A Outback Steakhouse Near Me

A Outback Steakhouse Near Me

Outback Steakhouse Near Me

A full menu of Southern Idaho's signature steakhouse fare, plus your choice of chops, fish, chicken, pasta, steak, brisket, or ribs.


The one name that comes to mind when you think about good steaks and ‘bloomin’ sides is none other than Outback Steakhouse. This International food chain is the one and probably the most authentic Aussie chain all over the world. That too, for good reason. You’ll find amazing food at the Steakhouse and you know it. From their steaks to their sides, everything is good. In Joey’s voice, steak good, sides good, everything else, gooooood! (Source:

So, here it is another mouth- watering dish with a rack of the highest quality choice pork ribs. Outback Steakhouse’s chefs rub them down with its signature blend of 17 secret spices and smoke them in house until they’re tender and bursting with flavor. Before serving you with the delicious baby back ribs, they finish these baby back bad boys on our wood-fire grill. (Source: almostveganchef.com)


The main difference is that the two Las Vegas Boulevard Outback Steakhouses have prices that seem to be more expensive than you’ll typically find elsewhere. Still, considering most of the traditional Las Vegas Strip steakhouses are much more pricier, many visitors find Outback to be a much better value for their vacation dollar. (Not to mention more casual and convenient).

This Outback Steakhouse is located right across from the Canyon Gate Country Club, at pretty much the intersection of Sahara and Durango. It’s roughly a half mile east of the Village Square Mall. Like the Outback on Rainbow, it is just outside the official boundaries of Summerlin. All seven of the Las Vegas area Outbacks have menus that don’t vary from the Outback restaurants across the United States. You’ll find the famous Bloomin’ Onion, the delicious and popular Chicken Tortilla soup, signature steaks, chicken, ribs, burgers, etc. As always, you can always shell out a little more for some seafood add-ons to your steak. I can’t resist adding the five grilled shrimp to my steak. One day, if I ever win at the craps table, I’ll go all “big spender” and add the grilled lobster tail to my steak order. (Source: gamboool.com)


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