What's a body count

What's a body count

What's a body count

A body count is the total number of people who have been killed by a character in a film.body-centred, bodycheck, body clock, body-con, body corporate, body count, body double, body drop, body dysmorphic disorder, body English, body fluid.Whatever your needs may be, there’s a controller that can help you settle in and enjoy the fantastical worlds you want to explore — or just up your body count as you move through the levels of your favorite first-persThe other pathogens, completely unchecked by science, hit the soldiers with such rampant rates of spread that even the germs with low fatality percentages racked up impressive total body counts.Though never before as lethal in terms of body count, such police massacres are common in Brazil, and the scripts each side hauls out in the immediate aftermath are always the same.


In addition to racking up what looks like a substantial offscreen body count, the movie at one point offers an eight-second introduction for a sleazy used-car salesman character for the sole purpose of justifying Tripp and Creech laying waste to his inventory. As explained in previous articles; there are financial conversations that are important at this stage as there are sexual conversations that one must have, too. Of all the sexual things you can ask from bae/boo though, the body count question is not necessary.Back to the body count subject; to ask about your woman this question also puts your relationship in a precarious balance.

If she’s been with more than a few guys and presumes that you’ll be staggered if she tells you, this will prompt her to come up with a lie; which of course is not what you want in your relationship.Historian Christian Appy states "search and destroy was the principal tactic; and the enemy body count was the primary measure of progress" in the US strategy of attrition. Search and destroy was a term to describe operations aimed at flushing the Viet Cong out of hiding, while body count was the measuring stick for operation success. Appy claims that American commanders exaggerated body counts by 100 percent. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Military, Deathbody countˈbody ËŒcount noun [countable] PMMXthe number of dead soldiers after a period of fighting, or the process of counting their bodiesExamples from the Corpusbody count• There won't be no medals for a body count.• I think we stayed for about a week just trying to get more and more of a body count.• But a rapidly escalating body count forces her to face up to what's really happening.• A higher body count score, for one thing.• We were horrified as the body count rose higher and higher.• By this time the body count was getting so high, sensible people refused to ride along with us.• Police raised their body count in a case they say proves that the former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic covered up war crimes.

Lead guitarist Ernie C has been responsible for writing the group's music. Their controversial self-titled debut album was released on Sire Records in 1992. The song "Cop Killer" was the subject of much controversy. Although Sire Records' parent company, Warner Bros. Records, defended the single, Ice-T chose to remove the track from the album because he felt that the controversy had eclipsed the music itself. The group left Sire the following year. Since then, they have released three further albums on different labels, none of which have been received as commercially or critically well as their debut album. Three out of the band's original five members are deceased: D-Roc died from lymphoma, Beatmaster V from leukemia and Mooseman in a drive-by shooting. (Source: www.definitions.net)



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