A Mission Bbq

A Mission Bbq

Mission Bbq:

Mission BBQ is a local and regional restaurant that offers high-quality homemade food in a fun, casual atmosphere. What was once a family-owned, mom-and-pop operation, Mission BBQ is now a thriving business that has provided employment for more than 100 people and has won a prestigious award from the Houston Press for their short rib sliders. They believe that “If you eat at Mission BBQ you will love the experience and will be back for more”.


When close friends Bill Kraus and Steve Newton opened their first Mission BBQ in Glen Burnie, Maryland on September 11, 2011, they chose that date purposely. It was ten years after the world had changed and the World Trade Center was attacked in New York, and they wanted their restaurant to achieve two purposes: serve unforgettable barbecue food and demonstrate their patriotism and love for their country.

Mission BBQ also producing catering. Mission BBQ Catering Maryland, LLC was founded in 2012. The company's line of business includes the retail sale of prepared foods and drinks for on-premise consumption. The company has a large catering facility next to the first Mission BBQ restaurant in Glen Burnie. Each location offers additional catering options. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Bill Kraus, a former apparel executive (Under Armour), and Steve "Newt" Newton, a former restaurant executive (Outback Steakhouse), started with the concept of supporting military and public response forces, and then decided to go into the barbecue industry. After doing some market research throughout the United States, they opened the first Mission BBQ in Glen Burnie, Maryland on the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Since 2009, Bill has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and started a sportsdocumentary film company called “3 Penny Films”. Additionally, he spent a tremendous amount of his time and talents in the creation of MISSION BBQ. From his and Steve Newton’s travels to the great BBQ mecca around the country, to so many of the Brand Marketing elements of MISSION BBQ, it all culminated in the launching of the Brand on September 11th, 2011. (Source: www.acg.org)



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