A Mcdonalds Breakfast

A Mcdonalds Breakfast

Mcdonalds Breakfast

Mcdonalds Breakfast is a simple example of how a presentation and a small case study are both viable approaches for content marketing.


McDonald's all started with Dick and Mac Mcdonald who moved to California to seek opportunities they thought were unavailable in New England. In 1948 they introduced their Speedee Service System featuring 15 cent hamburgers. It was so successful that the brothers began franchising their concept. Although McDonald's was well known for its burgers and fries, in 2015 they launched all-day breakfast, while that was suspended in many locations during the pandemic, we have seen it return in some. Today the menu offers 17 items, some of which are certainly healthier than others. Below are the best and worst options from the entire breakfast menu to help you choose wisely the next time you visit McDonald's. Plus, don't miss We Tried Every Burger at McDonald's & This Is the Best!While many fast food and QSR chains have expanded their breakfast menu hours to run all day, most notably Jack in the Box, McDonald’s remains one of the few chain restaurants to serve breakfast only during morning hours, and for good reason. While there are obvious economic reasons in play, such as the differing cooking temperatures for breakfast items vs. lunch items (ie: hamburger patties vs. eggs) and extra staffing requirements, from a marketing and branding standpoint, McDonald’s is an excellent example of Gamification and how not serving it all day has it’s benefits.

Yeah creating a “false” sense of scarcity can boost sales…among stupid people, Yes having a limited time at which you serve a product can drive up sales to an extent, but once people figure out that you are doing it specifically to drive up sales, it’s going to irritate them, which is going to make them not like you as a company. As someone said It mainly just pisses people off when they want something and can’t get it, which will make you lose them as a customer, people are fickle, and love to hold grudges, that one person that doesn’t seem to matter much starts to matter a lot more when they vow not to buy ANY of your products, because they can’t get that one thing they want when they want it. Personally I would eat at McDonalds every day if I could get breakfast at any time, but since they stop serving it at 10:30 I rarely get the chance to eat there, and when I do have the chance and can get there on time, I’ll just skip it, Because I, like most people, like to have a morning routine, and when something interferes with that, it usually gets cut out, someone is much more likely to just forego having McD’s Breakfast, than to change their whole routine to get up and hour earlier, a lot of people just can’t change their routine, schedules etc. (Source: yukaichou.com)


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