The Dallas Cowboys Are Proving You Do Not Need One System to Win the Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys Are Proving You Do Not Need One System to Win the Super Bowl


The Dallas Cowboys are proof that you do not need one system to win. Whether it's in the NFL or in college, there is no system that can be relied upon for success. However, if you're looking to win the playoffs, you've got to have a strong offense. And a balanced offense is essential. And there are some ways to do that.


The first thing you need to understand is that the Cowboys' offensive scheme isn't a single system. They're using a hybrid system of play schemes and concepts that are borrowed from other successful NFL offenses. They've borrowed heavily from the Jason Garrett, Mike McCarthy, and Boise State offenses. They've also implemented a play action fake. The offense focuses on the Gap/Duo run and sideline overloads.

In the playoffs, the Cowboys went back to a zone coverage formation that worked for them last season. The Pats adjusted by leaving their zone defender in the area of attack, which allowed Moore to run a deep route into the end zone. During the college years, Petersen constantly laid traps for opposing defenses. The Cowboys would show him a play that picked up a modest gain, analyze it, and then make adjustments to set up bigger swings later in the game.

In the past, the Cowboys used the quad formation for most of their snaps this season, ranking second in the NFL. The Pats pushed coverage to the four-receiver side, allowing an isolated wide receiver to run a vertical route that cleared the defense. This was a perfect example of a quad play, and the Cowboys moved to a four-receiver side to compensate for Cecil Wilson Jr.'s absence.

The Dallas Cowboys have the NFL's best offense, but it's not winning enough. The Cowboys are likely to lose head coach Jason Garrett after Sunday's loss. Regardless of their offense, they are unlikely to make the playoffs. But they are proving that you do not need one SYSTEM to win the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys are proving you do not need a patented system to win. They are adapting to the way the NFL goes. The Cowboys' offense does not have a patented system. Its quarterbacks are simply good at what they do. They have a proven plan for the upcoming season.

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