A Taco Bueno

A Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno

The people of El Paso and a lot of people who root for the American League West share the same opinion: Taco Bueno is the best fast-food chain west of the Mississippi and beyond. And the Tex-Mex food of the chain has slowly but surely sprinkled its way west into places like Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Taco Bueno is a U.S.-based, quick service restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex-style cuisine. The company is headquartered in Farmers Branch, Texas, in the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. Its first location opened in Abilene, Texas in 1967. The food chain has locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. As of September 3, 2019, around 150 units were in operation.

When you’re craving fast and satisfying Mexican, it’s hard to beat Taco Bueno. This place runs the gamut from tacos, burritos, quesadillas and enchiladas filled with carne asada to chicken, salads and more. Whatever you choose, remember to grab your favorite fountain drink or strawberry smoothie to wash it down. Taco Bueno is located in the Seasons Food Court. (Source: www.riverwind.com)


Taco Bueno’s core customer base was slowly aging and eating less and less fast food. Not to mention, Taco Bell was dominating the Tex-Mex QSR playing field. But, we did find there was a significant drop off of Taco Bell guests at around 23 years of age—even though they were still consuming fast food. We redirected our focus on reaching and persuading millennials who were ‘graduating’ from Taco Bell to come try Taco Bueno. Thanks, Taco Bell.

No good friend wants their friends to fall victim to inferior Tex-Mex. So, using breakthrough in-store and online efforts, we asked our loyalists to stage their own Taco Interventions. Our fans were directed to a landing page that encouraged them to stage an intervention for anyone they knew making poor taco decisions. From here, the intervener could send their friends a link to Taco Rehab, resulting in free tacos for both parties. (Source: www.slingshot.com)


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