A Noodles and Company

A Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company:

No trip to the stir fry restaurant was too far from some noodle dishes. My brother in law and I used to make two different types of noodle dishes. My brother in law would make Thai dish called Pad See Ew, which used firm noodles and was typically served with carrot, broccoli, onion, and soy sauce.


On the potential name change, CEO Dave Boennighausen stated, "Ultimately, we think the brand is a phenomenal brand with tremendous staying power... But ‘& Company’ began to be a bit more confusing than we’d like it to be. Our brand has craveable global flavors of noodles and pasta. We wanted to promote the world kitchen aspect of the brand." These changes were slated for a nationwide rollout which occurred except for the name change.

Noodles & Company is an American fast-casual restaurant that offers international and American noodle dishes and pasta in addition to soups and salads. Noodles & Company was founded in 1995 by Aaron Kennedy and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company went public in 2013 and recorded a $457 million revenue in 2017.


Exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a fast causal restaurant. Delivery? App or website. Fast service? Faster than you can boil water. Delicious food? Best on either side of the Mississippi. This is a once in a generation pick that you or I would build a franchise around, metaphorically speaking. Flavors go all around the world, shareables, sides and apps service both noodle fans and non noodle fans alike, I mean what’s not to like? I would wager this restaurant can run a 4.40 with these stats, remains to be seen post COVID lockdown. Meat preparation lines up exactly with the pros, vegetable freshness translates well, coachable, no off the field issues, intangibles are through the roof. Sure fire number one overall pick and not one to regret like Sam Bradford or JaMarcus Russell. (Source: apps.apple.com)

Meet Yenia 🤜🤛Our (intelligent, inspiring, insightful) Shift Manager and college student 🎓 “There is so much I love about working at Noodles. I love that everyone is welcome, no matter their ethnicity or beliefs. We celebrate diversity and we’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where you can bring your full self to work. I love the flexible hours; they allow me to be in college and have my school schedule respected while working more when I can. I love working at a place that I can count on, and I love the fact that we have a Noodles Foundation created by Team Members for Team Members to help us accomplish our goals and get through hard times. The benefits also help. During the pandemic it was great to know we had resources to count on, like mental and health support. I’ve been at Noodles for 3 years… it was basically my first job! I do so much more than serve food. I have passion, love, pride, and care for what I do. Come in and interview, we let you choose a meal to enjoy completely free to make you feel more welcome. I suggest Pesto Cavatappi 😋” (Source: www.glassdoor.com)







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