operates in 32 states with over 166 locations across the United States and internationally in Brunei, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan, The Netherlands, Ireland and Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia in Canada. Through its existing international Master Franchise Agreements, Wayback Burgers has commitments to open a minimum of 249 locations in 42 provinces/countries. (Source: www.qsrmagazine.com



Obligations and Restrictions: Franchisees or their designated manager who has completed the initial training program must devote full time and best efforts to the management and operation of the franchised business. Franchisees or their designated manager must be on the premises operating the restaurant during peak hours of restaurant operation as the franchisor specifies in writing.

Each equity or voting owner who owns 5% or more of the franchised business must personally guarantee the Franchise Agreement including confidentiality and non-competition covenants. To maintain uniform quality standards, franchisees must follow the franchisor’s directions concerning the services and products they provide. Franchisees may sell only those approved services and products consistent with the image and product line as have been expressly approved by the franchisor. (Source: www.franchisedirect.com)




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