Weight loss guest post

Weight loss guest post

Weight loss guest post



As a fat person, it is impossible for me to see myself as someone who could have a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. When I think about my future, it’s not a bright one. . .

Pursue storytelling and sharing personal insights. This is where you get to describe genuine stories that are taking place in your life (related to weight loss, obviously). People love stories, and it’s the ultimate way to prove that you are real. If people can relate to what you’re saying, they will surely pay attention. Make every post you publish personal to some degree. (Source: problogger.com)

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With each passing moment you are thinking, sitting, moving. Eating, drinking, exercising. And all the external inputs to your routine lead you to believe that you are in control. You are wrong. You are the product; your routine is the old marketing technique. They are lulling you into a false sense of ease. Feeling like there is no escape, you react by staying in the same routine for months, maybe even years.

Becky struggled with her weight nearly her entire life—her weight hitting nearly 250 pounds at her highest. After years of pursuing to lose weight, she finally had a breakthrough when she decided to change her mindset about weight loss. Before it was all about finding a quick fix—now, her philosophy is about making one small change at a time. With her new mindset, Becky was able to lose over 100 pounds! She shares healthy, and not-so-healthy recipes on her blog, along with healthy living tips and motivation. (Source: blog.skinnyfit.com)



While it is possible to lose weight by skipping meals or simply not eating, this can lead to even more weight increase. It's important that you get your nutrition and exercise in check, too. You'll find it easier to stick to those healthy habits than to go on a diet, and you'll end up feeling better.

Most random item you'll find in my purse: a resistance band loop. 🤓#fitnessnerd I care that they're so easy to tote around. Especially when you're training a client and want to take their workout to the next level. I also add them for a little *spice* in my barre classes. 🔥 🌶 Some of my fave loop exercises: Hip raises (in the pic above. Try it with one leg to make it more exciting) Low squat walks Clamshells Side leg raises Donkey kicks Hip extensions and banded burpees (<-- try it, you'll like it) 🙌🏻 Any favorite loop exercises? What's the most random thing you have in your purse or gym bag right now? 📸: @capturedbycolson (Source: www.womenshealthmag.com)


Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to a website and generate extra income for your business".

Off-topic posts. This is where you get to connect with your audience more broadly. By sharing something that’s not related to weight loss, yet still relevant to you as a real person. (Source: problogger.com)


Chuckie's blog may be a little too focused on fitness. . .

Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Certainly not Sonia Lacasse. The brains behind The Healthy Foodie blog. Sonia is a former smoker with overweight who started writing to keep a simple personal online food diary. Then it became a real passion. Today, The Healthy Foodie has easy and delicious recipes for people looking for nutritious meals that are definitely not boring. Anyone interested in a paleo lifestyle or just eating more healthfully will find a wealth of inspiration here. (Source: www.healthline.com)


A guest post on getting rid of weight can be a powerful way to get your name out there in the industry. Folks are often looking for an additional way to push the progress. Guest posts aren't the only way to do so, but if someone were to see your name. They might try and find you or hire you! Let them know you're on the right track with healthy living. So how do you go about writing a guest post on Getting Rid Of Weight?

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It is well known that weight gain can result from a lack of sleep, stress and some lifestyle choices including lack of exercise. With a healthy diet and ample sleep, you can decrease your chances of gaining weight and prevent future weight gain before it starts.

Additionally, we believe that staying informed and educated is essential for long-term success. Which is why all of our articles make reference to reliable resources from peer-reviewed, scientific journals, written by health and fitness professionals. (Source: blog.skinnyfit.com)


Nick Asti is a fitness model, life coach, and author. He is on a mission to make fitness and weight loss "cool" through social media. In his post, he talks about how he lost half of his body weight through diet. And exercise and the lifestyle changes that shape his day-to-day life.

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