What is Quickstep App for phones?

What is Quickstep App for phones?

What is Quickstep App


QuickSTEP is the tool within QuickStep Mobile for tracking your mileage. When you drive, it automatically tracks your mileage by using your phone's GPS. And displays your mileage to you in real-time, as well as your stats on the dashboard.

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What is Quickstep App

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Quickstep is a free, award-winning app for iPhone and Android smartphones that harnesses the power of accelerometer - able devices to be your “added hands”. You can use Quickstep to give you a virtual tour of your home during a home inspection. Walk with you as you tour a hotel, attend a concert, or watch a friend through a smog-shrouded landscape without ever leaving your seat. There will be a new lease on life for your smartphone.


Not all apps are created equal, and some are specially designed with an exclusive feature set. With over 40,000 five-star reviews, the number one app of 2017 is one of those apps. One of the reasons why Quickstep App is the most powerful app on the market. Is that since its launch on 4/7/13, it’s had over 8 million downloads on Android platforms.

What is Quickstep App


Quickstep is the world’s first and only easy-to-use, self-guided weight loss center for smartphones and tablets.

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Nokia added almost nothing to android one. Quickstep is the Google launcher. There is no other launcher on the phone so it cannot be removed, it is baked into the OS. You can, however, install another launcher. Try Nova, Microsoft Launcher, Lawnmower, Evie, OpenLauncher, they are all good depending on what you prefer and need. (Source: community.phones.nokia.com)


In the tradition of The Hunger Games, the popular franchise that has fueled a global movement. Quickstep is a gripping action RPG that takes you into a dystopian world of weapons-driven conflict. Eliminate your enemies before they get the best of you in a reactive, immersive experience where you have limited stamina. Become a highly-skilled operative using new tactics and agility to tackle an unforgiving futuristic landscape. Advanced stealth and fast-paced fighting prove a winning combination.


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