A Blaze Pizza

A Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza

Hey, Blaze owner and founder Sally Smith stopped by IAMA (Internet Ask Me Anything) to field questions from Reddit. You didn't see this coming.



The Blaze Pizza app’s got everything you need, and a whole lot more you didn’t even know you wanted. Scan the app whenever you visit and you’ll earn one Flame on every dollar. Check your Blaze Rewards any time — and when you’ve got enough Flames to cash in, tap your way to bringing home free pizza, salads, desserts and other awesome rewards. You can order ahead on the app, too.Blaze has so many options for my growing family! It has cauliflower and keto so no one feels left out when we go. I love all the fresh ingredients. My kids even eat the veggies on their pizza! 🤯 knowing everything is fresh and fast for my busy life helps me choose Blaze over other brands. They even have drizzles that you can add at the end onto your pizza 🍕 BBQ drizzle is 💣 The new app has only made ordering and getting the things we love even easier!

I have been going to blaze for over 2 years and love their pizza. I used to use the app all the time. Recently I went to use it and told there was an update and I was signed out. I couldn’t get back into my old account and lost all my rewards. I made a new account and tried to order twice and was signed out again and was not given any confirmation that my order had gone threw. I called the store to place a phone order finally because I was so frustrated. Only to get to the store to find out one of my online orders did actually come threw and I was charged for both. I wish I was kidding when I tell you this app charged me 5 times for the same pizza and when I asked the store to refund me I was told I needed to call my bank. To add to it all once I finally got my pizza the middle was not fully cooked a issue I have never had before with blaze. Overall terrible app and experience and my favorite pizza place just turned into a place I’ll never visit again. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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