Who Are the Favorites for the Super Bowl in 2022?

Who Are the Favorites for the Super Bowl in 2022?


Who are contenders for the Super Bowl 2022

There are many teams in the NFL, but who is the favorite to win Super Bowl 2022? Let's take a look at some of them. Here's a look at the Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, and Seahawks. Each of these teams has a unique history, but they're all considered contenders.


While the Seattle Seahawks don't have the best quarterback in the league right now, there are some reasons to believe they will be contenders in the Super Bowl in 2022. For starters, they'll have a loaded defense. Despite their recent injuries, there are plenty of good players in the organization who can contribute to their offense.

In the past, the Seahawks have been perennial playoff contenders. In fact, they've reached the Super Bowl three times in the last decade. The team made the playoffs the past three seasons and won the NFC West in 2018. This season, they'll look to extend that streak to four and win their second Super Bowl in nine years. Seattle started the season with five consecutive victories and finished the season with a four-game winning streak. However, they lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Wild Card Round. With the addition of quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are still contenders for the Super Bowl 2022.

If you want to place your bets on a team to win the Super Bowl, check out the odds at Sportsbook.com. You can find the Super Bowl futures odds for every NFL team. The odds have plenty of room for movement.


The Carolina Panthers have the potential to be dark horses in the Super Bowl, and they could end up there. Baker Mayfield is looking for revenge and you should not bet against him, but the Panthers do have upside and should not be written off. They have been around since 1995 and have already pulled off two worst-to-first runs. They finished last in their first expansion season, but went on to win the NFC title game that year and make the Super Bowl three years later.

The Carolina Panthers have made some impressive moves in the offseason, and they are expected to be much better than last year's team. They are getting key players back from injury and are poised to compete in the NFC. With the right personnel and the right coaching approach, the Panthers are going to be contenders in the NFC South.

The Carolina Panthers are still looking to improve their quarterback position, as they have yet to acquire a reliable starter. The team's quarterback situation remains a question mark going into the 2022 offseason, particularly in the wake of the Sam Darnold trade. The Panthers passed on Justin Fields and Mac Jones last year, and they may take a lesser quarterback this year with the No. 6 overall pick. That means there are few quarterback options for the Panthers to consider during the 2022 offseason.

In addition to the quarterback, the Carolina Panthers' offensive line has plenty of room for improvement. The Panthers' offensive line ranked 30th last year, according to Pro Football Focus. Even with Mayfield's experience and the new talent in the backfield, this unit needs to improve significantly.


The New England Patriots had a terrible start to the season, losing four of six games. However, they won three straight and now have a seven-game winning streak. They also topped the AFC East and conference standings. In addition, the Patriots received a bye the following weekend.

While the offensive line is still a concern, the Patriots' defense is still among the best in the league. The defense will carry the team to the postseason. However, the quarterback, Jameis Winston, could turn the ball over. Injuries to the offensive line are another concern.

The New England Patriots have won the last six Super Bowls. The team is tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl titles. This season, the Patriots finished 11-5-1 and advanced to their 11th Super Bowl appearance. This is the ninth consecutive appearance for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Miami Dolphins have lost five straight Super Bowls, so a win would be a huge boost to their chances.

The Patriots are among the favorites in the NFL's Super Bowl 2022 futures market, which is tracking all 32 teams. These odds were released before the season started, so they're likely to change as the season goes on. Despite the fact that the draft is over, most top free agents have signed. The AFC also has several teams that look like legitimate title contenders. For example, every team in the AFC is capable of making noise.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are among the NFL's top contenders for the Super Bowl in 2022. After losing four of their first six games, the team has won three straight to take the AFC East and the conference standings. Bill Belichick's team has outscored opponents 175 to 50 during its five-game winning streak, and the defense is one of the best groups in the NFL.

While many skeptics are worried about a possible absence of Tom Brady, he is still confident in the team's future. He has added DeVante Parker to the receivers' corps and added a strong defense with Malcolm Butler replacing J.C. Jackson. After a bye week in Week 10, the Patriots will have four games against top-five teams, including the AFC-leading Cleveland Browns and AFC East-leading Buffalo Bills. By winning four of these games, the Patriots will begin to be taken seriously by other NFL teams.

Tom Brady is the franchise quarterback. He holds the franchise record for career passing yards and has won three Super Bowls. Other key Patriots players include Steve Nelson, who was a defensive anchor for the Patriots for 14 seasons and has an unofficial team record of 207 tackles.

In the AFC, the Patriots are tied for first place with the Vikings and Raiders, but are a considerable distance ahead of their AFC East rivals, the Jets. They have been in the playoffs for five consecutive seasons and are a strong favorite to win the AFC East.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are a well-balanced team with great potential. However, they are only 4-2 in their division. Their schedule is loaded with AFC West and NFC East teams. They also have to face the Chargers and Chiefs at home. This doesn't make them a favorite, but it's not out of the question that they will make the playoffs.

The Indianapolis Colts have a solid roster, with a talented group of rookies and a strong defense. Although their playoff hopes are slim, they have a good chance to return and make a run at the Super Bowl. However, they may not have all of the pieces to make the run.

The Colts have a deep roster, but their quarterbacking situation has been a concern for three years. During the offseason, they acquired veteran quarterback Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons for two third-round draft picks. While some observers think that Ryan is a great addition, there are many questions surrounding the quarterback position.

The Indianapolis Colts' odds have improved dramatically since the signing of quarterback Matt Ryan from the Falcons. They went from being 30/1 before the Ryan trade to +2500 after the trade. Atlanta Falcons' odds have also dropped to +10000. With Ryan, the Colts could make a move that could lead to a Super Bowl appearance.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have a lot of questions to answer about their offensive line. They have locked in Dion Dawkins at left tackle and Mitch Morse at center, but there are questions about their right tackle. Spencer Brown is coming off a successful rookie season and forced the organization to cut Daryl Williams and push him inside. While his sack total wasn't stellar last season, he's developing into a solid edge tackle.

The Buffalo Bills are a heavy favorite to win the AFC East this season. Only the Buccaneers have bigger odds to win their division. As of this writing, 62% of the money on the board has bet on the Bills to win the division. The Bills are also a heavy favorite to win the most games in the NFL. Tampa Bay and Kansas City are the next best bets, with +550 and +800 respectively.

Buffalo's strength of schedule makes them a Super Bowl favorite. They play four of their first six games on the road, and five of their opponents are realistic playoff contenders. Last season, the Bills suffered a heartbreaking last-second loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, but they still had the chance to win the Super Bowl. The Bills will have a better defense than they had last year, and Von Miller will play a big role in stopping opposing offenses.

Besides Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills also have plenty of weapons on offense. Josh Allen is one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, and their defense has added Von Miller in free agency. While Buffalo Bills haven't been to the Super Bowl since the early 1990s, this current team is reminiscent of the great days of the franchise.

2022 Fantasy Football Predictions

2022 fantasy football predictions Super Bowl picks and more

If you're looking for 2022 fantasy football predictions, there are several key players you should look for this season. The first is quarterback Baker Mayfield. While it's hard to predict a team's overall performance, we believe Mayfield will lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. The other players to watch this season are RB Leonard Fournette and QB Josh Rosen. These two players have the potential to be top-10 players this season.

Bengals prove they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders

Bengals fans are hoping that their team can finally prove it is legitimate and can go to the Super Bowl. After all, they have thirteen more games left in the regular season and multiple postseason weeks to prove themselves. After the overachievers of last season, the Bengals could use this to their advantage. If they can keep winning, they should have no trouble earning their Super Bowl spot. It might not be easy, but they can do it.

Bengal fans are rooting for their team to win the Super Bowl, even if the Rams are still the favorites. After all, there is a team in the Super Bowl that hasn't won a Super Bowl in years. The Bengals are that team. They are just as deserving.

The Bengals' offense is full of exciting pieces. Rookie wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase is the league's Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate and a potential All-Pro. And the Bengals' defense is one of the best in the NFL. Quarterback Joe Burrow is on track to break every single-season franchise passing record. In addition to these star players, the Bengals have other weapons like Joe Mixon and veteran tight end Uzomah.

Bengals fans will love to look back at the 2021 season. During that season, Burrow was coming off a knee injury and some fans were worried about his health. But the Bengals opted to go with offensive lineman Penewell and wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase in the draft, and they were rewarded for it. Those two players have now become elite players.

The Bengals have strengthened their reputation as a legit Super Bowl team. They have added Joe Mixon to their offense and bolstered their offensive line. Their defense is also stronger than ever. The Bengals are confident that they have the pieces to keep any opponent in check. But the biggest key to this team's success will be their defense. If they can make the biggest stops in critical moments, they will have a shot.

While there are still some flaws to the Bengals, they showed their potential in overtime. Even though they didn't have their best game in December, they're definitely a legitimate Super Bowl candidate next year.

Ravens over 49ers

While there's no way to accurately predict the Super Bowl, there are several ways to make your fantasy team successful this season. A lot depends on the quarterback and the overall team health. If you want to predict the Super Bowl, make sure you have your quarterback healthy and ready to go. Then, pick a team that can win the Super Bowl.

If you're a fan of the New England Patriots, you probably like their quarterback, but I'm not too sure about the team's defense. Last year, they had the best point differential in the NFL, but I think they'll take a step back this year. This is a team that has several good young players and a solid play calling unit. However, the quarterback situation isn't ideal and Mac Jones may struggle to be a viable fantasy option. If you're looking for a quarterback, I'd recommend selecting Rhamondre Stevenson and keeping a tight eye on the rookies. While his stats aren't all that promising, he could be a top-12 fantasy quarterback if he plays well.

If you're looking to make fantasy football predictions, it is a good idea to stay away from emotional decisions and instead rely on the data to make rational decisions. The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers will likely win the NFC East, and both teams need to stop the run if they hope to have success. Likewise, if you want to make your fantasy football predictions for 2022, it's worth investing in Trey Lance, who could end up being a top-5 quarterback.

In the AFC South, there's an exciting duo of running backs in the AFC. That's never happened in NFL history before. The only two players with more than 1,900 yards each are Ahman Green and Jamal Lewis in 2003. The New England Patriots, meanwhile, have only topped that mark once in the last six years.

The Dallas Cowboys are another team to watch. While they are less talented in the receiving department and have lost Tyron Smith at left tackle, they have adequate running and blocking ability. If they can get Dan Quinn to take care of their defense, they should be able to make the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles also have a good chance to make it back to the postseason. Jalen Hurts has the tools to become a quality quarterback, and they also have a solid defense.

Cowboys have better blocking, running and firepower than other teams

The Dallas Cowboys have a relatively easy schedule in the NFC East and the best running back in the league in Dak Prescott, but they are also a bit below average in the receiving categories and lack Tyron Smith at left tackle. Still, they have enough running and blocking to be a viable fantasy option and should not be overlooked in your draft.

The Cowboys have an excellent defense that gave up a league-high 473 points last season. They were also ranked as the top fantasy defense, having recorded 34 takeaways and nine defensive/special teams touchdowns. They aren't the only team with good blocking and running, but they do have more offensive firepower. In fact, if you want to make 2022 fantasy football predictions for this team, they are probably the top team in the league.

Eagles have a good chance to return to the playoffs

With a winning record through 16 games, the Philadelphia Eagles have a good chance to return back to the postseason in 2022. However, there is a slight risk that they will not make it. That's because the team will face two teams with better records. Philadelphia will close the regular season against Dallas (11-4) on Jan. 9. In the meantime, they will host the Dallas Cowboys on Jan. 9. If they win that game, they will likely end up with home field advantage. Otherwise, the Eagles' chances to return to the postseason in 2022 are very slim.

Philadelphia has made some bold moves this offseason. First, they replaced the pressure of repeating success with a more optimistic outlook. Second, they dared to try new things, even if they didn't work out the first time. Finally, they are loaded in the draft, including two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

If the Eagles' quarterback can turn the team's fortunes around, they have a good chance to return to the postseason in 2022. With a talent-filled roster, it will be hard to knock the Eagles out of the playoffs. If they don't, the blame will be squarely on the shoulders of third-year QB Jalen Hurts.

As for their schedule, the Philadelphia Eagles have a favorable schedule in the NFC North and the AFC South. The Eagles are currently considered a nine-six-win team, but their schedule is more favorable than the other teams in their division. The Dallas Cowboys have a better quarterback and deeper roster.

The Philadelphia Eagles' rushing attack is also a huge positive for their chances in the playoffs. They currently rank third in the N.F.L. with 2,448 rushing yards, and average 5.1 yards per carry. Running backs Matt Barkley and Ryan Wendell have combined for over two hundred yards and 10 touchdowns. If the Eagles can maintain this performance, they will have a good chance of returning to the playoffs.

Philadelphia has a great defense, and they are ranked 10th against the pass and ninth against the run. Their front seven, including Derek Barnett, generates a high amount of pressure, and they have held their opponents to under 18 points this season. The Eagles also have a much improved secondary, led by veteran cornerback Darius Slay, who finished the regular season with three interceptions.

2022 NFL Predictions - Dark Horse Super Bowl Picks Certain

2022 NFL Predictions Dark Horse Super Bowl Picks Certain

If you're looking for a certain team that will make it to the Super Bowl in 2022, look no further than the Green Bay Packers. Last season, they both surprised the NFL. Likewise, the LAs Vegas Raiders surprised many. However, the Jets are off to a disastrous start, and Zach Wilson is a definite injury concern. Fortunately, Joe Flacco has been serviceable in his place.

Green Bay Packers

If there's one team that will surprise the NFL betting public next year, it's the Green Bay Packers. The Packers went 13-4 last year but fell short of the Super Bowl. They lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game, which was one of the worst finishes in the league. However, the Packers still have four-time MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers and a good chance to earn home-field advantage.

The Bills have a strong defense, which should help them advance in the postseason. However, the Green Bay Packers 2022 Dark Horse Super Bowl picks Certain should be cautious about this team's chances, because the Bills were the underdogs last year. However, the Bills' defense has a lot of room for improvement, as Aaron Rodgers is expected to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. While the Bills might be a bit vulnerable on defense, they should have a strong pass rush, and that should make up for the loss of Tre'Davious White. Moreover, if they have a healthy Aaron Rodgers, they should be able to score plenty of points.

The Cincinnati Bengals are another dark horse team that should make the playoffs this year. They're a young team with a lot of talent, and they made some great improvements to their offensive line. With the addition of Ted Karras and La'Collins, they'll be a serious threat. However, the Saints could sneak in if they don't miss Sean Payton.

The Green Bay Packers may not be the same team that swept the Super Bowl last year, but they'll still be a top-10 team in the division. Aaron Rodgers has been an MVP for the past two seasons, and he's mastered Matt LaFleur's scheme. In addition, the Green Bay Packers' defense is very solid, with a strong secondary and young pass-rush star in Rashan Gary. The defense should be among the best in the league. In addition to that, the Packers' chemistry could give Aaron Rodgers time to adjust to a new receiving group.


It's hard to make a bold prediction when it comes to Super Bowl odds, but there are some dark horse teams in the next Super Bowl. The NFL is filled with talented teams, and it is hard to predict who will win it. We'll look at two of them here: Indianapolis and Tennessee. Both have star players and good quarterbacks. Indianapolis has former MVP Matt Ryan. The Raiders have Offensive Player of the Year candidate Davante Adams. The Steelers are also a dark horse, but they should have enough depth to stay in the postseason. Houston is another team with high expectations and a poor record.

The Arizona Cardinals are a dark horse team in 2022, but they are the biggest dark horse in the NFC. They have a tough schedule, but they are capable of running away with a title in the postseason. They are capable of defeating their opponents in low-scoring games and winning shootouts. Even if they don't make the Super Bowl, they are always worth a wager in the highly competitive NFC.

The Packers are loaded with stars, but they are also the hunted. They'll have to improve their offensive line and defenders. But they're still the best team in the division. Their offense is dangerous, but their defense is a question mark.

The Panthers, who finished 5-12 last season, are another team with questionable quarterback prospects. In the absence of quarterback Baker Mayfield, they'll likely be a middle-of-the-pack team. However, if they do a good job this year, they'll be in the hunt.


If you are looking for a sure bet for Super Bowl 50, you can't go wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles. They are in a winnable division, have an above-average defense, and can easily rack up double-digit wins. In addition, they have one of the best 53-man rosters in the NFL. The Eagles have added WR A.J. Brown from Tennessee and have tons of defensive talent.

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that should bounce back in the playoffs. With a better offensive line and defense, they should be able to protect Lamar Jackson and stop passing attacks. The Philadelphia Eagles have also improved their roster this offseason, and a young quarterback like Jalen Hurts should have a better year.

The Carolina Panthers are another team with a dark horse Super Bowl pick. They went 5-12 last season and have an underrated defense. While they have lost several key players from the previous season, their young core makes them a good bet. If Baker Mayfield plays well, they could make a deep playoff run.

The NFC West has the strongest division in the NFL. The Raiders and Broncos have a talented QB in Russell Wilson. The Chargers are expected to finish near the bottom of the division but could contend for the No. 1 draft pick.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have an elite defense. They will need to stop the Rams in the playoffs. If their defense can limit their opponents, they'll have a strong postseason run. Lastly, the New York Giants have an excellent offensive line, and if Jameis Winston can stay healthy, they might surprise the league.


In the NFC, the Packers return to earth after two seasons of 13-plus wins. Meanwhile, the Lions and Bears aren't really a threat to anyone. Thus, the Buccaneers should easily romp through their division and cruise into the postseason. On the other hand, the Saints could surprise us, especially with the absence of Sean Payton.

In the AFC, the Patriots are the favorite. They have an excellent offense and a strong defense. However, the team's interior line is a major concern. Even with a healthy Jameis Winston, injuries to key players on the offensive line could hurt the Patriots' chances.

The Buccaneers should look to reload their roster in the 2022 NFL draft in order to return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2013. The offense needs more speed, explosiveness, and pass-rushing ability from their defensive line. Daryl Hall is a big, athletic, and versatile backup who can be used in a variety of ways.

The Bucs will try to make their defense more productive by focusing on defense. They need to sack the quarterback more than anyone else and get more turnovers. The Bucs should also rely on their receivers to create turnovers. Some of these players can play as wide receivers as well. Some of these players will be able to contribute in the red zone.

The Buffalo Bills are the favorite in the AFC. They won the AFC East for the second consecutive season. A year ago, they were just talented up-and-comers. However, in the postseason, they have developed into a powerhouse. They even beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round playoff game.


If you're looking for the best bets for Super Bowl 57 in 2022, I've got a few suggestions. First, take a look at the Cincinnati Bengals. They're loaded with young talent and have improved dramatically along the offensive line in recent years. They'll be a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and they'll have one of the best supporting casts in the league. In addition, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has a great chance to break through in his third season.

Los Angeles is also loaded with talent, led by quarterback Justin Herbert. They went all-in on defense in the offseason, adding Khalil Mack, J.C. Jackson, and Gerald Everett to their roster. While these moves didn't guarantee a championship, they did give themselves a chance to make a deep playoff run.

If the Chargers can match the Jaguars' offensive production, the season will be a success. And if the Chargers' defense matches the team's offense, it will be an outstanding season. They can also advance to the AFC championship game, and they could be a dark horse this year.

While the Chargers and Chiefs are the favorites, there are many teams that aren't firmly in the top four. If they win, they will be the favorites. Other teams that can be considered dark horses include the Cincinnati Bengals. If you're looking for NFL futures odds, check out FanDuel Sportsbook. These odds may surprise you!

In addition to the Rams and Chargers, there are two other contenders in 2022. The Rams, who won the Super Bowl last year, are a team that isn't exactly a dark horse. They'll be hard to beat in January, but they'll be a difficult out.

NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023 Predictions Expert Picks Optimal

NFL Super Bowl odds 2023 Predictions expert picks optimal

The NFL Super Bowl odds in 2023 will feature a variety of teams with different strengths and weaknesses. The Chiefs, for instance, will have Patrick Mahomes at quarterback. They will also have Travis Kelce at receiver. While they will be without Tyreek Hill, the Packers will still have Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams at the helm.

Buffalo Bills 6-1 favorite

The odds are out and the Buffalo Bills are the early favorites for the NFL Super Bowl in 2023. The NFL Super Bowl is set to be held in Glendale, Arizona and the stadium will be called State Farm Stadium. The first half of the preseason is now complete, and teams are finalizing their rosters. After acquiring new quarterbacks, the Rams and Buccaneers are in the mix as well. Denver is also a contender, as they added quarterback Russell Wilson from Seattle. While Denver had a lot of talent last season, they were plagued by poor quarterback play. Buffalo is a six-point favorite on the oddsboard, while the Rams, Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers are at least a two-point underdog.

The Bills went 11-6 last season and won the AFC East. However, they lost the AFC Championship to the Kansas City Chiefs in an overtime thriller. This year, they are the 6-1 favorite to win their first Super Bowl in 23 years. With their two-way talent, the Bills should be able to repeat their success from last season.

While the Bills are the early favorites, some teams will have the slight edge in the future. Last year, Tampa Bay was favored, but the Bills should be a contender this year. After all, both teams have two of the best quarterbacks in the league. They also have a strong defense and playoff pedigree.

After the emotional season finale last year, the Bills are expected to be motivated. Their top talent will be back, including Josh Allen, who will win MVP honors. The offensive line and defense will also be stronger than last year. Von Miller is expected to be a key pass rusher for the Bills.

Buffalo Bills were the sixth team out of the AFC to play in the Super Bowl. They beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 56 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. However, after their fourth consecutive appearance, they lost the game to the Los Angeles Rams. In 2023, the Bills could face the Rams again.

In the NFC, the Rams are the team to beat. With the addition of Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson in free agency, the Rams have a strong defensive line. Their wide receivers Jimmy Garappolo and Trey Lance will be key contributors this season.

The Rams are another great team with some impressive skill-position talent surrounding their franchise quarterback. In addition, they added three Pro Bowlers and a top-three total defense. While they aren't as strong as the Bills, they are an exciting team.

Los Angeles Rams +1100

As of July 5th, 2022, the Chiefs and Ravens are the two team favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, both of those teams have lost two key players. The Ravens had a 14-2 regular season last year, but were knocked out by the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs. Baltimore's odds reflect their strength of schedule, additions to the roster from last year, and overall talent on their roster.

The Rams are not the favorite to win the 2023 Super Bowl, but the experts at SportsLine believe the team has the talent to be a top contender. The underdog has new playmakers and a new coach. You can only find these types of underdogs at SportsLine, so make sure to check out all of their expert picks.

While the Rams were eliminated from the playoffs last year, they will likely be a top contender in the AFC. Their offense is led by Patrick Mahomes, who has won the AFC Championship Game in his four seasons as starter. However, the sportsbooks are critical of Aaron Rodgers' lack of receivers. Despite the lack of receiving talent, the Chiefs have made the playoffs three times in the past three seasons, and their quarterback has made it to the AFC Championship Game in all four of his seasons.

The Rams have a great strength of schedule this season, and their stout defense should help them win the Super Bowl. If they can win the NFC title game, the team will be the first to repeat in the Super Bowl since the early 2000s. However, the NFC has been a tough place to play in the Super Bowl, so a repeat champion is unlikely.

While the Rams are favored to win the Super Bowl, the Packers, 49ers, and Broncos are also good bets. The Green Bay Packers are second in the NFL, and the San Francisco 49ers are third in the conference.

The Buffalo Bills, who have lost to the Chiefs in the playoffs the last two seasons, have lowered their NFL Super Bowl odds. They still have Von Miller at running back, but the odds are lower. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also good bets, and they're heavy favorites. Brady has been back to the Buccaneers after retiring, but the Rams remain the favorites in the NFC West. The 49ers, meanwhile, are projected to finish runner-up in the NFC West and could win the championship, depending on the development of Tre Lance.

The Browns aren't a great bet this year, but they were impressive last season despite losing Baker Mayfield to injury. They have Deshaun Watson at quarterback and Amari Cooper at wide receiver. In addition, they have Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt in the backfield. Unfortunately, Watson's suspension will make them a risky bet this season.

Denver Broncos 10/1

Denver is one of the favorite teams to win the Super Bowl in 2023, but the Denver Broncos have some tough competition. First of all, the Seahawks, who won the last Super Bowl in 2016, will be without starting quarterback Russell Wilson. In addition, Matt Eberflus is taking over as head coach of the Bears. With this in mind, the Denver Broncos are one of the best bets for the future.

If you're betting on the 2023 Super Bowl, consider the new head coaches of each team. The Oakland Raiders have the worst odds, while the Houston Texans are one of the most likely to win the championship. And the New York Giants are likely to change coaches, too.

Denver finished last in the AFC West last year, but they were able to trade for star quarterback Russell Wilson in the offseason. Now with Wilson under center, they should easily reach a 10-win season. Despite a poor QB last year, the Broncos have talent on offense and a solid defense. As such, the top online sportsbooks have Denver Broncos projected for ten wins in 2022.

In addition to the new quarterback, Denver has made a lot of moves in the offseason. They signed veteran quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seahawks, and they have a lot to build on. The new quarterback should be able to improve the offense, and the Broncos' wide receivers are deep threats. In addition, the Broncos' defense is anchored by shutdown corner Patrick Surtain II.

The Rams are another team to watch this season. They have some talent on offense, but they have too many question marks on defense and line. That said, the Rams are a tough team to beat in the NFC East. If they can win the division and find their quarterback, they'll be in the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are another team that has a strong roster. They are a contender to win the Super Bowl in 2023. But they haven't had the luck in recent years to win the title, and their coach, Andy Reid, isn't known for his ability to win the Super Bowl. Regardless, the Bills will be a top contender in the AFC.

Denver Broncos: While the Green Bay Packers are still considered the top team in the NFC, Denver has a better chance of making the Super Bowl. Denver is also a strong contender to win the Super Bowl after the Patriots' quarterback retirement. However, there are some other teams in the NFC West that could surprise us all. This is because the Packers signed Aaron Rodgers and signed him to a huge deal. In the end, they moved up to 8/1 on the NFL futures board. However, when Brady retired, they lost Adams to the Raiders. After a season that included the Patriots and the Broncos, the Packers reverted to their 12/1 NFL Super Bowl odds.

Super Bowl Odds Picks and Predictions 2022

Super Bowl Odds Picks and Predictions 2022

After years of trying to win Super Bowls, the Buffalo Bills are back and looking like a heavy favorite. Although the Bills are coming off a disappointing overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round, they are loaded with young talent and have added CB Kaiir Elam and pass-catching running back James Cook this offseason. This makes them a heavy favorite in the AFC East. However, the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have also made major offseason additions.

The Buffalo Bills are the early favorite to win the AFC East this year. While they don't have a perfect record, they have been extremely successful in non-conference games since Josh Allen took over as quarterback. Since his arrival, the Bills are 12-5 SU and 11-5 ATS against the NFC.

The Bills could lose the game due to costly turnovers and gaffes on special teams. At halftime, the Panthers could be a -110 favorite, but at the end of the game, the Bills could be a +130 favorite. This would make it more likely that the Bills could come back to win the game, and they'd win $13 instead of $4.44.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are the defending AFC East champions and the betting favorites for the Super Bowl in 2022. Buffalo made significant offseason moves to improve their roster and improve their chances of making the playoffs. They acquired star receiver Stefon Diggs and bolstered their offensive line. In addition, they signed All-Pro cornerback Von Miller to their roster.

Buffalo Bills: While the Bills are the defending champs, there are a few things to consider. First, Aker's return is likely to limit Henderson's pass targets. The Bills are also strong at limiting running backs out of the backfield. They allowed fewer RB receptions last year than any other team in the league.

Buffalo Bills: After signing Von Miller and DaQuan Jones, the Bills have the personnel to make a run at the Super Bowl. Buffalo also signed Rodger Saffold, O.J. Howard, and RB James Cook in the draft. In addition to these four players, the Bills drafted RB James Cook and LB Terrell Bernard.

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have been on the rise in recent years, and the team's success has been attributed to a few key factors. Donald remains one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL, and Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd provide solid protection in front of the passer. The Rams' defense is equipped to stop both the run and the passer. While the team has received criticism for making risky signings, they are a contender for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Los Angeles Rams have a new roster and could be an even better team in 2022. In addition to Allen Robinson and Matthew Stafford returning, the team also welcomed back fully healthy Cam Akers. If the Rams win the Super Bowl this season, they could set a new standard for other teams to follow.

The Rams' schedule is not the easiest in the NFL, and they will have some tough games on their way to the Super Bowl. After their Week 7 bye week, the Rams will play the Cardinals, Seahawks, and Broncos.

The Rams are favored to win the NFC West this season. However, the San Francisco 49ers are right behind them at +150. In addition to that, the Rams are -250 to make the playoffs, but they are the slight favorites to win the NFC West. Moreover, the Rams have the best talent in the NFC, which means they could be a contender in the Super Bowl.

While the Rams aren't as good as last season, the team still has a good chance of winning the Super Bowl. Stafford is expected to improve as the season progresses, and the Rams have added Robinson and Wagner to their roster. If the Rams are able to keep this up, they could be even better than they were in 2021.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs were originally the Dallas Texans, but they relocated to Kansas City in 1963 and joined the NFL in 1970. The Chiefs have become one of the most successful franchises of the modern era. They have won two Super Bowls, including their first one in 1970. The Chiefs have reached the AFC Championship game for the third consecutive season, but suffered a heartbreaking defeat to the Bengals.

The Chiefs should be contenders in 2022, but they will need to improve their defense if they hope to be in the playoffs. The Chiefs' offense is suspect after trading Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins. Their defense, on the other hand, is a huge question mark, ranking 24th in defensive DVOA and 23rd in EPA per play, according to Football Outsiders.

The Chiefs have a good quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, but they've struggled to score touchdowns in the red zone. They've ranked 11th in red-zone touchdown percentage the past three years. With Mahomes, the Chiefs will most likely go all-out to win most games. However, they are in a very difficult division with the Bills, Bengals, Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, and Los Angeles Chargers.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win the AFC West in 2022. With their six-time Super Bowl appearance, they are the consensus favorites for the Super Bowl. The Chiefs have -115 odds to win 11 games or more, and -110 odds to win ten games or fewer. If they win just nine games, they'll miss the playoffs. But if they win ten games, they'll probably reach the Super Bowl and take the AFC title.

Chargers: With the new addition of Travis Kelce, the Chiefs have a slight advantage over the Chargers. Both teams are capable of scoring touchdowns, but the Chargers' defense is similar to the Chiefs'.

Baltimore Ravens

If you're looking for Super Bowl odds picks and predictions for the Baltimore Ravens, this team's offseason moves are smart and their foundation is solid. They traded for receiver Hollywood Brown and added center Tyler Linderbaum, and they pulled in a Draft "unicorn" in defensive back Kyle Hamilton. While he hasn't played yet, Hamilton has the potential to become a great defensive back. Additionally, JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards are coming back from injury and should be ready to help. As a result, the Ravens should be able to resume their efficient rushing offense.

The Baltimore Ravens are a long shot to win the Super Bowl, but they have a good chance of getting there. The team's defense was one of the league's best this year, and quarterback Lamar Jackson has gotten healthier since joining the team. In addition, a healthy Lamar Jackson should make the Ravens the most complete team in the league.

The Ravens' offensive line should be improved. The team has added a talented center in Tyler Linderbaum, while the team acquired right tackle Morgan Moses in free agency. The running game is expected to be strong, and Lamar Jackson has one of the best legs in the NFL.

The Baltimore Ravens are projected to win 9.5 games this season. Last year, the team was plagued by injuries but still managed nine wins. They also have an easier schedule this year than most NFL teams. They'll play the entire AFC East in the first four weeks, and then face playoff-caliber teams outside of their division.

While Baltimore is expected to be a contender in the Super Bowl, it's important to remember that they must replace Pro Bowl left tackle Orlando Brown, who's likely to start the game. There are plenty of NFL experts who offer their opinions on the team's chances of reaching the Super Bowl.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have a very tough schedule ahead of them before their Week 6 bye. They'll face the Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, Broncos, and Chiefs. But after that tough start, the Raiders' schedule is much easier. In the final two games of the season, they'll face the Patriots, Steelers, and Chiefs.

Super Bowl Odds Picks and Predications 2022: The Raiders' 2022 schedule includes a number of matchups against teams with top-five passing efficiency. They'll face pass rushes that rank inside the Top-15, and they'll face plenty of total sacks. While the Raiders' schedule isn't stacked with great opponents, they're still expected to compete.

Raiders: After making the playoffs last season, the Raiders will look to improve upon that success this season. They've hired a new head coach and have signed a handful of splashy free agents, but a return to the playoffs isn't going to be easy in the AFC West.

Oakland Raiders: As of the Super Bowl Odds Picks and Predictions, the Raiders are at odds with the betting market. They're projected to win between eight and 9.5 games. While Oakland is still a year away from competing in the AFC, their offense and defense should be competitive. In addition, their defense has a new quarterback in Chandler Jones, which should increase their pass defense's efficiency.

New coach Josh McDaniels: After a 10 win season, the Raiders were a sleeper candidate last year. They were underrated last year due to the division. However, they're better than last year's squad.

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