A Taco Time

A Taco Time

Taco Time

Taco time, in other words, is running late. You have your taco in hand and you’re ripping a paper bag to find chips. In the back of your mind, you hear your alarm clock, counting down to that alarm clock’s scheduled time.



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My husband and I and our group of friends meet at Taco Time in Kelso every Tuesday at noon if at all possible rain or shine. We’ve been going to Kelso since it opened and before that we always went to Longview. Their employees don’t just work there, they’re family to us! We look forward to Tuesday’s and when we miss a Tuesday, they want to know where we’ve been or what happened? The food is wonderful, the quality is always the same (top notch A-plus), but, like I said, “ I adore Kelso and Longview Taco Time”, love ya, Sherry Bullock ♥️🌮 (Source: apps.apple.com)


TacoTime Canada said “Hola” at our first location in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1978. Our customers crave our rich Mexi flavours, great value and love our commitment to Canadian sourced, quality ingredients. We serve our signature Super Soft Beef Burritos, Tacos, crispy Mexi-Fries® and original Hot Sauce made in-house daily. For over 40 years, we passionately deliver on TacoTime’s original recipes with fast and friendly service.

Taco Time says “It’s no secret” that food service and hospitality workers are in high demand. As the restaurant industry enjoyed a return to dine-in, and increased customer volume this summer, many business owners struggled to find employees to serve them. They are also concerned that the return to in-person school for college and high school students may affect a already scarce workforce. (Source: www.kentreporter.com



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