The Rogers Centre Will Be Electric If the Blue Jays Win a Game in 2022

The Rogers Centre Will Be Electric If the Blue Jays Win a Game in 2022


If blue jays win

After securing home-field advantage for the 2022 postseason, the Toronto Blue Jays are ready to take to the field. This will be their first playoff series win since 2016, providing a momentous milestone for their fans at Rogers Centre.

This week, the Cleveland Indians will face off against the Seattle Mariners in a best-of-3 Wild Card series. Here are some key things to watch for.

1. They’re playing at Rogers Centre

If the Toronto Blue Jays win a game, fans can look forward to visiting one of Canada's iconic venues: Rogers Centre. Situated in downtown Toronto's core, Rogers Centre is easily accessible by subway or streetcar.

The stadium serves as a focal point of sports and entertainment in Toronto, hosting concerts, family shows, soccer matches and trade shows. It also hosts major sporting events like Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts or Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays.

Since 1989, Rogers Centre has been home to the Blue Jays and many other professional and college teams from around the globe. It is widely considered one of the world's most vibrant entertainment centres, drawing in over four million fans annually.

Rogers Centre offers many unique features that make it a special destination to watch sports games. For instance, the stadium features a Level of Excellence in centerfield that pays homage to former Blue Jays players, managers and executives.

Other features include the retractable roof, which was the first of its kind when it opened in 1989. It consists of three panels that move along a track and one stationary panel. To provide fans with a more traditional baseball experience, the Jays try to open these panels whenever possible.

The stadium features a symmetrical field measuring 328 feet to the corners, 375 feet for power alleys and 400 feet straightaway center field. Constructed out of composite materials with a urethane polymer base and rubber shale overlay, it measures 3,328 feet long overall.

2. The Jays have home-field advantage

If the Blue Jays win this week's series in Baltimore, it will be their first postseason game at Rogers Centre since 2016. It's one of baseball's most electrifying buildings for playoff baseball and could provide a huge boost for any team looking to make a deep run.

Home teams generally win more often than away teams in all sports, but the exact cause of this advantage can vary. Time zone differences, weather conditions, familiarity with the venue and even fan count all play a role. Home field advantage in baseball may depend on several factors including time zone differences, weather conditions and even fan count.

Home-field advantage is an important factor in most sports, but there are exceptions. Basketball typically has a lower amount of home field advantage, while soccer can have significantly higher amounts.

The Toronto Jays are 91-69 and 3.5 games ahead of the Seattle Mariners, who sit 2 1/2 games back. With two wins remaining, Toronto can secure the top wild card spot in the American League with a victory.

On Monday night, if Seattle falls to Detroit in their AL wild card game, the Blue Jays will secure their second consecutive home series against the Mariners and secure another weekend home series against them. Should Tampa Bay Rays win on Friday, however, that second wild card would also be theirs and give the Jays two games at home during the playoffs.

Though it is still uncertain who the Jays' first-round opponent will be, it appears likely they'll play at Tropicana Field - an iconic venue for losing baseball games. If the Jays win three games against the Rays in three nights, they'll move on to Cleveland for a round two matchup against the AL Central-winning Guardians.

3. The Jays have a strong pitching staff

In 2022, the Blue Jays boasted one of the premier starting rotations in all of baseball. Looking ahead to 2023, that number appears to have only increased with anticipated contributions from Alek Manoah, Kevin Gausman and Matt Bassitt.

Toronto has significantly strengthened their pitching staff this offseason by signing Jose Berrios to a seven-year contract and free agents Kevin Gausman and Yusei Kikuchi. Furthermore, they added two promising young arms in Alek Manoah and Hyun-Jin Ryu.

These five pitchers still have much to prove, but they possess the potential to be among the top five rotations in the American League. Plus, they have some experienced veterans like Nate Pearson and Thomas Hatch to guide them along the way.

It is possible this team could experience a breakthrough season in 2023 and make an even deeper run at the World Series. But to accomplish that feat, their pitching must be even stronger than it was last year.

As a starting point, they need to get J.A. Happ back on track after his return to the majors last year. Additionally, they must figure out how to keep Ryu and Gausman healthy.

They must also find a way to rein in their bullpen. Last season, their relievers posted an ERA of 4.08 with an FIP of 4.38, ranking them 16th and 20th respectively in the league.

Luck plays a major role in this part of the game, so the Jays must be cautious not to let any bad situations arise. That's why they have several minor league deals lined up for players who can fill in for their big players if needed.

4. The Jays have a strong offense

The Blue Jays have had an impressive start and possess the talent to be elite. Unfortunately, they've also been involved in several close games this season - which poses a problem.

The Jays have struggled to hit the ball well in one-run situations and with runners on base. Only the Arizona Diamondbacks and Kansas City Royals have a lower batting average in such circumstances than Toronto does.

If the Jays can correct this mistake, they could have an even more successful season than what they're currently enjoying. But they still have a long way to go before becoming the World Series contenders that were expected at the beginning of this season.

At present, they're in a good spot; however, they need to improve their hitting. General Manager Ross Atkins recently stated that improving the Jays' offence will be their top priority going forward; finding a left-handed hitter who can consistently get on base.

Michael Conforto, Cody Bellinger or even Michael Brantley could potentially come through free agency. But there are other players available who the Jays could potentially target. Furthermore, they could possibly acquire a player from another team through trade.

They possess a talented young rotation, boasting Jose Berrios, Kevin Gausman and Yusei Kikuchi all signed to major league contracts; plus they added Erik Swanson to the bullpen. It's an impressive group of pitchers that should enable the Jays to sustain their hot start. However, they need to find ways to extract more power from their bats in order to become more consistent.

5. The Jays have a strong bullpen

The Jays have seen remarkable success recently, led by their formidable bullpen. Although they were initially considered a major concern at the start of the season, this group of relievers has since blossomed and is now one of baseball's strongest units.

The bullpen is an integral element of a winning strategy, especially during the playoffs when teams are often faced with tight games that can either be won or lost. When a team has a powerful bullpen, they are usually able to come out on top in those crucial situations - something all teams should strive for.

Ideal bullpens are structured so each pitcher has their own role and works together as one cohesive unit. This is essential, as when there's disconnect within the group, energy levels drop significantly and performances suffer as a result.

A healthy bullpen should have a variety of pitchers that can be called upon to fill various roles. For instance, setup pitchers are those who will typically be used in high-leverage situations and typically the ones responsible for striking out batters.

These players are essential to any team's success and if the Blue Jays win this year, they'll have an incredibly deep group of relief pitchers capable of shutting down any opponent in any situation. Anthony Bass and Zach Pop's additions have only strengthened this group further, giving Toronto's back end a stronger foundation heading into October.

A strong bullpen is essential in winning championships, which explains why the best teams in MLB boast the three best bullpen ERAs this season. If the Blue Jays can maintain their current success, they may just bring home another championship this year.


Turn Your Photography from a HobbyCareer

Turn Your Photography From a Hobby-Career Into a Career

If you love taking photographs, and have been doing so in your spare time, then it may be time to consider turning it into a full-time career.

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to understand that turning your photography hobby into a full-time business will require time and hard work. But, if you are committed to the project, it can be well worth it in the end.

Define Your Niche

When you’re just starting out, it can be tempting to start off by jumping from one type of photography to another. However, it’s better to hone your skills in one niche, so that you can focus on building your business and making more money.

The best way to decide what your niche is is to take some time to research the market and figure out who your target audience is. This will help you to understand their buying habits, pain points, needs and challenges. It’ll also give you a good idea of how your products and services can solve their problems and meet their needs.

There are several tools available online that can help you to conduct market research, including surveys, customer personas, and other resources. You can also find out what other businesses offer in your niche, how they’re promoting themselves, and how they interact with their customers.

You can also use social media to get a sense of how other people are discussing your niche. You can also find out what websites and blogs are ranking for your keywords.

Once you have a clear picture of your niche, it’s important to start marketing your business and developing a portfolio of work that meets the needs of your niche. This will ensure that you’re able to attract the clients you want and sell your photos quickly.

Defining your niche isn’t always easy, but it’s an essential step to taking your business to the next level. It will make your business more effective, efficient and lucrative by allowing you to narrow down your target audience and direct all of your marketing efforts toward your chosen group.

Niche markets tend to be smaller and less competitive, so it’s a great place to start your new business. By focusing on a specific set of people, you can save yourself time and effort by providing a more specialized offering.

If you’re unsure how to define your niche, consider asking a professional or someone with experience in your field to help you. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction and answer your questions, giving you the confidence you need to move forward.

Network With Other Photographers

Networking with other photographers is an essential part of turning your photography from a hobby into a career. This way, you can build a strong portfolio, find referrals and learn new techniques.

It’s also a good idea to attend seminars, conventions and workshops to learn more about the industry. You can even get feedback on your work from these events by asking people for reviews.

While you’re networking, try to stay active on social media. You can start by following and liking the photos of other photographers you admire, then commenting on their posts or sending them a direct message if you have something you think they’d enjoy.

This will give you a chance to get to know them better and make it easier for you to develop a meaningful relationship with them. You can even reach out to them directly through email or phone if you need their advice or want to work together on an upcoming project.

Another way to network with other photographers is to join online forums and groups that allow you to share your work with others. For instance, Behance is a social network specifically created for designers and photographers. You can upload your portfolio here and receive feedback and critiques from other professionals.

You can also participate in contests and competitions to increase your visibility on social media. This is especially important if you want to grow your audience and get more clients.

The most successful photographers are experts in their niches and have a reputation for quality work. You can gain experience by working on different projects, and you can earn a higher income in the process.

When you’re starting out, you’ll probably have to offer free or low-priced shoots to gain experience and build your portfolio. Once you have a few samples, you can start charging for the services you provide.

Once you’re confident enough, you can start selling your photos on your own website. You can even have them printed in a variety of ways, such as calendars, photo books and T-shirts.

Networking with other photographers can be intimidating at first, but it’s an important part of building your business. It can help you get your first client and boost your confidence as a photographer. It’s also an effective marketing strategy and a great way to build your credibility and trustworthiness.

Develop Your Skills

If you want to turn your photography from a hobby into a career, it's important to develop your skills. The key is to learn from others' work and practice your technique.

You can improve your photography skills by reading books, attending exhibitions, or browsing online portfolios of photographers. It's also a good idea to take photography classes or workshops so that you can immerse yourself in the art form and learn from experienced artists.

Another way to develop your skills is to spend time in nature. This will help you to improve your understanding of light and how it affects the subject. It will also help you to focus on composition.

Taking photographs in different environments will allow you to develop your unique style and create new and exciting photos. It will also give you the opportunity to test your skills in different lighting conditions, which is essential for any photographer.

Find a niche that you are interested in and start photographing it. This will help you to develop your own style and start developing a following.

Studying the works of other photographers will help you to understand the elements that make a photo great and how to achieve them in your own work. It will also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve them.

If you want to improve your photography, it's important to spend a lot of time looking for inspiration. This can be as simple as searching for photos that have a specific color or texture.

It can also be as complex as trying to replicate the composition of a famous image. There are a number of techniques that you can use to enhance your photography, including the Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio.

In addition to these, it's important to keep in mind that a great picture is only as good as its exposure. This means that you need to pay close attention to your camera settings and check them before you shoot. Using the wrong settings or setting your camera to the wrong mode can result in poor quality images.

Market Your Work

If you’re a photographer who’s considering turning your hobby-career into a business, you need to know how to market your work effectively. Otherwise, you won’t attract the right clients and you may find yourself struggling with cash flow issues.

The first step to successful marketing is to create a portfolio of images that reflect the type of photography you want to do on a regular basis. Whether it’s wedding, portrait, landscape or any other niche you’re interested in, build a collection of your best images and curate them into an impressive portfolio that can be shared with potential clients.

You should also include a number of testimonials from your past clients, as this will help you build trust and credibility with potential customers. You can ask these people to write a short statement that you can include in your website, social media pages and portfolio.

Finally, you should consider selling physical prints of your work. This is an excellent way to earn extra revenue and can be a great option for photographers who enjoy taking pictures of landscapes or other scenic areas.

Once you’ve done all of the necessary preparation to turn your hobby into a business, it’s time to get to work! Start by building a portfolio of your best images and start sharing them on social media. This is an important step because it will help you attract the right kind of clients and show them your best work.

Another way to market your work is by attending local events such as art galleries, bridal shows, and wedding expos. Having these events on your calendar will give you the opportunity to meet potential clients, showcase your work and make connections that can lead to referrals.

Lastly, you should consider advertising your services to clubs, schools and other businesses in your area. This will help you generate leads and secure photography assignments while you’re waiting for other jobs to come your way.

Turning your photography into a business can be challenging and take a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely possible! Just make sure to set goals and work toward them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Cast Members

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Cast Members

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for Season 12 and it’s sure to be a rollercoaster ride. The cast of OG “Housewives” Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff are back together for the first time since Season 11 ended.

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is a long-time reality star who is most well known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has been a part of the show since 2010 and is currently a main cast member alongside sister Kim.

Despite her busy career, she has also managed to find time to enjoy life with her family and friends. She is married to Mauricio Umansky, a real estate agent, and is the mother of four daughters.

Aside from being a part of RHOBH, Kyle is also an actress and has had many roles in film and television. She starred in the 1970s film Escape to Witch Mountain and has appeared in several other Disney films, including Little House on the Prairie.

She has also been a part of Lifetime’s Deadly Sibling Rivalry and The Hungover Games. In addition to her acting career, she has been an avid supporter of a variety of charitable organizations.

She has also been a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for years and has been a main cast member for all 12 seasons. She has a large fan base on social media and is known for her hilarious interactions with her castmates.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is a small-town Medford, Oregon native who burst into the spotlight with her exotic looks and contagious energy. She's best known for her roles as Billie Reed on NBC's Days of Our Lives and as the love-to-hate Taylor McBride on Fox's Melrose Place.

Her extensive career includes numerous TV shows, commercials and print ads. She is also the author of two New York Times best-selling books, Starlit and Rinnavation.

She is also a successful businesswoman, having launched her own line of cosmetics and perfumes called Rinna Beauty. She and her husband Harry Hamlin reside in Beverly Hills and are the proud parents of daughters Delilah and Amelia.

The actress began her television career on NBC's daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, playing Billie Reed. She later appeared on Melrose Place and Veronica Mars.

As the co-host of Soap Talk, she has received four Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host. She has also been featured on Oxygen's hair competition Tease, and has appeared in print and TV commercials for products including Taco Bell and Winsor Pilates.

The actress was the center of a major feud with Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton on RHOBH Season 12. She was labeled a "bully" by Richards in an interview after a heated confrontation, and many fans criticized her behavior on social media.

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley is one of the most polarizing cast members on Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has stirred the pot since joining the show in season 7. Despite being a part of the cast for only a year, Dorit has already gained popularity.

She is a designer who moved to New York City from Italy in 2009, where she founded her swimwear company Dorit International. She and her husband Paul "PK" Kemsley are the proud parents of two children, Jagger and Phoenix.

For her advocacy work, she was recognized by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. She also launched the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization with actor Sean Penn.

While the majority of the main cast members are returning for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there will be some new faces on the show as well. Sheree Zampino will be joining the series as a friend and Diana Jenkins will be the first full-time Housewife.

Sheree Zampino is a savvy businesswoman who runs online boutique Sheree Elizabeth and the body butter brand Whoop Ash. She previously married Will Smith, who shares a son with her.

Erika Girardi

A flamboyant actress and singer, Erika Jayne dreamed of being in show business at a young age and attended a performing arts high school in her native Atlanta. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue her aspirations.

After her divorce from her first husband, Erika met and married trial attorney Tom Girardi. Though the couple have had many ups and downs throughout their marriage, they have remained close.

Despite her numerous legal issues, Erika has stayed true to herself and never backed down from her passion for showbiz. She continues to work on her career and spends her free time with her son.

While Erika Jayne has had her fair share of blowups on and off The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it appears that her upcoming season will feature something a little different. Fans have been speculating that the cast member will go into "full super-villain" mode this year, and the trailer for Season 12 of RHOBH does not disappoint in that regard.

Erika will continue to have a major impact on the show, as her ongoing divorce with Tom Girardi continues to bring all kinds of drama to the series. While the trailer shows some of those issues coming to a head, it also features some of the other cast members' personal problems. From Kyle Richards' oldest daughter Farrah getting engaged to Dorit Kemsley's home being broken into, there are some big storylines this season.

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais is a Haitian-American actress and television personality who was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful in 2014. She has starred in a number of hit shows and films, including The Jamie Foxx Show and NYPD Blue.

Garcelle is also an author and an accomplished producer. She is a mother of three who owns a production company with her husband.

Her latest project is a TV series, The Other Black Girl, which will debut on Hulu next year. The series is based on the book by Zakiya Dalila Harris.

According to Deadline, Garcelle will star as a world-renowned author in the series. She will be joined by other cast members including Sinclair Daniel, Hunter Parrish, Ashleigh Murray, Eric McCormack and Karina Willis.

While Garcelle was in the center of the drama during season 12, she was able to stand up to Erika Jayne. Fans loved seeing her defend herself against Erika's lack of compassion in regards to the lawsuit that she was dealing with at the time.

In addition to her acting career, Garcelle is also a model and a philanthropist. She is a doting mother of two boys and has a passion for helping those in need.

Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke, the former southern debutante turned Beverly Hills socialite, is one of the most popular cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and former ballet dancer. She also has three children from her marriage.

Sutton is the daughter of a successful businessman and has accumulated a lot of wealth in her life. She has homes in New York City and Bel Air.

Her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. She earns money from her modeling career and a fashion boutique.

She has a great relationship with many famous personalities. She has an impressive fan following on her social media accounts. She has 4k followers on Instagram.

Aside from her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton has appeared in a number of television shows. She also appeared in live shows.

Sutton has been a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since season 10. She is considered a favorite for her performance on the show.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff is a businesswoman and assistant director who made a huge impact on the RHOBH show. She is the first Asian American to be cast on the popular reality TV show. She is based in Harbor City, California.

Before she appeared on RHOBH, she was a co-owner of a company that produces coconut water and coffee creamer called Real Coco. She also served as an assistant director for the 2008 movie The Forbidden Kingdom. She also appeared as a news reporter in the 2011 movie Flypaper.

She has been married to filmmaker Rob Minkoff since 2007. Their marriage was legalized in September 2007 and they have three children together, Jack, Jeffery, and Isabella.

As far as her personal life goes, she enjoys a very luxurious lifestyle. She is a big fan of cooking and posts lots of delicious recipes on Instagram.

She was born on February 4, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million US dollars as of 2022.

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