A Peter Piper Pizza

A Peter Piper Pizza

Peter Piper Pizza:

Peter Piper Pizza, a North Carolina-based franchise, is the famous story of a hungry boy who longed for a piping hot piece of pepperoni pizza the size of his hand. The recipe for the pizza was made up by his great-grandmother, Nana Piper.


Tokens are the currency of the arcade. Generally about the size of a quarter, and often uniquely branded with each individual location's name and logo, these coins are purchased with actual currency, and have value only within an arcade setting. The earliest tokens appeared in the 1880s and were dispensed from electro-mechanical games as prizes. This continued into the early 1900s with amusement games, such as skee-ball, and pinball machines. These tokens could then be fed back into the games to continue play. With the advent of video arcade games in the 1970s and 1980s, gamers across the world were using thousands of tokens in arcades, pizza parlors, and amusement parks. Many modern arcades now eschew physical tokens in favor of swipe cards, onto which gamers can continuously add points for play. This collection of tokens represents a small segment of arcade token history.

Peter Piper Pizza was founded in 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona. Tony Cavolo opened the first Peter Piper Pizza in Glendale, Arizona, and the company has continued to evolve over the years from a small 4,000-square-foot discount pizza restaurant to the Southwest's leading pizza and entertainment restaurant. Our new facilities feature a 10,000-square-foot layout that provides a fun and entertaining dining experience for the entire family. (Source: www.franchising.com)


When the pandemic hit Peter Piper Pizza had to furlough 80% of their team members, however the company worked to ensure they remained employed. With their people scattered around the country, unable to work together at locations, the company found that Bucketlist became an invaluable tool. By ensuring that their recognition program continued, Peter Piper Pizza was able to make sure everyone continued to feel connected, offering a ray of hope during an immensely challenging time.

Sharon and her team gravitated towards Bucketlist because the customer service team were able to help her weave Peter Piper Pizza’s mission and values directly into the rewards program. This meant that the platform wasn’t just rewarding team members for their work, it was helping to reinforce the kind of values that the brand wanted their team members to embody. (Source: bucketlistrewards.com)


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