A Jimmy Johns Near Me

A Jimmy Johns Near Me

Jimmy Johns Near Me

Jimmy John’s thought leaders are using a unique blending of storytelling, blogging, and storytelling to build a strong brand and come out on top. And as their value proposition is transplanted from their brick and mortar stores to a digital platform, they’re showing us the playbook for how to leverage content to grow an e-commerce business.


)With perfect bread, systems in place, spectacular employees and leaders who lead and don’t pass the buck, Jimmy John’s box rocks. The culture that was created in the restaurants is the same culture that drives the corporate office. “Make a deal, keep a deal” is the Golden Rule. Do it now – make it happen – be a go-getter, no excuses. Jimmy John’s employees are the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They want to be the best. They don’t mind doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Their hustle is part of how they live their daily lives, and they enjoy the fruits of a hard-earned entrepreneurial lifestyle. Once again, Jimmy John’s wants only the best for the best. (Source:

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ive never had a mistake with my order, a neat thing is if you order a lot at my location they bring up your things in a box rather than a plastic bag and all the drinks come in cups rather than bottles!! its cute and gives me a way better experience. the process of adding or taking away is really easy, and the delivery is great. it comes really quick, nothing ive ordered has taken over ten-fifteen minutes before and the workers have always been really accommodating when bringing it to my house. the rewards system is also extremely easy and something thats fun to look at and really easy to redeem also!! this is by far one of the best food apps out there definitely beats the McDonalds app with the rewards system then the daily app deals that sometimes have lots of issues in-store. this app is great and I will continue to use it!

Nothing really wrong with the app. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. Its mostly been issues on the store’s end that I find a little frustrating. I know that businesses like Jimmy Johns are struggling to find help and so I completely understand if my order takes longer than it should. I’ve seen the store across the street packed with customers and only one person running the operation. That being said what does bother me is when I place and order and I don’t receive a notification that it’s been completed. I usually give it a little extra time because I know how busy they are, but when I get there and my food with fresh ingredients is sitting out for god knows how long, that’s a bit irritating. Ive received notification telling me my order is ready for pick up hours after I’ve digested my food. Other than that, I’ve had no problems. (Source: apps.apple.com)



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