A Pizza Time

A Pizza Time

Pizza Time

Pizza, pizza, pizza. Who doesn't like pizza? Especially when it's piping hot and fresh! What a novelty it would be to see myself buy that usual school-bus-sized pizza, though? Finally, there's a way for me to bring a little slice of cheese-y, doughy heaven to my desk at work! I have to order this.


Pizza Time uses nothing but the best ingredients to make our mouth-watering, delicious pizza! It is our promise to provide second-to-none quality pizza and other dishes to guarantee customer experience in a bite. Every pan of pizza contains high-quality mozzarella cheese and ingredients that will surely satisfy your cravings! The dough for our pizzas is made fresh every evening. Aside from amazing food, it is our goal to provide great service to our customers. Come join us and meet our Pizza Time family. We are open 7 days a week!

It is always curious to see a string of five-star reviews with a few one-star objections. First of all, none of these reviews take issue with the pizza, which is the best I have ever had! It makes competitors taste like white bread smeared with catsup! Even the most cheerful staffs have off-days, and while I do not doubt the bad experiences some reviewers describe, I do not know these reviewers, and some of us can get cranky quicker than others. I do know the staff at Pizza Time. I have always found them cheerful and helpful. When a friend, a New Yorker, first insisted we eat here, I thought "Pizza? Really?" After all, St. Augustine is blessed with all sorts of restaurants. But I was so wrong! This pizza is poetry in a crust! The chef-owner has always been affable and very much on top of things, and his place is always crowded, often with a long line winding outside the doors. It is well worth the wait, but it is a busy, crowded place, and that must be remembered. Bring cash, but don't let a few disgruntled patrons keep you from coming. If Michelin gave three stars for pizza, this would be it! (Source: www.visitstaugustine.com)



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