Tubi Interface Interruption During the Super Bowl

Tubi Interface Interruption During the Super Bowl


Tubi Interface Interruption  Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the premier American sporting event of the year and it's watched by millions around the world.

This year, Tubi, the free streaming service that supports itself with advertising, aired three ads during the Super Bowl to establish themselves as a disruptor in this space. Their first ever campaign served to solidify Tubi's position as one of the premier players on the streaming scene.

Rabbit Hole

Super Bowl LVII saw free streaming television (FAST) platform Tubi pull off an ingenious trompe l'oeil ad that appeared to change the channel right during a crucial game. Although approval of this commercial came at the last minute, it went down as one of the funniest Super Bowl ads ever.

The commercial began with a Fox Sports broadcast, showing the Kansas City Chiefs' thrilling 38-35 victory against Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Suddenly, the screen flickered to an illusion of a Tubi interface, with an invisible user shifting away from Fox Sports icon toward one for Tubi.

It's an effective trick that has been employed in numerous commercials, but this was the first time it was employed as a trompe l'oeil during the Super Bowl.

In fact, Tubi has used the rabbit hole concept three times this year as a marketing strategy. It was all part of their campaign to position Tubi as an irreverent brand that's willing to break from traditional marketing norms and do things that will get people talking and remember them for years to come.

Not only is the ad humorous and gets people talking about Tubi, it also taps into the psychology behind rabbit holes. Rabbit holes are psychological occurrences that occur when someone sets out on an exploration but takes an unexpected detour. They can occur when exploring new topics or pursuing an objective.

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Many viewers were baffled by a commercial from free streaming service Tubi during the Super Bowl. In it, images of Tubi's interface would appear on television screens while FOX Sports commentators Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen discussed the game.

The advertisement depicted someone or something calling up the television menu, switching over to Tubi and selecting Mr. & Mrs. Smith starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for viewing on their app.

As if this wasn't confusing enough, the ad ended with a Tubi logo appearing on-screen that directed viewers to their favorite movies and TV shows - including Tubi Original series "Westworld." This clever trompe l'oeil campaign from Tubi received plenty of positive buzz on Twitter.

In the ad, it appears Fox Sports announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen are welcoming back the audience from a break when an unseen hand pulls up an on-demand menu onscreen, selecting 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith - leaving everyone at home puzzled.

Though this ad was approved at the last minute, it has been praised as a high-impact advertising moment and will likely go down in Super Bowl history. Furthermore, Tubi earned himself a place among the top ten most viral and shared Super Bowl ads of the night.

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Interference Interruption

On Sunday night, Tubi streaming service managed to catch viewers off guard with an ad that gave everyone the impression they'd lost their TV remote. The 15-second clip featured Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen from Fox Sports and made it appear that commercial break had ended and the Super Bowl game had resumed.

As they discussed the football match, an unseen hand appeared on screen and scrolled through Tubi app for some time before selecting Mr. & Mrs. Smith from 2005 to watch.

After several blips, the commercial returned to Burkhardt and Olsen before flashing up the Tubi logo. Fans became so confused that they began shouting at each other in frustration.

Thankfully, many people quickly understood it was just a prank; however, others were so taken aback by the whole incident that they had trouble finding their remotes. The ad caused Twitter to buzz with excitement as many said they were "getting a chill" due to the stunt.

Another fan praised: "This is one of the greatest commercials ever, if not THE greatest." The ad is credited to Mischief advertising agency.

While it is not unheard-of for advertising agencies to play it safe with Super Bowl spots, Tubi decided to go all out this year and ran three new ads that gave their brand an air of personality.

The first spot, "Rabbit Hole," airing during halftime of the Super Bowl was created by advertising agency Mischief and featured large mute rabbits kidnapping people and throwing them into holes in the ground.

Other ads were less shocking, such as the 15-second commercial "Gardener," also created by Mischief.

According to the company, this ad was "the ideal way to get everyone talking about Tubi." It's an impressive example of how the streaming platform is striving to be a leader in this space.

Though it was an effective ad, its stunt had some unfortunate repercussions for Tubi's fan support. With competition from rivals like Netflix and Hulu on the rise, streaming services should consider sticking with what works with their next commercial. They need something unique in order to stand out from competitors.


On Sunday night's Super Bowl, Tubi caused a bit of an uproar by dropping a 15-second ad that appeared to indicate their TVs had been compromised. Starring Fox Sports announcers Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen discussing the Kansas City Chiefs' expected 38-35 win against Philadelphia Eagles, it appeared as though Tubi's on-demand menu had been accessed.

Users on social media were quick to comment and express their reactions via Twitter. While some expressed disbelief that such a clever trompe l'oeil commercial would air during the Super Bowl, others found it humorous. Some even made jokes about having to repair relationships with family members after accusing them of sitting on the remote or changing the channel.

Tweeter @JunaeBrown declared Tubi's "Interface Interruption" commercial the best of the night. She expressed her approval on the hashtag #TubiSuperBowl, noting that it "is a strong contender for best commercial of the night."

One fan tweeted that they "were just a few people who thought their tvs had been hacked and this is what came out!" Others noted they had to find their remote in order to watch the game."

This video ad was only supposed to run for 15 seconds, yet it earned the streaming service a Super Clio award for its creative advertising strategy. Furthermore, the ad became the most shared on Twitter during the game with over 1.6 million views in less than two hours.

Due to the controversy, Tubi has declared an end to the ad on their platform. Additionally, they announced they are expanding their partnership with Nielsen in order to provide ad measurement across all devices on Tubi.

Tubi continues to experience strong brand growth and audience engagement with an expansive library of interest-based content. At present, the streaming service offers 48,000 titles and 200+ FAST channels; furthermore, streaming hours have grown 45% year over year.

At a time when other streaming services are cutting back on originals, Tubi has remained dedicated to offering an expansive library of entertainment. As one of the world's most popular ad-supported streaming services with over 61 million active monthly users, Tubi continues to deliver an expansive library. Furthermore, their personalized and curated content experience has resulted in strong engagement and retention among its users.

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