A Raising Cane's Menu

A Raising Cane's Menu

Raising Cane's Menu

All Kids' Meals come with your choice of Medium Two-Corn or High-Fiber Side, as well as an ice-cold soda!



Our concept is simple and unique… we only have ONE LOVE – quality chicken finger meals! At Raising Cane’s® you get an exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently. We can do this because we offer a limited menu. The specialized systems developed by Raising Cane’s® allow us to maintain a level of quality unmatched in the industry. Our commitment to this concept will not allow us to compromise our quality, cut corners or clutter our menu with new products that do not fit our core menu offering.

Today, Raising Cane’s has over 150 locations and it keeps growing. Raising Cane’s is a fine example of a niche restaurant specializing in one specific food. You’re not going to find much else on their menu so if you don’t like chicken fingers, you’re out of luck. The good news is that Raising Cane’s prices are pretty affordable and everything on their menu is under $10, except tailgate-sized packs. (Source: www.fastfoodmenuprices.com)


“Either way, they are delicious and Raising Cane’s prices are not too shabby either.” WHAAAAAAT?!!! Pricing varies in every state and I don’t appreciate anybody suggesting prices aren’t too shabby. I don’t have an income that allows me to may $35 to $55 just to treat my family to fast food lunch. I think they’re too expensive and they NEVER offer coupons. They can take their chicken fingers and do an anal probe. For that price, I’ll go make my own! Their website offered a free box combo just for signing up but it was a joke because they wanted me to buy stuff from other vendors just to get some free chicken. Yeah, right, If I can hardly afford the chicken, I sure as help cannot afford to be spending just to get a free box of chicken. Dream on Cane’s, your finger “ain’t” that tasty!

Great food, even if Raising Cane’s has a menu limited to chicken fingers. And the chicken fingers are delicious! Tender & moist, the breading is just right for the most part. Our order came out quickly so the tenders were still hot. Nice! And the dipping sauce is a great complement to the strips. I dipped the fries in it & that was good too. The rest of the menu like the coleslaw was ok—coleslaw is coleslaw. Nothing to write hone about. I’m disappointed with the Texas toast as it was only toasted and buttered on one side. I remember Texas toast as toasted & buttered on both sides. And I heard their tea was great but I can’t comment on that as I got the unsweetened tea. And unsweetened tea is just unsweetened tea. Overall, I’m impressed with Raising Cane’s, and it’s just because of the chicken fingers! I’ll be back for sure, but maybe when the newness of a just-opened restaurant wears off and the lines aren’t so long. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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