A Toppers Pizza

A Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza is a special type of pizza restaurant. It specializes in pizza made with a delicious blend of cheese and vegetables. The shared plate experience lets you enjoy the entire pizza in a peaceable, shareable way. The place is located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.


We strive to provide the best pizza, salad, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts we can by using the highest quality, freshest ingredients. We use the same dough recipe that we developed in 1990. We prepare our sauces from scratch in every restaurant. We grate thousands of pounds California Cheese every week, and have a full-time crew dedicated to preparing vegetables and maintaining our Salad Bars. Our homemade pizza cookie is an old family secret recipe, and we make the dough ourselves. Maybe we haven’t changed much over the past few years, but we think you cannot beat consistency. Mediocre imitators abound, but there is only one Toppers Pizza Place.

Toppers was founded in Champaign, IL in 1991 by a disgruntled college dropout. Scott Gittrich had been working for Dominos for many years before he realized they weren’t doing it right. He realized that the pizza needed to be targeted and catered to the customer. Being a former pizza deliverer in a college town and a former student, he knew that pizza was a hit in college towns. It’s easy to eat, cheap, and tasty. He also believes “’if [he] capture[s] people as they are growing, as they’re younger and develop and grow and have kids. [Toppers] will become their place.’” (Higgins 49). Then the franchise will not just be a college pizzeria, but a family restaurant too. With all this knowledge, Gittrich wisely decided that all Toppers would be located in college towns and geared toward college students. (Source: navigatingfoodatunc.web.unc.edu)


As college students, we tend to think we are invincible. We think we could go days on 6 hours of sleep. Who needs sleep, when you have caffeine, right? WRONG! Students (growing teenagers) need sleep, but we deprive ourselves of this either because we are too busy studying, eating, or partying. While sleep deprivation has many effects, late night eating is one result. After sleep deficiency, our bodies enter into a different mode, and they begin to believe that they must be rewarded for staying up all night.[2] In fact, the part of the brain that triggers pleasure, the anterior cingulate cortex, has stimulated levels of activity.[3] When this yearn for food kicks in, it is always a specific type of food, pleasurable, fattening food, like pizza. This is what makes Toppers so appealing to us. We don’t realize it late at night, but everything Toppers has to offer is exactly what our bodies desire.

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