Shaquille Quarterman's Big Hit on Derrick Henry

Shaquille Quarterman's Big Hit on Derrick Henry


Early in December, a play by Shaquille Quarterman turned the tide for 4-8 Jacksonville Jaguars against 7-5 Tennessee Titans. It was an uncontested hit from Quarterman that launched Derrick Henry through the air and dropped him right into Josh Allen's waiting arms.

That play proved the difference for the Jaguars, leading to their 20-22 victory.

Foye Oluokun: One Play Turned the Tide for the Jaguars in 2022

In the closing minutes of a December 2022 game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, Shaquille Quarterman delivered an impactful hit on Derrick Henry that gave them their first lead of the day. This play proved crucial as Oluokun entered his senior year of college at Yale with fond memories of this pivotal play.

Oluokun earned 271 tackles and 13.5 tackles for loss during his four years with the Bulldogs, earning him second-team All-Ivy League honors during his senior season.

But he never truly learned how to play linebacker until being drafted by the Falcons in 2018. Selected in the sixth round of that 2018 NFL draft, he spent the following four seasons as a special teams player for them.

He played the most snaps of any of his teammates during OTAs this summer, showing that he is ready to begin the season. With much riding on his shoulders, it's essential that he gets off to a strong start.

This week, he had an impressive performance against the New York Giants, recording 12 tackles on Sunday. Additionally, he deflected a pass and recovered two fumbles.

It's not often that a player can make the transition from safety to linebacker with such ease, but Oluokun had to overcome numerous obstacles before becoming one of the best defenders in the NFL.

Despite being the 200th pick of the 2018 draft, he was able to find success on a defense that was loaded with talent. His numbers from last season matched those from this season and he has the potential to be one of soccer's most dynamic players.

If he can continue to produce at his current rate, there should be no reason why he cannot earn a spot in the Pro Bowl. Furthermore, it could even open up more future prospects for him if he continues to put up strong numbers throughout the season.

With a new coach at the helm and an exciting young roster that includes several first-round picks, it's no surprise that Jaguars OTAs have shown promise this summer. This team has the potential to turn things around and contend for a playoff spot in 2022, so keep an eye on them this season.

Derrick Henry took a textbook trucking courtesy of Quarterman

Henry and company took control of the game in the second quarter, amassing over 260 yards and scoring three touchdowns. After halftime, Tennessee only allowed Jacksonville one field goal on four of their five drives while Henry led by example with 234 yards rushing and scoring on eight of his team's 16 carries. Other highlights included a big play and key stop in the red zone. Ultimately, Titans held on for 24-22 victory at Toyota Stadium after an enjoyable afternoon filled with friendly rivalries.

The Jaguars’ dominant second half

After a rocky start in which quarterback Trevor Lawrence lost his eighth fumble, the Jaguars have won four straight and moved a half-game ahead of Tennessee Titans for top honors in the AFC South. Playing without starters Travon Walker and Foley Fatukasi, Jacksonville's defense was as efficient as any they have seen all season - an accomplishment given all that talent on defense!

Over the last two seasons, Jacksonville's defense has significantly improved thanks to some key draft picks and an offseason deal for Joe Schobert. The linebackers remain a strength of this unit; Shaquille Quarterman from Miami is one of the most athletic inside linebackers in NFL history.

Quarterman is an effective run-stuffer who gets into the backfield, yet he also displays aggressive pass-rush skills outside the box. This style of play fits seamlessly into Pederson's system and Quarterman has demonstrated it in practice.

Quarterman is an impressive athlete who can cover ground quickly and move around the field. Additionally, his speed allows him to get after the ball quickly in tight spaces - something the Jaguars will need as they look to replace veteran linebacker William Lloyd after his injury in last week's win against the Jets.

On Sunday, Quarterman recorded four tackles and a sack on the ground - his second consecutive game with at least one sack. Additionally, he forced a fumble on the opening play of the game which Tre Herndon recovered.

A dominant run defense helped the Jaguars score 17 unanswered points to take command of the game. They also forced two Texans punts and limited Braxton Berrios to 32 yards on his kick return.

That was a stark contrast from the opening quarter, when Jacksonville allowed Braxton Berrios to return a kickoff 98 yards for their only lead of the game.

The Jaguars defense held the Texans to no more points, allowing their offense to get on track in the second half. On six of seven possessions during that span, including an 18-yard touchdown pass from Zay Jones to Jalen Ramsey, Jacksonville scored six points.

Quarterman’s big hit

Quarterman's big hit on Tennessee star Derrick Henry changed the course of a close game for the Jaguars. He blew up Henry and sent him into Jacksonville linebacker Josh Allen's arms, forcing a fumble that ended Tennessee's chances for points. The Jaguars recovered the ball, scored a touchdown to take a 20-14 lead into halftime, then used an 13-0 run to seal victory.

Henry's ability to amass over 100 yards of total offense before the Jaguars defense took over in the second half is a testament to him, yet his rushing production quickly tapered off after that fumble; according to Pro Football Reference, he has gone 13 games without scoring in the fourth quarter this season.

Henry remains the top running back in the league, leading all AFC rushing leaders last season and amassing over 100 yards of total offense for a seventh time this year.

He has been one of the top receivers in the league this season, averaging over 10 targets per game and posting an impressive 8 receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown - his longest touchdown catch since Deebo Smith in 2006. His 77-yard reception was his longest touchdown catch since Deebo Smith returned from injury in 2006.

Foye Oluokun described Shaq Quarterman's hit on Henry as "the play that turned the tide for the Jaguars." That is why Foye Oluokun called Shaq Quarterman's play so pivotal:

It was the kind of play that appeared in countless highlight reels throughout the course of the game, yet might have been more difficult than anticipated for someone with a smaller build like 6 feet, 240 pounds.

The Titans' first fumble was the first of four giveaways that would ultimately go in their favor, leading to four points for Jacksonville as they went on to win 20-14 and keep their AFC South division title hopes alive for at least another week.

Shaq and Kobe Bryant - A Look at Their Troubled Relationship

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal are two of the greatest players in NBA history, their combination winning three consecutive championships for the Los Angeles Lakers during the early 2000s.

They experienced their share of personality clashes and disagreements within the team, yet ultimately put aside their differences to play together at the All-Star Game.

Shaq’s ego

Shaq and Kobe Bryant formed one of the greatest NBA duos ever. For three years, they dominated the league while winning three NBA championships together. Unfortunately, they experienced many issues while playing together.

The primary cause of their breakup was due to their respective egos and personality clashes. Both players had achieved great success, yet both had enormous egos which often clashed with one another.

Shaq believes that had he and Kobe worked together more closely, they could've won more than three championships. He believes that had they put in more effort and training, they would've become a more formidable team.

Shaq and Kobe earned three titles while with the Lakers, but Shaq believes they could have won seven if they had remained together. This theory is intriguing since it implies that had these two worked together more efficiently, they may have become even more dominant than other teams they faced off against.

This topic is vital, as it illustrates that when players have an inflated ego, it can negatively affect the team. With too much focus on themselves and neglect of others around them - especially someone like Shaq with his enormous ego--this type of issue becomes especially magnified when those same frustrations manifest on other people.

An excessive ego can be extremely hazardous for a player, as it may lead to him committing numerous fouls against other players due to anger over mistakes or missed shots. It is especially risky when someone exhibits signs of weakness during games.

Another reason Shaq and Kobe broke up was due to their distinct personalities. Shaq was an intense player, while Kobe was more laid back and easy to get along with.

Shaq was an arrogant player who did not respect his teammates. He always strived for attention and the spotlight, even if it meant harming other players.

Shaq’s selfishness

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players in history, holding two NBA championships and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. With a career spanning nearly two decades full of drama and ups and downs, his success has been nothing short of amazing.

He has also been criticized for his selfish play. He is known to not pass or shoot the ball properly when playing with teammates, leading to him wasting time and energy on dunks and scoring points instead of contributing to their success.

Shaq used to have a lot of respect for his teammates and was often the leader on the court. However, as Shaq aged, he became increasingly selfish; focused more on himself and striving to become the best player in the game.

As a result, his teammates no longer trusted him and were afraid to follow him. This became an acute problem.

In order to resolve this problem, he had to alter his behavior and learn how to play as part of a team. Although it wasn't an easy transition for him, he eventually succeeded. Working closely with his teammates helped him figure out how to work together effectively as one unit while still giving everyone their due credit.

It took him some time to adjust and become more selfless, but once he did, the team benefitted greatly. Additionally, he won a title with the Lakers and earned himself an All-Star selection.

Even after being a star for the Lakers, his selfishness continued to cause concern among teammates and fans alike. It meant that he wasn't doing his job as a leader properly; instead, he should have taken time to comprehend his role on the team and be more reliable.

He should have also taken more rest after being injured, in order to be healthier when he returned to the court. Doing this would have expedited his recovery process and given him a better chance at winning a title.

Shaq’s lack of respect

Shaq and Kobe, when together on the Los Angeles Lakers, were one of the NBA's most formidable duos. They won three titles consecutively during that period and made a lasting impression on their league. Unfortunately, their partnership strained over time as time passed.

Shaq and Kobe had immense respect for one another, yet their differences ultimately caused their rift. At the time, they were in different stages of life.

Shaq and Kobe became increasingly focused on their own careers as they got older, striving to leave a legacy by winning more NBA titles and leaving an imprint on the league.

But it was also essential for them to be good teammates. Thus, disagreements would often take place during games.

On one occasion, Shaq and Kobe were having a heated argument over Kobe's lack of passing. They felt that Kobe wasn't getting the ball enough, so they both pleaded with him to throw more.

After some consideration, Kobe finally revealed to Shaq there was an "M-E" on his team.

Shaq was initially shocked, but then he remembered that this wasn't the first time Kobe had told him this story.

One example among many that demonstrated the difference in perspective when viewing the game.

Thus, the game no longer became a competition but an opportunity for teammates to bond and ensure each other's safety.

Kobe and Vanessa shared a special bond, yet had distinct personalities and goals in life. When it came to their professional careers, Kobe wanted to be the greatest player in the world without being limited by age or any other factor.

Shaq wanted to be the greatest player in the world, but his aspirations weren't quite on par with Kobe's. He desired more than anything else to be a good husband and father.

That is why Kobe and Shaq were so revered when they played for the Lakers together. Their friendship led to more championships than any other pair in NBA history - a testament to their unparalleled success together.

Shaq’s lack of teamwork

Kobe in particular had difficulty playing well with Shaq. Despite their immense success together, there was always tension between the two of them that proved difficult to resolve.

Even more challenging was when they had their own teams and had to work with other players. Neither of them were great team players, and both had very egotistical attitudes.

They both wanted to be the star of their team and it was difficult for them to let go. This created a lot of tension between them and eventually they were sent off to different teams.

Shaq wasn't a particularly effective team player while playing for the Lakers, as his lack of collaboration often led to issues with teammates and referees. Shaq had an inability to prioritize passing the ball effectively which resulted in excessive turnovers that often ended up getting him into trouble.

He often defended himself too much, which made him an unreliable teammate. His arrogance often resulted in him being benched or having to sit out games due to lack of discipline.

Kobe failed to win a championship with Shaq due to their inability to work together effectively. Fortunately, Phil Jackson was able to bring them together and help them win three titles.

Kobe and Shaq had a major issue with playing well together due to their egos. Arguments would ensue over who was the superior player, making it difficult for either of them to gel in order to win a championship when one didn't click with the other.

It was a prime example of how egos can negatively affect teamwork. When one player is unable to collaborate with their teammates, it can have serious repercussions for their career prospects.

Kobe and Shaq experienced considerable tension in the early 2000s due to their respective egos that weren't particularly friendly toward one another. Although both were highly skilled, it proved difficult for them to form an effective team due to their incompatible personalities.

In the end, they ended up joining different teams and Kobe went on to win three championships while Shaq was sent to Miami where he added another two titles. But their tension between them still exists today and it's difficult for them to work well together anymore.

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