Will Mac McClung Get Drafted in the 2021 NBA Draft?

Will Mac McClung Get Drafted in the 2021 NBA Draft?


Will mac mcclung get drafted 2021

Mac McClung, of Texas Tech University, could be an invaluable asset for an NBA team if his game improves. His athleticism and relentless attack on the rim make him hard to defend and give him plenty of opportunities to score at high rates. With such potential, there's no reason why he shouldn't make the cut!

McClung, a 3-star recruit from Gate City, Virginia, rose to fame thanks to viral highlight videos that defied common stereotypes. After attending Georgetown for two seasons before transferring to Texas Tech University, he earned Big 12 Newcomer of the Year honors this season.

A human highlight reel and YouTube sensation

Will Macclung of Gate City, Virginia has earned himself a place of honor in the dunk contest. Although he may be relatively unknown to NBA fans, his impressive leaps and style of play have already earned him plaudits.

McClung has not yet played for an NBA team, but his performances with the Delaware Blue Coats of the G League have been nothing short of remarkable. In 2022-22, he ranked among the league's top scorers with 18.6 points per game and 4.7 assists while boasting an impressive shooting percentage (.589) in the process.

He was a star on the boards for Texas Tech, averaging 14.7 points and 2.8 rebounds per game during his senior season. As a result, he earned himself an All-Big 12 selection as well as being named an academic all-American.

McClung is renowned for his high-flying dunks, but he also has the ability to pass well. His teammates know him as an energetic teammate with the potential to be a valuable addition on any roster - particularly in the frontcourt.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Philadelphia 76ers have signed human highlight reel star McClung to a two-way contract. Additionally, Philadelphia will waive current two-way player Julian Champagnie in order to make room for the former Kia NBA G League Rookie of the Year who averaged the most points, rebounds and assists during his rookie season with the Blue Coats. It appears that Philadelphia is going all in on this group and may have found their best player through this dunk contest.

He’s a high level scorer

If you're searching for a high-level scorer in the 2021 NBA Draft, Mac McClung is your man. His dunking skills will always be his biggest selling point but he also boasts an impressive shooting history that allows him to make shots from all three levels of the court. His versatility on offense should make him a popular pick among NBA executives.

McClung is an adept passer, often finding teammates open for easy baskets. Additionally, he can jump over pass lanes for steals and disrupt shots at the rim.

His best skill is his capacity for finishing through contact, which can be difficult to defend at 6'2'. Additionally, he's an impressive shooter; making over 40% of his three-pointers as a college player and 50% from the field during his G League debut last year.

He has great potential as an NBA player, though it will be essential for him to hone his lead guard skillset in order to maximize his career. If he can reach that higher level, he could potentially be a top ten pick.

McClung has grown as a player by participating in different gyms around the country and even abroad. This preparation has been beneficial for him because it allowed him to form relationships with coaches and teammates that will serve him well in the future.

Mazzella and Simon have been particularly impressed by his shooting percentages this year, which show an impressive improvement from his earlier shooting percentages. He's currently averaging 21.8 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 8.0 assists while shooting 47% from the floor. Furthermore, he's shooting 80% from the free throw line - another hallmark of his game that Mazzella and Simon have noted throughout their careers.

He’s a good athlete

Mac McClung is a high school basketball star from Gate City High School who has gained an enormous fanbase through his impressive dunks. His YouTube highlight videos have been viewed 3.5 million times and his Instagram account boasts over 730,000 followers.

He has earned multiple awards in the Ballislife All-American Slam Dunk contest and received praise from NBA scouts.

McClung is a two-way player for the Philadelphia 76ers who plays for their G League affiliate, the Delaware Blue Coats. After spending two years playing in the G League, he now has an opportunity to make an impact in the NBA.

McClung played for Georgetown for two seasons, earning himself All-Freshman honors both seasons with an average of 14.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game as a freshman and sophomore. As a result, he earned himself Big East All-Freshman recognition as a sophomore.

McClung was an outstanding high school player, breaking Allen Iverson's Virginia single-season scoring record. Additionally, he was a three-star recruit.

McClung went undrafted in 2021 but made a strong impression at South Bay Lakers' G League Elite Camp. Scouts noted his athleticism and leadership potential, suggesting he could potentially play at the NBA level.

McClung earned the 2022 G League Rookie of the Year award and then signed with the Lakers again in 2022. Following several stints with the Lakers, he decided to join Golden State Warriors for the summer but was released in October.

The 76ers have signed McClung to an Exhibit 10 contract, meaning he can play in the G League and then return to the NBA if his team chooses. They hope he can be a valuable addition to their lineup and build on his success from the G League with them.

He’s a good shooter

Mac McClung has achieved great success from beyond the arc, shooting over 45% from two-point range and hitting over 80% of his free throws - making him a valuable asset in fantasy basketball leagues.

The 6-foot-2 guard is an incredibly skilled player and can get into the paint quickly. He's also a great passer, moving the ball with ease. Furthermore, his shooting ranges are impressive as he consistently knocks down shots when given an opportunity.

He has shown great improvement this season, averaging 19.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game. Furthermore, he is an efficient shooter who has hit over 50% of his three-point attempts this year.

He has thus far helped his team win games and cement himself as an essential member of the Philadelphia 76ers roster. After appearing in over 30 games this year, he has made a significant impact on their success.

Despite all of this, he still has not had enough time to establish himself on the NBA court yet and it remains uncertain how well he will fare at the next level. Hopefully he can continue honing his game and honing his skills.

He has shown great promise with his shot, proving he has the potential to become an excellent 3-point shooter in the future. Additionally, his shooting percentages in the G-League have gone up which bodes well for his future prospects and success.

He’s a good passer

McClung had some impressive passes during his tenure at Georgetown, especially during a game against SMU last December (following GU's initial wave of transfers) where he displayed excellent ball movement and produced some quality assists.

McClung has the potential to be an impressive passer at the next level, but whether he can establish a consistent rhythm is key. He's fast and has great acceleration when in an offensive groove. Additionally, his highlight reel showcases many great no-look dishes as well as kickouts to the perimeter.

His combination of factors make him an intriguing NBA prospect. His shooting stroke is crisp and fluid, making him comfortable getting off in dribble-pull-ups or coming around screens to shoot from the perimeter. As a reliable jump shooter, he should get plenty of opportunities to spot-up early in his career.

He can be an effective passer in an off-guard role due to his athleticism, court vision and passing skillset. With these attributes, he should make for a successful off-guard in the NBA.

McClung has the potential to be an invaluable player for an NBA team if he can develop his outside shot. His shooting will make him more reliable in spot-up situations, however his lack of consistent passing could prove problematic if he remains solely a shooter.

McClung had an impressive rookie season in the G League with the South Bay Lakers, averaging 21.5 points and 7.5 assists across 27 games. As such, he earned himself the title of 2021-2022 G League Rookie of the Year. Working closely with Simon during training camp helped him develop his on-court rapport as well as teach himself how to finish around the rim, utilize his 43.5 inch vertical, play pick-and-roll defense, and read low men.

Will mac mcclung get drafted

Will Mac McClung Get Drafted?

McClung is a high school basketball sensation from Gate City, Virginia who achieved national notoriety due to viral videos of his dunking skills. While his highlight-reel athleticism will always be an attraction for NBA teams, McClung must improve on his shooting in order to become even more valuable to them.

After a successful first season in the G League, he is working towards earning an invitation to NBA training camp. With such potential, he could be an invaluable asset to the Warriors over time; plus, at only 21 years old, he's young enough to develop alongside them.

1. He’s a good shooter

Mac McClung was a high school star renowned for his jaw-dropping dunks and crossover moves. His clips and highlight reels became legendary in hoop circles.

Last season, He was an integral part of the Lakers' success in the G League, earning himself the league's rookie of the year award. Additionally, he got some NBA action with the Bulls last month and scored a career-high 2 points in just 3 minutes during his debut against Atlanta Hawks in December.

McClung's scoring numbers with the Delaware Blue Coats have been slightly lower this season, but his efficiency has gone up. Furthermore, he's become a better defender than last season and his rebounding numbers are up too.

His shooting percentages have fluctuated over the years, but he strives to improve both accuracy and consistency in order to become an NBA player. With a long-term plan in mind, he plans to build on his strengths as he strives to reach that goal.

As a shooter, he may not be the most athletically gifted person, but his quickness and elevation allow him to cover ground quickly. Additionally, he can drive the lane and hit a mid-range jump shot with ease.

He's a score-first guard who often relies on getting past the initial line of defense, forcing a collapse, and finding an open man. Unfortunately, this strategy may lead to backdoor cuts or poor positioning on the court.

On the other hand, he's an impressive shooter from outside and capable of making a difference at the collegiate level. As a junior at Texas Tech, his four-point percentage this year was an impressive 41.5 percent - good enough to place him as one of the top shooters on his team.

The 6-foot-2 guard has inked a two-way contract with the Philadelphia 76ers that could give him access to both their NBA club and G League affiliate. However, this arrangement is non-guaranteed - meaning they have the option to cut him if they feel he's not worth their time.

2. He’s a good athlete

Mac McClung is an impressive athlete with the ability to jump high and score many points. His dunking highlights from high school went viral on YouTube, quickly making him a global star. Although Mac is skilled with the gun, he needs to improve his shot selection and defense in order to remain competitive.

He could potentially become a top lottery pick in the 2021 NBA draft if he can break through to the majors. He can play either point or shooting guard and is capable of hitting threes as well.

McClung was a standout player for the South Bay Lakers last season and earned himself the title of G League Rookie of the Year. At 6 feet 2, his size allows him to score points quickly. Additionally, his passing ranges from excellent to elite levels with ease.

After an impressive year in the G League, McClung has signed a two-way contract with the Philadelphia 76ers this week. He'll likely spend this season playing for Delaware Blue Coats of the G League - a team which features many current Sixers players.

McClung may not have a roster spot right away, but the Sixers can still use his scoring prowess and motivational abilities. To ensure his place on the team next season, he needs another outstanding season and fingers crossed that he gets an expanded role this time around.

McClung's jumping ability and athleticism could be huge assets in the NBA. These abilities could enable him to succeed more often than he did in the G League by scoring more goals.

His biggest flaw is his defense. While he's an adept ballhandler and possess good quickness, he lacks the capacity to be a formidable defender on either end of the court or on the perimeter.

3. He’s a good passer

McClung's game at the college level has been solid, but he's prone to misdirected passes and unforced turnovers. If he wants to become an NBA star, then improving as a passer will be essential; unfortunately for McClung, his lack of size and strength make him vulnerable on defense.

He's an impressive scorer, capable of hitting his jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc. This makes him a formidable offensive option in the NBA; however, to take his game to another level he must develop a reliable shot.

If he can establish himself as a reliable scorer in the NBA, it would be an asset for any team looking to upgrade its bench. Signing him on a two-way contract at such a low price could give Washington an affordable way to bring him in and give them access to both spot-up shooters and secondary playmakers for future success.

His athleticism makes him a potentially devastating scorer, yet he lacks natural passing ability. This will make it challenging for him to run an offense and direct traffic effectively, potentially restricting his long-term potential.

He can be a dangerous shooter, but he's far from being an excellent passer and has far too many misdirected passes to be successful in the NBA. Additionally, his lack of strength will limit him when facing off against some of the league's best players in the post.

His stunning dunks have earned him worldwide attention, and now he finds himself back in the spotlight. A chance to join the rotation for the Golden State Warriors would be an incredible opportunity for him, but first he must prove himself as an NBA player during Summer League.

4. He’s a good defender

Mac McClung has had an up and down career, but he remains a talented combo guard who can score in the half-court and shoot from long range. With good odds of getting drafted in the second round, his skill set could prove beneficial to NBA teams in the future.

He's an impressive defender who averaged 1.0 steals per game in college and 2.0 in the G-League. That alone will be a major advantage for him in this draft class, but what truly sets him apart from other prospects in this class is his on-ball versatility. He can defend players from all over the floor - including shooting guards and bigs expected to make it to the NBA.

Despite his size and strength, he's not quite as athletic as some of the other players in this draft class. In fact, he has the least jump shot out of any player on this list.

Unfortunately, he's often unable to get in front of the ball quickly enough to stop shots from slipping by him. In some instances, he's even over-committed helping out guards like Jamari Wheeler or Jamal Jones, leaving more skilled three-point shooters open and free to take shots down the stretch.

Though I would never suggest benching McClung due to this concern, it is something that should be taken into account. Georgetown's guard rotation is quite deep and there are plenty of players who could fill his spot in the starting lineup.

LeBlanc, Mosely and Pickett all possess the same defensive intensity as McClung and can play more minutes. Additionally, they possess length that McClung lacks on the defensive end which could help disrupt passing lanes and create turnover opportunities for their teammates.

5. He’s a good scorer

McClung is an impressive scorer and one of the league's most athletic guards. However, to become an effective NBA player he needs to improve on both defense and 3-point shooting.

The 24-year-old guard has been a fan favorite since his high school days, when his incredible dunks and unbelievable athleticism earned him YouTube legend status. His highlight reels captivated the basketball world, while his energetic style of play - inspired by Allen Iverson - cemented him as an icon among basketball enthusiasts.

He earned the status of three-star recruit while at Georgetown, where he averaged 14.2 points and 2.8 rebounds over two seasons. Following graduation, he transferred to Texas Tech where his average was 15.5 points per game as he earned Second Team All-Big 12 recognition.

McClung is currently averaging 19 points, 5.4 assists, 3.3 rebounds and 1.2 steals in 32 games this season as a member of the Delaware Blue Coats. In November he scored his career-high 44 points and has excelled in many roles this year.

McClung isn't a scoring machine, but his knack for finding open men and strong offensive rebounding skills make up for it. Additionally, he's got the knack of getting his teammates involved as well as the ability to dribble the ball towards the basket or pull up for a jump shot in the half court.

McClung has only averaged 19 points this season, but he's been one of the league's top shooting guards, hitting on 41.5 percent of his shots from the field and 37.6 percent beyond the arc. Furthermore, he's averaging a team-high 5.3 assists due to his propensity for getting to the rim and driving into it.

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