Top 10 Fitness Model of 2021 Male and Female to Follow

Top 10 Fitness Model of 2021 Male and Female to Follow

 Top 10 Fitness Model of 2021 Male and Female to Follow on Instagram

There is nothing in this world that can't be achieved. Scrolling through photos of rock hard abs and biceps more prominent than your head will surely make you insane. These make you motivated to fit yourself as well. 

 Fitness Model of 2020

Fitness modeling and the urge to stay fit is rapidly increasing. In a highly competitive industry or society, you must have to stay fit. However, the fitness modeling industry is rapidly demanding for fitness models, male and female. Fitness models are just in demand, like actors and actresses. With a surfeit passion for staying fit forever, successful fitness models have now turned their passion into exercise a remunerative career. We've rounded up a list of top ten female fitness models of 2021, male fitness models of 2021 that ensure to dominate our feeds by their fitness and provide us endless inspiration. Here are the Top 10 fitness model male and female to follow on Instagram. 

Top Fitness Model Male:

1)      Jeff Seid

Instagram: @ jeff_seid

Jeff Seif is a young IFBB Pro. Jeff Seid is bringing in the best weightlifting practices into exercise. Jeff is delivering the motivational fitness inspiration by being on time to the gym.

2)      Mike O’Hearn

Instagram: @ mikeohearn

Mike, a four-time Mr universe and the legendary bodybuilder has a titanic career from the past 40 years. With a million followers, he is the most famous fitness model male.

3)      Lasse Matberg

Instagram: @ Lasselom

Lasse, the Norwegian Navy Lieutenant, is into CrossFit style training. Lasse regularly shares progress photos to keep his followers to keep them motivated. Follow him on Instagram for military-grade inspiration. 

 Fitness Model of 2020


4)      Cam Speck

Instagram: @ camspeck

Cam speck is the president and also the co-founder of Fitplan. He preaches his exercise and passion for fitness make him a fit man who is conscious about his nutrition, discipline, and mindfulness, making him a decent guy.


5)      Jimmy Lewin

Instagram: @ jimmy_lewin

Jimmy Lewin is a tatted a trainer who’s married to fitness bombshell Michelle Lewin. This couple makes the best fitness pair.  Follow him to get crazy about heavy arm and quad envy.


Top Fitness Model Female:

1)      Laura Henshaw

Instagram: @laurahenshaw

 Laura is an Australian based fitness star. Due to her insane work, Laura Henshaw is in the top list of Fitness model female list of 2021 to follow on Instagram. 



2)      Sophie Guidolin

Instagram: @sophie_guidolin 

Adelaide-born fitness model Sophie Guidolin rapidly gained a significant amount of followers after losing 30 kilograms after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Sophie has also written 8 E-books on health and nutrition topics. Sophie also shares her living style in her Instagram posts.


3)      Jessamyn Stanley

Instagram: @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn, a public body positive yoga teacher, has been featured by the New York Times. She has worked very hard to prove the fitness modeling isn’t a one size fit all. Jessamyn has also been feature by Cosmopolitan Magazine, NBC News, to name a few. Jessamyn Stanley has gained success with her E-Book 'Every Body Yoga.'

 Fitness Model of 2020 Male and Female to Follow