The Bears' 2023 NFL Mock Draft

The Bears' 2023 NFL Mock Draft


Today we'll take a look at some potential routes for Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles to consider when making his selections in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The primary option is to stay put at the top and select either Jalen Carter or Will Anderson Jr. Alternatively, the Bears could trade back with a QB-needy team in order to acquire additional draft capital.

1. Will Anderson Jr.

After an impressive sophomore campaign, Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. has emerged as one of the top five prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft.

In his two seasons with the Crimson Tide, Anderson amassed 101 tackles, 31 tackles for loss and 17.5 sacks. Additionally, he won both the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

Anderson is an undersized defender with impressive pass-rush instincts, built more like a linebacker than defensive end. His quick first step and ability to run the arc make him an intimidating presence in the passing game.

He possesses an elite combination of speed and strength that produces impressive power, particularly during his bull rush move. Additionally, he's adept at driving offensive linemen backward and has a variety of effective counter moves to choose from.

His forceful hands enable him to break through blocks and make a play on the quarterback. When in space, he's also capable of taking control of the edge, driving linebackers deep into the backfield.

Anderson is an ideal pick for Chicago's defense. Since trading Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn, the Bears haven't had a premier edge rusher; with Anderson on board, Chicago could quickly rebuild that defense in time for the 2023 season.

He's a gifted player with great potential, and it would be wise to consider him for the NFL mock draft 2023 bears as their top pick. His defensive line would instantly improve under his leadership.

2. Jalen Carter

Jalen Carter is considered to be the top defensive tackle prospect in this year's draft class. His athleticism and ability to play all phases of the game make him a potential All-Pro candidate; however, there remain serious questions about his character that could influence teams' decisions when selecting their draft picks.

The Bears have built their defense around the defense line, and Jalen Carter could be an ideal addition to this unit. His presence would enhance Matt Eberflus' already dominant front seven.

Though the charges against Carter are devastating for his future, he remains an incredibly talented player and could still be a top five pick in the 2023 NFL draft. The Bears will still be interested in him due to his combination of great defensive tackle and charming off-the-field personality.

Scouts were cautious about Carter, but they all noted that this is an age where many teams will be willing to risk a high first-round pick on someone with some questions behind him.

Thankfully, many mock drafts have Chicago trading up and landing Jalen Carter - an incredible win for the Bears. General manager Ryan Poles has expressed his desire to acquire a quarterback during this ideal time; now is certainly an ideal opportunity for him to do so.

3. Kei’Trel Clark

Kei'Trel Clark is one of the top prospects in this year's class and looks set for an impressive future. The Louisville sophomore has all the potential to become a standout defensive back with impressive skillset and athleticism that would allow him to succeed in the NFL.

Clark was a highly productive college cornerback and is expected to go high in the 2023 draft. Clark is small but fast, with quick feet who competes hard at the line of scrimmage. He can sink hips and phase comeback routes with ease, as well as possess an excellent sense of passing lanes.

Clark is an impressive pass defender, capable of making plays down the field when given a clear view of the route. His hands and ability to read receivers' eyes make him an effective matchup against larger wideouts; however, his lack of size may make him vulnerable against larger players.

He has the potential to be one of the top 100 picks in this year's draft and could easily earn a spot on Day 2. While his pass rush hand work and technique need improving, he is an impressive defensive back who should be added to any team's roster.

4. Moro Ojomo

Moro Ojomo is an accomplished defensive lineman renowned for his quick first step and ability to set the line of scrimmage. Additionally, he can make plays in both the run game and as a pass rusher.

In 2021, Ojomo appeared in 12 games and recorded 431 snaps, leading to a career-high 33 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, and three sacks. He earned himself a place on the Second-Team All Big-12 Team that year.

As a junior in 2022, Ojomo appeared in 11 games and recorded 337 snaps. He recorded 12 total pressures including 10 QB hurries and one QB hit.

Ojomo has the potential to be an impressive NFL player. His strong frame and athleticism make him a highly sought-after prospect.

He boasts excellent mobility, a unique balance and bendiness that allow him to get skinny through blocker contact. Additionally, he displays impressive first-step quickness as an aggressive defender who hustles constantly.

Ojomo has consistently demonstrated his college leadership by making plays in both the run game and as a pass rusher. Additionally, his strength allows him to lock out offensive linemen and maintain the line of scrimmage with strategically designed slants and stunts.

Ojomo is an impressive young player who will benefit from Bo Davis' guidance as he continues to hone his craft. Expectations are high for Ojomo as a key member of Texas Longhorns defense in the years ahead.

5. Kenny Burns

Kenny Burns is an entrepreneur and radio host renowned for his achievements in music, fashion, marketing and lifestyle. His success has earned him the title of "lifestyle specialist." Additionally, he runs Combs Enterprises' Ciroc Vodka and Deleon Tequila brands.

He has spearheaded many noteworthy events and campaigns over the years, working alongside top global brands such as AXE Body Spray and Heineken.

One of his greatest accomplishments was creating the luxury clothing line Ryan Kenny, which gained notoriety when pieces from it appeared in Jay Z's music video for "Change Clothes." Additionally, he founded Studio 43 - an Atlanta recording studio - to showcase his talents.

Burns is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also a firefighter. He resides in Cutchogue, New York and belongs to the local fire department.

His dedication to the job is impressive, but it's his personality which sets him apart from others in this field. He has earned a reputation for inspiring and motivating colleagues to reach their highest potentials and succeed in their careers.

As a result, Burns has earned himself a spot on NBC Sports Chicago's latest mock draft. He's listed as an potential trade partner for the Carolina Panthers, who would send their No. 1 pick and 2023 third-rounder to Chicago in exchange for two-time Pro Bowl defensive end Brian Burns.

6. Elijah Ojulari

The Bears desperately need edge rushers, as their pass-rush was ranked the worst in the NFL last season. To add a top talent at this position and create pressure on the quarterback, Ojulari could be an ideal candidate to step in quickly.

Ojulari, 6-4 and 215 pounds, is already the starting defensive end and has made an impact when healthy this season. He finished the 2022 regular season with 5.5 sacks among his seven appearances; it wouldn't be surprising to see him make an immediate impact for the Chicago Bears' defense in 2023.

He has the potential to be one of the top pass-rushers in this year's draft and would give the Bears a major upgrade on their front line. He can serve as either a lead blocker or edge defender, and he already possesses all necessary physical attributes for success.

He's an impressive run stopper, boasting a 4.41 second time to the ball and 43.3 percent hold on rate. Additionally, he's an adaptable pass-rusher who can play inside or outside, so it's no wonder why Dallas chose him with their second overall pick. His talent will complement those already present on their roster, while his ability to get after quarterbacks will be invaluable for Dallas in 2023.

PFF NFL Mock Draft 2023 - 7 Rounds

The 2023 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and now is the time to start strategizing your team's draft picks. PFF's seven-round mock draft is the ideal tool to help you make informed decisions.

The Chicago Bears remain in contention to select the top quarterback in this draft, but they also have some impressive defensive prospects to select in the first round.

1. Broderick Jones (Jets)

At the combine, Broderick Jones displayed great potential as an offensive lineman. He is a physically gifted individual who excels in contact situations and could be an invaluable asset for the Jets right away.

The Jets have a lot of needs at offensive tackle, but Mekhi Becton was an unimpressive starter in 2022 and the team needs to find a new starter to protect their quarterback.

On Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft, there are several quality tackle options to consider, such as Dawand Jones, Wanya Morris, Jaelyn Duncan and Darnell Wright. Additionally, the Jets may look into Tyler Steen - who played both left and right tackle at Vanderbilt during 2022 season - for his versatility.

The Buccaneers need to address their offensive line, and Jones is the type of player they would prefer in this round. At 6'8'' and 374 pounds, Jones can push the front and create space for running plays while protecting the passer - an invaluable trait in today's NFL. At 19th overall, he's an unbeatable bargain; therefore, the Bucs should take him without hesitation.

2. Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Texans)

Smith-Njigba earned the position of Ohio State starting slot receiver during his sophomore year and produced an impressive stat line. He led the Buckeyes in receptions and receiving yards, as well as setting a school single game record for receptions.

He's an adept route-runner with superior ball skills, making him a formidable presence in the middle of the field. Although not particularly fast or explosive, his route running skills allow him to make catches during times of high congestion and be counted on for reliable targets in dangerous areas.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba can become an elite possession receiver in the NFL with some work on his routes. As a versatile player who can handle various downfield situations, his route-running abilities should help him make a name for himself in this draft class.

At this year's combine, his 20-yard shuttle time of 3.93 seconds was the fastest recorded by any receiver; further, his 3-cone drill time of 6.57 seconds set a record. It's no wonder why scouts are so highly impressed by him on the field as well.

Smith-Njigba may not be a long-term star, but he does possess some potential as a possession receiver with high quality skills. He needs to refine his routes, but the Houston Texans could do worse than selecting him in the first round of this draft if they need help downfield.

3. Dalton Kincaid (Giants)

Dalton Kincaid of Utah football stands out in a draft full of elite pass catching tight ends. At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, his speed makes him an unmistakable target for quarterbacks while also showing off excellent ball skills and sticky hands that could tip 50/50 contested throws in his favor.

He is not a natural blocker and will need to develop that skill, but his elite receiving ability makes him an invaluable addition for teams looking to upgrade their tight end corps next season. With all the potential of becoming one of the top three tight ends or even playing in the slot for some offenses, his versatility could prove beneficial in many schemes.

With a crowded secondary and an injury-plagued offensive line, the Giants need to add depth up front. They're likely to keep Daniel Jones at quarterback but he needs protection. Right now they are dangerously thin at guard; they'll need help at guard in order to stay healthy this season.

Kincaid should go somewhere around the Giants' pick in the draft, as many of the top prospects at his position have already been taken. He would make a great addition to their passing game, if not their overall offense, and could also contribute on special teams. His positive attitude makes him an ideal mentor for Daniel Jones in the future.

4. Kelee Ringo (Cowboys)

Kelee Ringo is one of the most highly sought-after cornerback prospects in this year's draft class. He was an impressive standout at Saguaro High School and received offers from nearly all top schools.

He redshirted his freshman season but was eager to make an impact in 2021. In 13 games, he recorded 35 tackles and two interceptions.

As a sophomore, Ringo experienced an enormous surge in playing time, clocking 710 snaps for the 2022 season. He made 4 pass breakups and two interceptions while covering passes.

The former five-star recruit is a big and powerful outside corner with an impressive athletic profile. He can play man-to-man press corner or zone coverage effectively.

Ringo still needs to work on his technical abilities, as he lacks the awareness required for proper positioning before a snap. Furthermore, his communication needs improving in order to reduce coverage busts on his side of the field and anticipate breaks ahead of him--especially in man coverage.

Ringo is a likely day-one starter in the NFL. He would be an excellent addition to Dallas' defense, which has struggled this season to find an answer at outside corner spot opposite Trevon Diggs. Ringo could help take this unit to new heights.

5. Will Anderson (Lions)

Anderson may be smaller than some of his draft peers, but he makes up for it with hard-work and experience as a pass rusher. His size allows him to generate impressive power as a bull rusher and push offensive linemen backward through effective countermoves.

He can make play-altering plays in the run game, employing his called twists and stunts to attack interior gaps and disrupt plays with physicality. During his college career, he amassed 17.5 sacks and 31 tackles for loss.

His aggressive tackling and hard-hitting style will enable him to make an impact on defenses in the NFL, especially if he continues working on his blitzes. If he keeps developing his speed and strength, he could become one of the top edge players this draft.

The Lions can drastically improve their defensive line in the first 18 picks, and Anderson would be an ideal addition. He is a top-flight run-stuffing defender with keen instincts and the rare ability to diagnose quarterbacks' intentions and deliver big hits while on the move. Already boasting an impressive linebacker core in Jones, Hutchinson and Corum, adding another top-tier inside defender would only strengthen that group further and give the defense another edge going forward.

6. Zay Flowers (Chargers)

Zay Flowers is one of the top wide receivers in the draft and his electric style makes him a valuable asset to NFL teams.

Numerous mock drafts have Flowers projected as a top-20 pick. He stands 6'5", yet can handle press coverage like an old pro. Flowers is an electrifying deep-threat jitterbug who possesses lightning in a bottle when given the ball in his hands.

His impressive foot speed, acceleration capacity and balance enable him to throw defenders for a loop in all phases. Furthermore, he's an impressive blocker who puts in extra effort as a downfield blocking player.

He's an explosive runner who breaks tackles in the open field and makes catches in traffic. At 5-foot-9 and 182 pounds, he may not be the biggest receiver in the draft; however, that small frame could make him a slot-only option in the NFL.

Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, two veteran wide receivers for the Los Angeles Chargers, need to replace them with another weapon for quarterback Justin Herbert. According to several mock drafts, Flowers could be a great fit for both sides in terms of experience and potential fit.

7. Lukas Van Ness (Ravens)

Van Ness is a big, athletic defensive end with an extended lever. While he needs time to develop as a pass rusher, the Ravens could be interested in him at the top of the draft.

Van Ness has the size and speed to play on the edge, as well as being able to slide inside to defend against running plays. This gives him great versatility that could allow him to be a starter on this team's 3-4 front.

He's comparable to Dallas' Tyreek Wilson and Clemson's Myles Murphy, both big enough for multiple looks on the Falcons' edge. Additionally, he fits well with new Atlanta Falcons coach Glenn Deloach's philosophy of rotating linemen around.

His versatility makes him a potential steal for the Ravens, who desperately need an edge rusher but don't have a reliable starter at that position.

Van Ness is an impressive pass rusher with the size to play on either edge or inside, and his motor and burst make him a force on the field. Unfortunately, his lack of experience may deter teams that have already selected Oweh and Ojabo.

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