What Time is the Super Bowl Tomorrow?

What Time is the Super Bowl Tomorrow?


It's just a few days away until the Super Bowl! But before you settle in to watch it online or at your television set, here are some essential facts you should know. From when it starts to when you can watch online, we have everything you need to know.

On February 13th, the 2017 Super Bowl is set to take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California - home of both Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals - starting at 6:30 pm ET.

What time does the Super Bowl start?

Every year, football fans across America prepare for an evening of action and celebration. They watch their favorite commercials from each team, create the ideal game day menu, and prepare themselves for the biggest game of the year: the Super Bowl. This year's edition will take place on February 12th with teams such as Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs taking center stage.

State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona will host the Super Bowl XLIX. With 63,000 seats and no bidding process used by the NFL to select its location, this marks the first time that a Super Bowl has been held outside New York or Los Angeles.

For those watching the Super Bowl on television, FOX will be providing commentary. Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen, Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi will be among those providing insight during the game.

When it comes to the game itself, it will start at approximately 6:30 p.m. EDT and 3:30 p.m. EST - this is usually when a Super Bowl begins, though exact times may differ by region.

On average, an NFL game lasts three hours and twenty minutes, but the Super Bowl takes longer due to commercial breaks and a halftime show featuring performances by various hip-hop artists. This year it is expected that the Super Bowl will wrap up around 9:52 p.m. local time.

This is a lengthy period, especially when compared to an NBA or baseball game that only lasts an hour and thirty minutes. This is because the Super Bowl includes more expensive commercials and a much longer halftime show than other sporting events.

It can be easy to get carried away during a Super Bowl as so much occurs. From the national anthem and coin toss to team introductions and halftime show, there's always something exciting happening every single quarter of the game.

Fans watching the game live can look forward to an electrifying performance by Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, plus several surprise cameo appearances by other artists.

On February 12th in Glendale, Arizona, Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles fans eagerly await this highly-anticipated matchup. Both teams are competing for the top spot in both the AFC and NFC, respectively, so this matchup promises to be exciting!

Patrick Mahomes had an incredible regular season as the Chiefs had a record-setting year. His passing stats were the highest in NFL history and his rushing totals tied for most in league history. He threw for over 4,500 yards and 40 touchdowns during that stretch, leading his team to victory over Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship. With help from teammates, Mahomes also led their team to victory at home against New Orleans Saints during Week 17.

What time does the Super Bowl end?

The Super Bowl, commonly referred to as "the big game," is one of America's most eagerly anticipated events. It marks the conclusion of the National Football League (NFL) season which usually commences on Thursday after Labor Day; however, other days in the week may also feature games.

The length of an NFL game can range from three hours up to several hours, depending on how long each quarter lasts and whether there are any stoppages or commercial breaks. On average, NFL games last three hours on average but this number may differ considerably.

In the most recent Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs defeated San Francisco 49ers for their first NFL title in 50 years. Led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes - the first rookie to do so since Tom Brady did so in 2002 - the Chiefs easily prevailed.

Although it remains uncertain how long the game will last this year, experts anticipate it to be around three hours. That's slightly shorter than last year's final at 3:10pm GMT (10:10 pm ET), but longer than previous two games which ended at 3:25am GMT (10:25 pm ET) respectively.

Although the exact length of the Super Bowl remains uncertain, it typically concludes around 9:30 p.m. EST after the halftime show is over and trophy distribution follows. Should extra time be necessary, however, the game could extend further should extra points be scored during overtime.

Fans get to witness some of American sport's finest in one big blockbuster event. It also serves as an ideal way to mark the conclusion of one season and usher in a brand-new one.

In addition to the football game itself, the Super Bowl offers an array of other entertainments and attractions. From pregame ceremonies and halftime shows to commercials, there's something special to experience at this iconic event.

Rihanna will headline this year's halftime show, joining Babyface, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Chris Stapleton on stage. The NFL always draws some of music's biggest names to perform during its halftime show - expect an unforgettable spectacle!

A tradition dating back to the first Super Bowl, this concert has been an iconic part of NFL for many years. Some of music's biggest names have performed onstage over these many years - Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre being two examples.

As for the game itself, expect a thrilling encounter between two of the NFL's premier receiver groups and two of its premier quarterbacks. It is not unusual for these teams to share the lead throughout regulation time and ultimately come out victorious, as is expected in this year's match between Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

What time does the Super Bowl halftime show start?

The Super Bowl is one of the world's premier sporting events and must-watch for football enthusiasts around the globe. While most eyes are focused on what happens on the football field, its halftime show also draws huge audiences as stars perform in an arena setting.

The Super Bowl halftime show is widely considered one of the finest music performances of the year and it's often watched by millions. Usually lasting less than 15 minutes, it is broadcast live on television.

If you are attending the Super Bowl, it is essential to know when the halftime show will commence. Although no official time has been set yet for this special moment in the game, it is expected to commence shortly after the NFL kicks off the first half.

Depending on the length of a Super Bowl game, the halftime show may last longer than 15 minutes. This is because many variables such as timeouts and play stoppages for penalties, injuries or coach's challenges can influence how long this special moment lasts.

Since Super Bowl XLV, the halftime show has evolved slightly to feature popular contemporary musicians rather than one headline artist. Past performers have included Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Shakira.

Rihanna will make her Super Bowl debut, but already has an established reputation as a singer with many hit songs to her credit. Expect her set list to include hits like Umbrella, Love the Way You Lie, Disturbia, Work and Rude Boy among others.

Some fans have speculated that Rihanna may invite guests to join her on stage, but this has yet to be confirmed by either Rihanna or her management team.

Typically, the halftime show lasts only 15 minutes due to time restrictions associated with performing in an arena setting. To fit their songs into this timeframe, performers often combine them into quick-hit versions in order to maximize efficiency.

In 2020, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez set a record for the most watched Super Bowl halftime show with 104.1 million views. This year's halftime show will feature five musical headliners for what promises to be one of the greatest performances in history.

No matter if you are watching the Super Bowl halftime show in person or on TV, you can stream it live using the Pepsi Halftime app on your smartphone. This free app gives users access to backstage footage and other camera angles not available on TV broadcasts. Downloading this free app from either Apple Store or Google Play is easy - just follow these instructions!

What time is the super bowl kickoff

What Time is the Super Bowl Kickoff?

Are you excited to watch the Super Bowl this year? You might be wondering when it starts. Since 2002, the game has been held on the second Sunday in February.

The game begins at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), but the pregame festivities begin long before that.

What Time Does the Super Bowl Start?

Every year, millions of football fans around the world eagerly await a day when their favorite NFL team can compete in the Super Bowl. It is always an exhilarating event with plenty of action on and off the field - so if you're watching, make sure you know how to get the best view possible!

On Sunday, February 12th the 57th edition of the Super Bowl will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles and AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs will square off in this exciting showdown that will be broadcast live on Fox at 6:30 p.m.

In addition to the game, there will be a halftime show featuring international pop star Rihanna as its headliner. She returns to the Super Bowl stage for the first time since her 2016 album Anti.

CTV provides Canadian viewers with live coverage of the Super Bowl, while American football fans in Australia can catch it on ESPN or One HD. In the United Kingdom, BBC and Sky Sports broadcast it during early Sunday morning hours.

The Super Bowl usually takes place on the first or second Sunday of February, having previously been played in January until 2002 when the NFL moved the game from being held on the first to second due to several postponements caused by 9/11 attacks.

This year's Super Bowl will be hosted by the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This marks the third time that the NFL has chosen a venue other than its home stadium to host the Super Bowl; however, this marks the first time without using an auction process.

Most teams' Super Bowl victories are determined by the quarterbacks they have in their lineups. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs has led them to an NFL-leading 14 wins this season and is widely expected to win his first Super Bowl with them. On the other hand, Jalen Hurts has been a key contributor for the Philadelphia Eagles this season and could help lead them to victory in their inaugural Super Bowl.

What Time Does the Halftime Show Start?

Like most fans, the Super Bowl's annual halftime show is unmissable. Not only is it one of the most watched musical performances of the year but also one of television's most lucrative ad spaces - companies from Netflix to Google are paying up to $7 million per 30-second spot! It truly is sports' biggest stage!

The halftime show has been a tradition that dates back to the 1960s and has evolved considerably over time. Traditionally, college marching bands and drill teams lead the show; however, in recent years musical acts have joined them as well.

Rihanna, a nine-time Grammy award winner, will headline this year's halftime show alongside legendary hip hop artists Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Mary J. Blige as well as Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne from the old school movement.

With more than a decade of hits under their belts, rap and R&B artists are set to bring some classic West Coast vibes to SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA for this year's game. This marks the first time these five artists have headlined a Super Bowl halftime show - sure to be an experience for music enthusiasts everywhere!

Rihanna is an international superstar and second-best selling female musician of all time, behind only Madonna. She also has a fashion line that sells around the world and an iconic beauty line.

She has been inspired by a range of genres, such as pop and R&B. With her captivating voice and energetic dance moves, audiences are sure to be mesmerized.

She boasts 14 top-10 songs and years of music experience, guaranteeing her fans an unforgettable performance during this year's Super Bowl.

She not only produces her own music, but she has a knack for launching fashion lines and inviting big names to perform with her. Plus, her signature brand of glam earned her the title as this year's lead show host.

What Time Does the National Anthem Start?

The national anthem is an iconic component of any sporting event in America, performed at football games, graduations, and other ceremonies to demonstrate our nation's pride and its flag.

The lyrics of the National Anthem were taken from Francis Scott Key's 1814 poem "Defense of Fort McHenry", which became officially adopted as our nation's anthem by Congress in 1931 after Maryland Congressman John Linthicum spearheaded its adoption.

Some consider the song to be a powerful and meaningful symbol of our nation and its values. It reminds us that America is the land of the free and home to the brave. Furthermore, it celebrates our freedoms as well as our judicial system which upholds them.

Over the years, some of music's greatest voices have performed the National Anthem at Super Bowls. From Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, their renditions of this beloved song has truly captured and inspired millions.

Chris Stapleton, a country music artist, will perform the National Anthem before this year's Super Bowl. An eight-time Grammy winner and multiple award nominee throughout his career, Stapleton promises to deliver an uplifting message before kickoff of the game.

He'll sing the national anthem for a packed house at the Super Bowl. A passionate NFL fan, he hopes to help guide their team to its first victory in this year's big game.

Stapleton will take approximately one minute and 59 seconds to finish the national anthem, marking his second time performing at a Super Bowl in his career.

The national anthem has seen many changes throughout its long history, from words to lyrics and how people sing it. But one thing remains constant: The first line of the anthem still asks "Is this the land of the free?"

It was first performed in 1931 and eventually made into the official national anthem of America due to Maryland Congressman John Lithicum's efforts. He introduced legislation making "The Star-Spangled Banner" officially recognized as our nation's anthem.

What Time Does the Game Start?

On average, the Super Bowl kickoff occurs around 6:30 p.m. EST - though exact times can differ depending on where you live. State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona lies in the Mountain Time Zone and thus it's hard to tell exactly when the game will start depending on when you live.

When it comes to pregame festivities, FOX will be broadcasting the game live from New York. Games usually start at 1 p.m. EST, though some delay could occur before then.

Fox has also announced that it will air three pregame musical performances before the Super Bowl begins. Babyface will sing "America the Beautiful," Sheryl Lee Ralph will tackle "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and Chris Stapleton will sing the national anthem.

All three musical performances will be filmed, so fans can watch them on their TVs during the Super Bowl. Additionally, they'll be available to stream via Fox Sports app and website.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have been an unstoppable force this season, leading them to the AFC championship game for a record third time in four seasons. Now he hopes to bring home another Super Bowl ring with a victory against Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon.

Under coach Andy Reid, the Eagles have been a force on defense throughout their entire tenure. To date, they have won eight games and will face off against the league's best offense on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles boast a talented team on the field, but they must overcome their defense if they hope to beat Kansas City Chiefs in this year's Super Bowl. The Chiefs offense has been an offensive powerhouse that has propelled them to six playoff wins this season and produced some of football's greatest players--including MVP favorite Patrick Mahomes--as well as several MVP awards along the way.

The Eagles boast some talented young players like Jalen Hurts and Trey Burton, but they need to find a way to stop Mahomes and his explosive offense. On the other hand, Kansas City needs their defense to hold Mahomes back and prevent him from throwing too many touchdown passes.

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